KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 55)

Episode starts..
Kriyam and yuvani in kitchen
Ramdin comes and tells them that suhani is calling them.they go
They reach hall and see some people there .
All other also come
Suhani: all of u meet mr.kapoor..yuvraj u remember every year they organize a dance competition..this year we have decided that the competition will be held in birla house..

Yuvraj: thats pretty nice
Mr.kapoor: yes..and like every year u and suhani ji will have to participate
Yuvraj: no not is..but ya our kids will participate..right yuvaan?
Yuvan: sure papa
Mr.kapoor: ya ya sure.btw the 1st price is of 50000 so many people are u practice hard
Yuvani:cool..Saiyam..u and krishna also participate
Saiyam looks at Krishna..he knows shw will refuse.
Suhani: of course..every year someone from the family participates .and this year both my sons will.
Krishna: but yuvani ..i can’t dance
Yuvani: ( whispers) do it for mama..dekho na mama saiyam aur yuvaan dono ko equally treat karne ke liye dono ko participate karne ko bol rahi hai…ab tum bi coperate karo na

Baby: of course Krishna..we know u can’t tumhare bas ka nahi hai..
Saiyam:,( angrily) kyu nai hai..yuvani i wil teach Krishna
All look at Saiyam..
Saiyam: i mean dance bht easy hai..tum seekh jaao gi
Yuvani: haan Krishna..Saiyam will teach u..basics. aur phir kuch din baad hum kissi professional ko bula le ge..
Krishna looks at suhani..she was happy..she doesn’t want to hurt she agrees.

At night
Kriyam room
Saiyam comes and sees Krishna
Saiyam: ah..Krishna vo..vo

Krishna( looks at her sternly).. vo vo kya??
Saiyam: ah..bas puchna tha ki dance practice kal kitne baje shuru karni hai..tum kab free hogi??
Krishna: kal lunch ke baad
He goes for sleep..
Next day at lunch

Saiyam comes at the dining table..all are sitting while.ramdin is taking some time to bring food
Saiyam: ramdin kaka ..aur kitna time jaldi lunch laiye na
Suhani: kya huva beta..tum itni jaldi mai kyu ho..kahin jana hai kya tumhe??
Saiyam: mai aapko jawaab nai dena chahata..
Suhani feels bad..
Krishna: vo tumhe itne pyaar se puch rahi hai..aur tum..kitne rude ho
Saiyam feels bad..he doesn’t want Krishna to be sad..
Saiyam: mai sirf isloyw bol raha tha kyu ki bhook lagi hai..agar kissi ko bura laga sorry..
Suhani smiles..

After lunch
Saiyam in his room..he is waiting for Krishna to come..and is continuously watching the door..
Yuvani and krishna come..yuvani has a bag on his hand..
Yuvani: krishna u can’t dance in this clothes go and change..take this bag…it has clothes..
Krishna goes
Yuvani: and u my dear brother…u have got such a good chance..enjoy it..
She winks at him and goes..
Saiyam has a slight smile on his face..

Precap: krishna slips and accidentally gets pinned to the wall..Saiyam comes close..she closed her eyes

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