KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 53)

Episode starts with Saiyam coming to krishna ..he looks that her dori is open
He moves towards her
Saiyam: krishna..
Krishna ( turns around) Saiyam plzz i don’t want to talk..
Shre goes while Saiyam keeps on calling her..
Krishna enters the hall where a the guests were . Saiyam runs and holds her shoulder to prevent people from seeing her
Krishna: Saiyam..kya kr rahe ho..
A lady comes..and greets them
Saiyam: ji namaste aunty
Lady: this is ur husband..right Krishna??
Krishna: ah..yes.yes aunty

Lady: looks like he luvs u so much that he won’t let u go anywhere that’s why he is holding u so tight na??
Saiyam: nai aunty aisa nai hai vo..
Lady: its ok beta
She smiles and goes..
Saiyam pulls krishna yo their room..
Krishna: ye kya batamizi thi Saiyam
Saiyam: batameezi?? Mai batameez nai tum careless ho..dekho tumhari dtess khul gayi hai
Krishna looks in the mirror and geta shocked
Saiyam: problem kya hai din hamari engagement ke din bi aise hi aagayi thi..itni careless kyu ho tum…

Precap: Kriyam dance

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  1. Shaani

    Soo sweet… Waiting for the next part..

  2. Wow. Love it. Congrats on ur half century. Let’s also hope for a full century.

  3. Syedul

    Awesome . I’ll give u a suggestion . What u can do Tania to spice ur story up is make more chemistry between the 2 . Like get them both drunk and Get them intimate

  4. Yeah syedul?suggestion ?is amazing??

  5. Aarti32

    Superb..N really Krishna is crazy yaar..

  6. Really sweet

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