KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 57)

Episode starts…
Next day all are at the dining table having breakfast when the choreographers comes.. yuvaby and Kriyam go into the respective rooms and practice
Krishna dances with Saiyam… the whole time the choreographer was eyeing her badly..he looked at her from bottom to top.which makes Krishna a bit uncomfortable..Saiyam gets a call..
Choreographer: u can attend the call Saiyam.

Saiyam: ya sure..
He goes..
Choreographer: name is karan..and urs
Krishna: Krishna…
Karan: well Krishna..until Saiyam comes we can dance..i will just correct u where u r wrong..
Krishna: no..if we can just wait for saiyam..

Karan: he may take some time..why should we waste it. Come na..
He offers his hand and she hesitantly accepts..
They dance..while karan was busy in touching her shoulders,neck area..krishna feels really turns her around and holds her by waist..she tries to break away but he holds her tight..she increased her force and broke away..
Krishna: leave me..
Karan: what..what happened Krishna..what did i do this is just the step
Krishna: but i don’t want to dance in this way
Karan: ok ok relax..i will change them..come

Saiyam comes
Krishna: no just leave it…i want to dance with Saiyam only..
Saiyam smiles and krishna looks he has come..
Krishna: ah..i..i mean i should get used to dance with him..that will help us..
Saiyam: ya so should we continue..
Krishna nods nd they continue.

At night
Krishna sitting on the bed..thinking about what karan did…
Krishna( thinks’) should i tell what will he think and will he believe me..i don’t have any proof..and maybe its me only who is thinking too much..maybe he isn’t eyeing me badly..
Saiyam comes and sees that she is lost in her thoughts
Saiyam( thinks) what happened to her..why is she so silent..should i ask her?? Nai nai phir se dant de gi..
He goes to sleep

both wanted to talk to eo but didn’t
Next day
Karan comes and krishna avoids him..
While dancing with Saiyam..she noticed how he was looking at her..but tried her best to avoid him..

Precap: Saiyam pins Krishna to the wall and shouts..i know u hate me but this doesn’t mean u will hide everything from ur husband

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  2. So nice.. u r rocking in each epi .. keep going it??

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    It was superb..n d precap is dhamakedar

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    Superb… Loved it ..

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