KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 42)

Episode starts with yuvani coming to saiyam, s room but seeing them together she hides
Saiyam : just listen to me
Krishna : I don’t want to talk
Saiyam : ( stands up) bit I will say..I ..I am sorry
Krishna breaks away nd saiyam begins to fall but she holds him ahain she helps her to lay down on he sofa amd saiyam holds her hands again

Saiyam : u gave me so much krishna…but maybe I was not worh it..none gave me suh love ever..I didn’t felt so relaxed with anyone else as I did with I..but maybe I don’t deserve this.. that is why everyone just gets snatched away from me..
Krishna : just sleep and let me go (she breaks away )
Saiyam closes his eyes and krishna looks at him with teay eyes..she then goes..
Yuvani also leaves
Saiyam : ( with eyes closed) I love u krishna.

In morning
Krishna in kitchen
Krishna : Ramdin kaka maime galti se thodi zyada chai bana li..sab to chai pe chuke hai..ap ye saiyam ko de dejye
Ramdin goes
Yuvani : really? ? Ur measurement is very acurate then how come today u
Krishna : yuvani plzz..I don’t wamt to talk about I.. tomorrow is ,my marriage and I don’t want to think about my past

Saiyam in his room
He wakes up and holds his head he remembers what happened and can i say that..i have no control over what I say..I should stop thinking about it but he couldn’t..ramdin brings tea.. he drinks it amd freshens up
He goes outside and sees some guests arriving for the marriage
Saiyam : (thinks, why are they so much exited..marriage is Tomorrow and they have started arriving today
He sees a guest putting yuvaan, s hand in krishna, s and gets jealous. He clenches his fist but hen thinks what happened to u saiyam why is it effecting u so much just leave it
He goes

Marriage day

Krishna in her room in her wedding attire she looks vey pretty..ahe remembers what happened last evening and thinking about saiyam she cries when suddenly someone hits her on the head and she falls down unconscious
It is revealed to be baby
Baby (calls dadi) : she is unconscious.we can start the plan..

Precap : saiyam sees krishna being carried away in a van

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