KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 48)

Episode starts with krishna holding Saiyam tightly and yuvani Suhani scaring her..
Suhani couldn’t control and burst out laughing..yuvani too started laughing..Saiyam too understands and laughs heartily..while Krishna looks confused..she leaves Saiyam..
Yuvani: arey duffer..hum mazak kar rahe the..kya tum bi..

She continues laughing
Saiyam laughs holding his stomach.
All look at him..Suhani and yuvani smile watching him happy..Krishna too was happy but not expressed
Krishna: enough yuvani..aisa mazak koi karta hai kya
Yuvani: oho Krishna..dekho na mere mazak se sab kitne light hogaye..aur Saiyam ..usse to maine shayad pehli baar itna haste hoye dekha hai
Suhani: hum to chahate hi hai ki hamara beta hamesha khush rahe
Saiyam goes..

After sometime
Saiyam in his room thinking why are they being so nice with they really luv me??.but if they did..why she left me in the orphanage..i need to find out what happened before my birth..but how to find that out..should i ask suhani..or should i take Krishna,s she won’t help me..she hates me for betraying her..
He remembers her holding her shirt and smiles..
He thinks.. how stupid she is..couldn’t even understand that yuvani was joking..
He was smiling when krishna came and saw him
Krishna(thinks) zarroor mere baare mai hi soch ke has raha hoga..bas ab mauka mil gaya isse iisi baat ko pakad kar baith jaaye ga..

She goes and puts some clothes in the cupboard..and starts cleaning the room.. Saiyam sees her..he didn’t knew why but he couldn’t stop looking at her..he soon realized what he was doing and looked away ..he stood up and started leaving..before leaving he said: ah..i will be late in the u can switch off the lights..
Krishna: and why are u telling me that??..i do not take u as my husband i don’t want to interrupt in ur u go wherever u want..
Saiyam listens and thinks yes why am i telling her..i don’t tell anyone all this..
He leaves..

At night..
Krishna gets ready to sleep..she looks at the was 11: 45
Krishna: why isn’t he home yet..he said he will be late but this is too much.. anyways..why am i thinking about this..let him stay out all night..
She goes in the kitchen to bring water..and sees ramdin there
She hesitates but then says..
Krishna: ah..kaka Saiyam is not home yet..and i don’t know when he will can u just make food for him and give him whn he going for sleep
He agrees and she goes to sleep
Suhani comes while ramdin starts making food..
Suhani: ramdin bhaiya..after u make food just keep it on Saiyam,s table..and keep this note also with the food..nd don’t tell anyone i told u to do this..
He agrees

Precap: Saiyam seeing Krishna sleeping

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  1. Shaani

    Woow.. Nice episode.. 2 more episodes for half century… Waiting for the next part yaar..

  2. Awww tania it’s too cute??❤

  3. Aarti32

    First part was vry cute..N second part was also interesting..N d precap is exciting..Wat will Suhani write!!
    2 more episodes to go..✌✌

  4. Slowly every one is gaining sayyam heart waiting for sayyam trails to get krishna trust .

  5. Hey.. I’m New here n I want to tell u dat I ❤️ Ur story .. Plz keep gng

  6. Aww so cute ?

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