KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 44)

Episode starts with Kriyam running hand in hand while goons follow them..Krishna falls.
Saiyam take her in his arms and hides behind a tree.he puts her down
Saiyam: r u ok ?? (Checks her foot) dard to nai horaha
Krishna was amazed at his concern..even Saiyam was..
Krishna spots the goon coming towards the tree
Krishna: Saiyam they are coming here

Saiyam: ( holds her mouth)shh.i won’t let anything happen to u..u sit here..i will see them..
Krishna: no..u are not going anywhere
Saiyam: trust me Krishna..nothing will happen
He goes and fights them..he gets badly injured but manages to defeat them
He goes to krishna and takes her by hand
Saiyam: come
Suddenly a goon stands up and hits Saiyam on head with rod ..Krishna pushes the goon takes the rod and hits him she then goes to Saiyam who was holding his head tightly
Krishna: Saiyam?? Saiyam r u ok??

Saiyam: im fyn..don’t worry
She helps him stand up and they slowly come out of the forest..she makes him sit in the car..
Krishna: u wait i will bring water
Saiyam holds her hand
Saiyam: no..u will not go
Krishna: but..

Saiyam: i said na its not safe
Krishna: but we r out of the forest..nothing will happen..
Saiyam: no..i can’t let u go alone..i don’t need water.. we need to get home..or else all will blame u
Krishna realizes that it was her Saiyam,s concern she forgot about the marriage
Krishna takes the keys and starts driving.

She looks t Saiyam..he was bleeding heavily ..
Krishna: i think we should go to hospital first
Saiyam: first u reach home.. i will call the doctor there only..
Krishna reaches home
She helps to get out of the car..and takes him by hand inside as they enter they are left shocked to see that baby nd yuvaan got married
All get shocked to see kriyam too..
Suhani asks what happened
Krishna explains everything
Lady 1 : all this is just a story..we thought right .Suhani didn’t want Krishna marry all this is made up by them..and look at this girl Krishna..on her marriage day..she was roaming with her ex- fiance..

shame on u Krishna
Saiyam: enough.! You don’t have any right to insult her like that.
Lady: raising ur voice won’t prove me wrong..this Krishna is characterless and
Saiyam: enough..( he raises his hand but Krishna stops him)
Suhani: Saiyam plzz.stop it

Lady: huh…what difference will it make..this orphan Krishna is always going to be a burden on birlas
Dadi smiles..she recalls giving money to the lady for creating the drama
Saiyam: she is not a burden and she will never be 1
Lady: oh about u marry her..this will prove u actually mean what u say…but i know u won’t..
Saiyam: i will
All get shocked..yuvani smiles

Precap: Suhani:krishna.. will u marry him??

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  1. Yes krishna and sayyam marriage ??

  2. Aarti32

    Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee!! Kriyyam marriage!! Yayyyyyyy!! Luvly episode!! Luv u yaar????

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