KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 47)

Episode starts
Saiyam: can’t u understand what i said??..u will sleep on the bed and i on the sofa..i don’t want any other discussions now..
He goes and lies down on the sofa and she on the bed

Next day..Krishna working in the kitchen
Yuvani comes
Yuvani: so..making something for ur dear husband??
Krishna: u may think her as my husband but i don’t
Yuvani: krishna…look yaar i know it it has been very tough..but u think after so many problems u 2 got married..this is god wants u 2 to be sure Saiyam will accept mama as his mother and u as a wife..u have to just try just as mama is trying..
Krishna doesn’t answer..

Yuvani goes..
Krishna (thinks).. she understands what Saiyam has gone through..even i do..but why can’t she understands what i am going through
Her finger gets cut while cutting the vegetables..Saiyam was walking pass through the kitchen and saw this..he goes in hurriedly and and sucks her finger.. they have an eyelock
Krishna pulls back
Saiyam: u..u should be careful..i mean
Krishna: u don’t have to think about that..
She goes and Saiyam has a sad face.
After sometime

Saiyam in his room
Suhani comes
She serves him food but he refuses..
Suhani: ok fine..i will feed u
Saiyam: i don’t need u..

Suhani: but i need u..i want to see all my kids happy
Saiyam looks at her..he was melting with her behavior..
she feeds him
Suddenly they hear someone screaming.. they go to was yuvani..
yuvani: mama..mama..look cockroach
she runs about the whole room
Krishna comes..she is standing beside Saiyam.

yuvani runs towards them..and deliberately pushes Krishna and continues running here and there.
Krishna falls in Saiyam,s arms..He holds his waist.. they look at each other
Suhani: yuvaani where is the cockroach..I can’t see it..
Kriyam break apart

yuvani: there..near Krishna
Krishna screams and unknowingly hold Saiyam,s shoulder..Saiyam looks at her while she is terrified..
Yuvani winks at Suhani..
Suhani understands
Suhani: ah..ya there krishna near u
Krishna: where where Suhani aunty.
She holds him even tighter
Saiyam didn’t say anything..he looked at her and just wanted her to hold him like that

Precap: krishna enters the room and sees Saiyam smiling with himself

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  1. Aww so funny

  2. Longer episodes please cos cnt wait to read more if kriyyam. Keep up the good work

  3. Shaani

    Omg… Soo sweet episode… I loved it.. 3 more episodes for half century…

    1. Taniasharma

      Yeahh… i have submitted the three..but this is nothing my ff is going to be a bit long..i hope u guyz aren’t getting bored..anyways suggestions are always welcomed

  4. Shaani

    R u carzy??? How will we get bored we love ur ff soo much… Yeah.. Yeah.. U have to make this story… More n more longer… More n more kriyam moments.. I want this story to go 100 …no.. 200 noo more than that also… Keep writing

  5. Aarti32

    No body is bored OK..N those who r, they’re mad!! I luv your ff..Dats it..
    3 more to go??

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