KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 41)

Episode starts with yuvani going to saiyam, s room where he is working on his laptop
Yuvani : saiyam…Saiyam I need to talk..vo
Saiyam : oh plz just shut up,, I don’t want to talk to u
Yuvani : saiyam..just listen. U don’t know what happened
Saiyam : I don’t evn want to know.. cuz I know u will say something about ur mom..she loves me..etc etc..but im not in mood of talking about all that..just leave
Yuvani : krishnaa is marrying yuvaan
Saiyam stops working… he has a sad look on his face..
Yuvani explains everything.

Yuvani : saiyam. I need to do something… or else they will get married. Saiyam I know u luv her..plz go and tell her that or she wil marry yuvaan..
Saiyam takes a brief pause..and then
Saiyam : I do not care what she does if she is happy with yuvan then let it be ..I don’t care..
Yuvani : what? R u mad?

Saiyam doesn’t say anything and leaves in anger in hall he sees krishna they ecchange looks.. Krishna looks away.. Saiyam leaves in anger..
Yuvani comes and asks krishnaa to stop the marriage. But krishna doesn’t agree..dadi amd rags look on
Saiyam is seen driving rashly and very very fast..he recalls all his momments with krishna… and then yuvani saying she will marry yuvaan.. Saiyam is extremely restless…. he finally stops and gets off the car into a bar..

Birla house..
Yuvani is trying hard to convince everyone to cancel the marriage but no one listens

In dadi, s room
Dadi : we need to do something fast or that krishna will become our bahu
Rags: I do Not understand why yuvaan agreed..
Baby: and that too when he loves me..
Dadi : don’t worry u all I have a plan.. yuvaan wil be married to baby not krishna. U just wait and watch..

After 2 hrs
Saiyam enters birla house and is badly drunk..he goes to his room..Krishna sees him..then she hears the noise of something breaking from saiyam, s room ..she gets worried and goes there..she sees saiyam lying on the floor and was badly drunk..
Krishna : saiyam!
She helps her sit on sofa..
Saiyam : krishna… (holds her hand)..I need to talk to u
They have an eyelock

Precap : krishna in her room crying..someone hits her on the hed with a rod.. she falls unconscious

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  1. Aarti32

    Interesting episode..But nowadays u always post late night..N only one episode a day..Dis is not done yaar!! Mera dil maange more

    1. Taniasharma

      I have submitted 3 but they are taking time to upload

  2. dadi itni buri q hoti hai…… ab kya krega saiyamm… kaise bachayega apna pyaar???? janne ke liye padhe……. unbreakable band…… tan… tana

  3. Awww poor saiyyam ??

  4. Nnnya

    hmmmm the suspense…. im sure dadi has done this to krishna or maybe a deperate yuvaani.. hehehe…. is saiyyam going to confess finally?? so many questions.. hume to latka diya tumne tania dear.. update soon

  5. Shaani

    Super part.. Waiting for the next part..

  6. Please update soon. And please return to your original speed. No offence

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