KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 40)

Episode starts
Suhani is scolding the women while Krishna is crying..
Lady : yes yes now u will say this.. all of us know the truth.
.Krishna has stayed with u since her childhood so u know much about her..that’s why u didn’t like ur son marrying her..
Suhani: u have such a narrow thinking..just get this thing in mind.. the person who marries Krishna is will be one of the most luckiest person.and my son missed the it is his fault..his misfortune..not Krishna
Lady: everybody says that..but what do u think anyone would accept her as wife?? The whole world knows about one will ever marry her( to krishna) u will always remain a burden on their shoulder
Yuvani: oh plz aunty..or else.
Lady: else what??.. Suhani says she treats her like why don’t u get Krishna and yuvaan married..vaise bi Krishna se to koi shaadi karne se rahaa and u said anyone would be lucky to get her..
Yuvaan: stop it now..don’t u insult my mom like that.
Suhani: will u marry her yuvaan.
Yuvani: what are h saying mama..
Suhani: for ur mothers,s respect..will u marry her??
Yuvan( thinks) Krishna loves Saiyam..she will never agree for this.

Suhani: yuvaan answer
Yuvan: i will maa
Yuvani: how can Krishna u would not agree right?
Krishna Thinks about saiyam..all their moments and then his betrayal..
Krishna: i m ready..but i want it to be done fast..only the other ceremonies
Yuvan yuvani get shocked
Suhani gives a faint smile
Suhani: so its decided yuvaan will marry Krishna..( to lady) d u will b the first one to be invited..
The ladies go and krishna also goes
Yuvani: how can u do this mama..u know she luvs Saiyam.

Suhani: but she has no future with him…what i did was for her good.
Yuvan looks at baby and she goes angrily
All go
dado rags yuvan yuvani baby not happy with this
Yuvani : no..i can’t let this happen..Krishna d saiyam can’t be seperated..

Precap: Saiyam badly drunk

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  1. Plz stop writing this ff we love Yuvani not kriyam so only not more comments ..In your ff. if u don’t believe compare Yuvani ff comments with kriyam ff

    1. Yew commented here also?we don’t want that old couple now?few changes are done finally in drama?and we ppl are loving it??and tania is just doing amazing job?❇❀

      1. A.Tejaswi

        @Zani saleem.I am sorry to interfere in between. Why are u bringing yuvani in middle.As u said they may be old.But they are the reason many of us watch ssel.Many of us love them.U may not like them.Then why mention?? Respect them and our love for them.

    2. ImmatureBookworm

      Just as you know this is a public media platform so everyone and anyone can post anything as long as it deals with the couples of the story. When the moderators are OK with a Kriyyam ff and there are readers some silent and some that show their support through comments why do you mind who writes what?? And about comparing comments just because a majority likes something doesn’t mean you diss out a minority. This forum caters everyone’s likings so why bother?

    3. Syedul

      Gaya shut up . We respect both Yuvani and Kriyam . And u have no right to make us have the same opinion as us . So shut ur mouth and get ur factz straight

    4. And tejaswi!!Don’t take me wrong!!I also love watching them but now kriyam is my favourite jodi?so I was just speaking in their favour?and gaya have no rights to stop anyone from writing on kriyam!

  2. Aww poor saiyyam

  3. SukhiDhillon

    Omg this is amazing keep the good work up cant wait for the next part love it πŸ™‚

  4. Love your writing and it has such w beautiful flow. Pls give long episodes.. Eagerly waiting for the next.

  5. Yar plzz try to post a longer episode?I love your ff ❀and super excited for the precap?

  6. Rockstr

    I love your ff…pls update aspa..i ws busy so couldnt comment much…im so addicted to it..keep writing….i ll shoot u if u stop..just kidding..plss dont listen to ny1..plss keep writing..
    A die hard fan

  7. pls pls pls…..update the next part faast……u r too slow in updating….u have such a beautiful stry..n ur making us wait so long….cant wait 4 drunk saiyyam….pls update fast…

  8. ImmatureBookworm

    Hey πŸ™‚ loved the episode <3 I've been a silent reader since forever and finally decided to comment as you were getting closer to almost 50 episodes? keep writing ???
    P.S.I tune in every hour to check for an update ???
    P.P.S. love my babies Krishna and Saiyyam ?
    P.P.P.S.Can we have a paiionate moment soonsoon?+? =?

  9. Aarti32

    Twist bhara episode.. But I’m eagerly waiting for Saiyyam’s drunk drama..Post it today only..Plzz..
    N may wat ppl say..We love your ff n u’re not gonna even think of ending it..U get dat!!

  10. Nnnya

    hi tania.. another brilliant episode… yuvani really is playing cupid hehe… cant wait for drunk saiyyam.. keep writing and stay blessed dear πŸ™‚

  11. Nice update. Please continue soon. You are a great writer but you make readers wait too long.
    No offence to anyone and please update soon…

  12. Syedul

    It would be nice if u get them intimate while Sayyam is drunk so that way both of them get together again

  13. Shaani

    Superb yaar… This twist is… Omg… Will Krishna marry yuvaan., it can’t be…?? I know u will not let that happen… Soo nice story yaar… I was waiting to read this… Waiting for the next part

  14. Exactly!!

  15. Tania sharma

    It will be updated soon…sorry

  16. Today I got to know abt dis kriyam ff n fell in love vd dis story
    Read ol d episodes n
    Eagerly waiting for next episode of saiyyam being heavily drunk …plzz post it soon m Waiting

  17. Taniasharma

    I have submitted. ? And I will post more tomorrow. ?I promise

  18. ohhh……y 2morrow….y do u make us wait so long?……but anyways luvd it…cant wait 2 c drunk saiyyam

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