KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 58)

Episode starts.
Kriyam dancing..
Karan: ok guyz..i guess u need some rest now..Saiyam would u mind bringing a glass of water for me..
Saiyam: sure..
Krishna: (holds Saiyam,s hand) no..u won’t go
Saiyam looks at her amazed

Krishna( leaves him’): i mean i will go..u stay
She goes..
Karan: dude..u stay..i just have to make a call…i will come
He goes to kitchen and finds Krishna there..
Karan: krishna ji.what happened..u haven’t talked with me since morning..koi naraazgi hai kya??
He comes closer to her and krishna moves back.

Karan: am i that bad??..plzz don’t treat me like that
Krishna: look don’t u dare come close to me..or else..or else i will tell Saiyam..
Karan: u think im a fool..can’t i see that u and ur husband do not have normal relations..if u had to tell him then u would have told him yesterday only when i touched u..right
Krishna looks scared and asks him to go..

All this time Saiyam was standing near the door seeing everything..his eyes were red with anger..he clenched his fist..he goes inside and beats him hard..Krishna feels relief on seeing him
Saiyam( while beating) how dare u touch my wife..u don’t know with whom u have messed..
All come and are shocked to see him
YuvAni stops him..
Suhani: what happened Saiyam??
Saiyam: he misbehaved with dare he..
Sharad yuvraj take karan

Saiyam: just throw him out of here..yuvani u called him right?? U should have checked him..what if i would have not come
Yuvani: i..i am so sorry Saiyam..Krishna..Krishna i am so sorry..its all because of me..
Suhani : no beta its ok..
Saiyam goes to his room in anger..Krishna followed him
In room

Krishna: Saiyam..main
He pulls her and pins her to the wall…
Saiyam: what is ur problem..i know u hate me..but that doesn’t mean u will hide everything from me..why Didn’t u tell ur husband..tumhe vo kuch kardeta toh..itni akad kyu hai tumhe..sirf bolna hi to tha muje
Krishna got shocked at his sudden reaction
Krishna: its ok saiyam tumhe meri fikar karne ki zaroorat nai hai
Saiyam: ( holds even tight) Kyu..kyu ni hai..mai kaunga tumhari fikar..aur tum kya muje tumhari fikar karne se koi nai rok sakta..samjhi tum??

He leaves her and fumes outside
In Suhani,s room
Suhani and bhavna talk
Suhani: did u see di..howhe reacted..this proves he is not like his father
Bhavna: yes u r right..
Suhani: i think it is time to tell the complete truth of his father
Bhavna: not now subani..he is upset right now and he has the dance competition tommorrow
Suhani: ok then i will tell him aftee the competition

Precap: Saiyam: just don’t feel nervous Krishna im with u always..
Kriyam have an eyelock

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  1. Aww so cute precap ??

  2. Really awesome loved it keep it up

  3. Aarti32

    It was jst super duper episode.. Saiyyam’s anger..Krishna’s trust.. Everything was superb..

  4. nice

  5. woow amazing mann wooo i just luv itt

  6. Shaani

    Woow .. Amazing … Sayyam’s anger…uff ..

  7. Angry young man saiyyam just rocked today’s episode….

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