KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 52)

Episode starts with krishna on top of saiyam…they both having an eyelock
Saiyam( thinks) ..what is happening..the it going to be no what are u thinking Saiyam
He breaks the eyelock Nd Krishna stands up both avoid seeing eo..
Saiyam goes
Krishna : what an idiot i am..can’t i walk properly
In afternoon Krishna in kitchen
Baby comes and is behind Krishna
Krishna turns around and accidentally spilled water on baby
Baby: what the?? Can’t u see Krishna..andhi ho kya..u
Krishna: sorry sorry i didn’t so sorry
Baby: oh just shut up..u r such an idiot..
Suhani: enough baby..
They both look around to see Suhani
Suhani scolded baby and she goes
Suhani consoles Krishna

In Saiyam,s room
Saiyam: what was that..i can’t dream this..
he closes his eyes and gets flashbacks of him and krishna meeting on the beach..he trying to win her heart..all the time thet spent together..when he betrayed she ignored him but yet cared for him..and then his dream
He opens his eyes..
He felt such a relief just by thinking about her..
Saiyam: could it be??.. i can’t..i ( smiles) do..i??.. no..yes i do..i luv her..i love Krishna..god i luv her..yes i do luv her..
He smiled thinking about her..but suddenly he recalls what Krishna said..that she will never give him the rights of a husband..
Saiyam:( with tears’) but she doesn’t luv me nor i deserve her love..i don’t
He cries..he looks at her photo on his phone
Saiyam: i love u Krishna..i love u a lot..but i can’t tell u sorry..i wish i realized this when u trusted me..but im not that lucky..

At night
Party in birla house
All wish sharad and bhavna
Saiyam comes out nd avoids looking at Krishna but he could but look at her..she looked so beautiful
He smiles looking at her
Krishna goes in her rooM for something and while coming back baby meets her in coridor
Saiyam finds out that Krishna is missing and goes to find her..
In coridor.
Baby: krishna..i am so sorry..i really feel bad to talk rudely to her
Krishna: its ok baby..
They hug and baby opens the dori of her suit..while Krishna doesn’t know
Baby smirks

Precap: Saiyam holds Krishna,s shoulder so that no one finds that her dori is open

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  1. Aww so cute ?

  2. Shaani

    Nice… Finally sayyam realized…

  3. Baby?

  4. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..Finally Saiyyam ko bhi pyaar ho hi gya.. Yayyyy

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