KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 43)

Episode starts with saiyam in his room… he is thinking about what he said when he was drunk…
Saiyam : no u can’t think about her..u just feel sorry for hurting her..nothing else
Yuvani comes
Yuvani : this is ur last chance…go and tell her u luv her or else
Saiyam : yuvani plzz just stop it..I have no interest in her ok?? And even she has said she doesn’t luv me..she is going to marry yuvaan amd that will happen.
He goes

In dadi, s room
Rags : dadi.. the goons are taking krishna away.,now what next?
Dadi : when everyone will realize krishna is missing we will blame her and get yuvaan married to baby…but remember krishna should not know that we kidnapped her
Rags : don’t worry dadi..I will take e care of that
Dadi smiles
Saiyam goes to the garden..he was extremely restless bt trying to cover it up with anger
He suddenly saw some people carrying krishna away in a van..he gts worried he thought to go inside and tell everyone but he did not have he followed the goons in his car

In car,
Saiyam : why in the world will someone kidnap krishna
He finds his phone to inform yuvani but he had forgot it in his room
Saiyam : no.. I should save krishna first ..she needs me
The goons take krishna to a forest.. Saiyam follows hem secretly.
Finally they reach a house and go inside.
Saiyam breaks away into the house by breaking a window..amd starts finding krishna..he is extremely concerned and worried for her.. he sees the goons locking up krishna in a room

He looks on when suddenly a goon holds him at gunpoint from behind..and call rest of his partners..
Saiyam also gets tied up with krishna in the room
Saiyam tries to wake up krishna
Saiyam : krishna…krishna wake up

Krishna wake up and is shocked to see herself and saiyam tied up
Krishna : what..what is all this
Saiyam : I don’t know ..I just saw some goons taking u away and followed them to save u..but they saw me too
Krishna : (angrily) but why did u come hota vo mere saath hota na khud ko musibat mai kyu dala
Saiyam could easily figure out that she was trying to cover up her concern with her anger..

Saiyam : I know u think me as a bad person…par mai itna bi bura nai ki kissi ko aise chord doon..ab aise ghoroo mat merii rasi kholne ki koshish karo
Krishna moves toward him and opens his rope with her teeth..
He then open krishna, s
Saiyam : we have to be very careful… come wih me
He goes the had steel bars on it..krishna saw a wrench in the room..
Krishna : isse khidki todh sakte hai
Saiyam takes it and starts breaking it.. his hand gets injured
Krishna : (a bit loud) saiyam aram se

Saiyam : shh.. tum aram se varna pakde jaae ge
Saiyam breaks the window and they both climb out.. Suddenly hey get spotted by a goon..
Saiyam : krishna bhaago
He takes her hand and they both run

Precap: kriyam running hand in hand in the forest while goons follow them.. Krishna falls down

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  1. ahhh really nice..i love reading ur ff..thank u fr writing n cont d grt wrk

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    Superb..Jst like movies..Luv it

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