KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 45)

Episode starts with Saiyam agreeing to marry Krishna

Suhani: r u sure of what u r saying
Saiyam: yes
Suhani: will u marry him Krishna??
Krishna looks at Saiyam
Krishna: aunty Saiyam is badly hurt we should do his dressing first.
Suhani: fine..yuvani..go and do Saiyam,s dressing..till then u think Krishna..remember that no one will force u

In Saiyam,s room
Yuvani doing Saiyam,s dressing
Yuvani: i told u Saiyam u guyz are made for each other.. no one can separate u two..
Saiyam: if u have forgotten then let me remind u..she has not said yes..
Yuvani: i can’t guarantee what her mouth will say but one thing i know is..her heart will always say yes..
On Krishna,s side exactly same was happening..her heat said yes but mind did not

She remembers the lady saying no one will marry her and she will be a burden on the birlas
Bhavna comes and asks what her answer is..
Krishna : i am ready..
Bhavna: r u Sure??
Krishna: hmm..but this is only because i luv aunty..i don’t want her to listen anything because of me
On Saiyam,s side
Saiyam: i don’t luv her..i just feel guilty for her and that’s why im marrying her
Both yuvani and bhavna knew they were not speaking their heart but both prayed that everything should get normal between then

Precap: krishna: i will never give u the rights of a husband
Saiyam feels bad

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  1. Shaani

    Woow.. Superb episode as always yaar.. I loved it.. Super se bohot bohot uppar wala episode ta…
    Waiting for the next episode…

  2. So good ?

  3. Rockstr

    Loved it as usual..cant wait for more..update asap

  4. Aarti32

    Finally, Krishna agreed..N plzz make Saiyyam try hard to get Krishna’s forgiveness.. Krishna shud not forgive him easily..N after realizing his love for Krishna, Saiyyam shud try hard to impress her..It’ll be fun watching Saiyyam run after her??

  5. Ouch for Sayyam in the precap…but they’ll work past their differences…awesome writing…ur awesome gurl!!

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