KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 56)

Episode starts..
Krishna comes out of the washroom..she is wearing a t shirt..and leggings..her hair is arranged into a ponytail.
Saiyam couldn’t help staring her..she looks beautiful in everything she wears..he comes to senses..
Saiyam: ah..shall we start??
Krishna: hmm..
Saiyam teaches her the to move her hands and all..whn to turn around ..
Saiyam: now let’s try..may i??
Krishna nods..

He keeps his arms around her waist while she keeps hers on his shoulder..
They both dance..Saiyam tells her where she was wrong and corrected her…while dancing krishna slips..which makes saiyam also slip she takes the support of wall and gets pinned to it..
Saiyam was extremely close to her..he unknowingly comes close while Krishna closes her eyes..
Saiyam was about to kiss her when he realizes what he was doing..and breaks away..Krishna opens her eyes
There was a one minute of awkward silence..
Saiyam: ah..are u ok?? I hope u didn’t get hurt..
Krishna: fine.umm..i ..i will bring something to eat now..enough practice for now..
She goes..

Saiyam smiles faintly..
After 2 hrs..
Krishna enters the room and sees Saiyam working on his laptop..she recalls the dance steps in her mind..
Krishna:( slowly to herself) firsts i will take a round and then he will make me fall and catch no first the fall and then the have to pull him..or he has to pull me..
Saiyam looks at her lovingly as she continues to talk to herself..he smiles. And goes to her..
Saiyam: first u will take a round..then fall and then i will pull u close..u wanna try??.

He offers his hand..
Krishna puts her hand in his..and they dance..
Saiyam felt so nice with her
Saiyam( thinks) i hope i could tell u how much i love u Krishna..but i can’t..
Krishna: ah..ok..enough for today now.
Saiyam: ah..fine..just keep on recalling the steps..
He tries to go but her mangalsutra gets stuck in the collar of his shirt..
Both try at a time to remove hit..their hands touch making them feel awkward..
Krishna: i will try..
Saiyam nods..

She tries but couldn’t..
She unknowingly comes more close..Saiyam could feel her breath..he wanted to pull her by waist..kiss her his love but couldn’t do this..
She removes the mangalsutra and goes..
At night..yuvaani tells that a2 professional will come to teach kriyam and yuvaby
Yuvani( whispers to Saiyam)..i know u wanted to teach Krishna alone but
Its ok he wo disturb u guyz

Precap: dance choreographer touches Krishna deliberately during dance which makes her uncomfortable

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  1. Awww so cute. Cant wait for the precap. Woooo saiyyam gonna get well jealous ??

  2. Wowwww…too cute…haha…jealous…..

  3. Nnnya

    awww sooooo cute.. i can imagine this happening 🙂 ..and precap.. i bet saiyyam will give that guy a beating..

  4. Aarti32

    Awesome..N dat guy will be killed by Saiyyam..I’m sure abt it

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