KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 50)

Episode starts with krishna in the hall thinking why Saiyam was sleeping on the floor
Saiyam comes out..Krishna looks at him and he avoids and goes out..
Krishna: why am i worried about that..let him sleep where he does but i won’t let him come close to me ever..
After 4 hrs
Krishna in her room thinking
Neither he had breakfast nor is he coming to home..what is wrong with him..uff…just stop thinking about him Krishna..plzz…
Pratima comes and sends her outside for buying some things…
On Saiyam,s side..
Saiyam is seen walking tirelessly on a road..thinking something..he is recalling what Suhani said yesterday that she used to donate things in the orphanage for him
Fb shows Saiyam going to that orphanage and a lady telling him that Suhani birla comes every month to donate things in the name of his lost son
Fb ends

Saiyam is walking with teary eyes..
Krishna is driving on the same road ..she sees him and stops the car..she gets off and calls him…but he does not listen.
She runs towards him and holds him..
Krishna: what happened to u…behray hogaye ho kya?
Krishna looks at her..and unknowingly hugs her..
Krishna gets shocked..
Krishna: Saiyam..kya kar rahe ho..chordo mujhe..
Saiyam opens his eyes and leaves her
He wipes his tears..
Krishna: gadi main baitho..we are going home
They go home

At night
Saiyam thinks does mom really luv me..what is happening i don’t understand…if mama was right and papa wrong..then this means i used Krishna for such a useless if mama was right why she left me..i did not have any mistake.
Krishna comes she has a stern look on her face
Krishna: i want to talk to u
Saiyam: haan bolo
Krishna: if u think i will melt then u listen i will not ..u don’t even try to come close to me…u r not my husband..understand??..just leave me alone..don’t ever try to do again what u did today
Saiyam recalls their hug..
Krishna goes for sleep..while Saiyam was sad with behavior
Saiyam( thinks) she effects me so much..why in the world i feel so bad when she talks to me like that..i don’t want to get effected by her..but i get effected

Precap: kriyam fall together on the bed

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  1. Precap❤???

  2. Oh my god!!!!! 50 episodes completed….we’re loving your ff girl!!! Keep it up!!! Congrats??

    I’m not really liking how Krishna is treating Sayyam ..but I’m waiting for their love story ka development

    Love the precap!!?

  3. Nnnya

    HI tania.. sorry i had disappeared.. ive been busy didnt have time to read ffs. but just read all your recent ones in one go.. its still superb story is going very interestingly.. and congratulations on your half century dear… here’s to many more.. keep writing and stay blessed

  4. Shaani

    Congratulations for ur half century … U r a superb writer.. We love u.. Keep writing… God bless u..

  5. Aarti32

    Hey, congratulations n celebrations..Half century!! Luvly journey till now..N I’m sure in future also it’ll be interesting..Amazinggg episode..

  6. Superb story

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