KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 49)

Episode starts with Saiyam coming back
He enters the room and sees that Krishna has slept..he goes to the sofa and sees food and a note there..
The note read
I don’t know where u were and when u will come just eat this food if u haven’t eaten anything..and if u want more then go to the kitchen

Saiyam had a faint smile on his face..and Suhani also smiled seeing this from the window. Saiyam eats.she then goes inside and asks where he was
Saiyam: u never thought where i was all these years why are u asking now..
Suhani: u think i was not worried for u..i was..i used to go to the ashram every month to donate things..and i. Asked the kids to pray for my child whom i left alone..
Both of them had tears in their eyes..
Suhani: i don’t want to remember the bad whole family is here now and i want all of us to be happy..if u need time then take but remember we all love u..
She goes..
Saiyam wipes his tears and then looks at Krishna..he goes to her and sits on the floor beside her
Saiyam: do u also love me? u don’ it because im not worth it Krishna??.u hate me For a reason and i understand that..i have done wrong with u..and u are punishing me for being harsh..but what about my mother why did she be so harsh..i had not done anything then..u can’t trust me..because i did bad with mother also did bad with can i trust her..

He cries a lot..and fall asleep there only
In morning..Krishna wakes up and sees Saiyam lying on the floor beside her
Krishna: what happened to him..Saiyam..Saiyam wake up
Saiyam wakes up and realizes he fell asleep on the floor only..Krishna gets off the bed
Krishna: why were u sleeping here last night..were u drunk..did u
Saiyam: bas Krishna..i don’t like being questioned
Krishna: but i will question..why did u drink..u have to answer me..i m ur…
She stops..Saiyam looks at her she looks away
Saiyam: i did not drink..
He says this and goes to the washroom

Precap: Saiyam walking on the road tirelessly..thinking something

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    Interesting episode..N more 1 episode to go..yayy

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