KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 46)

Episode starts with pratima coming in saiyam, s room amd telling him that krishna agreed
Saiyam had happiness somewhere inside his heart but tries to hide it..yuvaani smiles
Yuvani : really dadi.. that is soo good..Saiyam u wait I will bring the clothes for u ..u can’t imagine how much I am happy today.. , yy brother is going to marry my best friend..
She goes

Suhani comes
Suhani : I need to talk to u
Saiyam : I know what u will say..byt don’t worry.. I won’t hurt krishna in amy way…I just want amy girl to suffer befause of me..and if their would be any girl without krishna I would have married her.. my dad did something same when ur yuvraj left u.
Suhani : I do not want to talk about is my son, s marriage amd I want to see both of u happy..
Saiyam : u snatched away my happimes when u tjrew me in the orphanage..and kriahna well I will try my best to keep her happy… but not because I love her.. because I feel sorry for hurting her
Suhani : im glad u realized ur mistake
Krishna comes and suhani goes
Krishna : r u using me again?
Saiyam : what?
Krishna : I won’t let u use me..understand? I will never trust u again.. nor will I ever give u the rights of a husband
Saiyam felt bad on hearing that
Krishna : so u stoll have time..if u want to change the decision
Saiyam : I need to get ready..yuvani is bringing my clothes,. U also freshen up..and im not marrying u to get some rights.. I have always been denied of rights that I deserve..there is nothing new in it
Krishna feels bad and leaves
Yuvani brings clothes and saiyam changes
KriYam in mandap
Krishna (thinks ) I always wanted to marry him..but never thought this will happen., I don’t understand what should I feel happy or sad..
Saiyam : (thinks ) she trusted me so much amd I betrayed her..I did wrong and I am juat making up for my mistake.. this is right
Kriyam get married

At night.
Krishna keeps a pillow and blanket on the sofa.. she remembers whole of the she started her day thinking she would marry yuvaan her kidnapping. Saiyam coming to her rescue how he held her in his arms and got hit on head
Saiyam comes
He sees krishna making her bed on the sofa and moves towards her..
Saiyam : u sill not sleep on the sofa..go amd sleep on the bed
Krishna doesn’t say anything
He pulls her hand and pushes her to the bed..
Saiyam : don’t u understand wht I said
Krishna looks on with teary eyes

Precap : krishna, s finger gets cut..
Saiyam cares for her and sucks the finger

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  1. Cute…..lovd it

  2. Aww so cute

  3. Aarti32

    Amazinggg episode..N now it’ll be interesting to see how they behave after becoming husband and wife..Good job

  4. Aarti32

    N dear countdown for your half century begins..4 more to go..?

    1. Taniasharma

      Yeah. because of u guyz..thank u

  5. Shaani

    Super awesome yaar… Waiting for the next part…

  6. Rockstr

    U keep getting me hooked onto ur ff..i just love ur ideas..pls update asap

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