KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 39)

Episode starts with all gathering around saiyam.. Krishna opens her eyes and sees saiyam unconscious. Suhani keeps saiyam, s head on her lap and cries
Krishna : saiyam. ? Saiyam.. wake up..
Sharad : I will callthe doctor..lets take him to room
Doctor comes and checks him
Doctor: he has some major burns on his left arm.. but it will be fine just take good care of him..and regularly gibe him medicines
He goes
Bhavna : what is going on with saiyam… first he got hit by the bullet and now this
Suhani : he will ne fyn…we will make him fine..
She goes to krishna…all the time krishna was standingin the corner very much scared and concerned yet not saying anything
Suhani : r u ok??
Krishna : yes aunty,.im fine..
Yuvani : thank god he saved u at the right time
Krishna : hmm
Krishna goes..
Suhani : its not easy for her to trust saiyam again

After sometime saiyam gains consciousness… suhani does his aiding even though he refused.. his heart was gradually meltimg by her kindness but he was not accepting this..
Suhani : wait I will bring something to eat
Saiyam : no need fine
Suhani : but..
Saiyam : I said im not hungry
Suhani goes.. and yuvani comes
Yuvani : saiyam… how r u feeling now.. I hope u don’t have amy pain
Saiyam : im used to pains…nothing new in it
Yuvani : saiyam relax..I know its hard for you to accept us…but can’t u try..we all feel bad for abandoning u just like u feel bad for hurting krishna..
Saiyam : enough. ? I don’t want to talk about that
Yuvani : whatever u say I know u feel guilty…but im sure that once everything gets soughted..she will forgive u..and u want to talk about it..remember im always there
She goes and saiyam thinks about his words..
After sometime
Al gathered in hall..except saiyam
The lights go off suddenly…all get worried..
Bhavna : what happened to he lights..? Krishna u plz bring the lanterns
Yuvan : oh come on mausi..u think she would go alone in such dark??
Krishna : why..what do u think…im not scared going..
She walks slowly in the coridor when saiyam comes out from his room and bumps into him..they exchange looks..krishnaa begins to go
Saiyam : where r u going?
Krishna : why do u care about that?
Saiyam : u r afraid of
Krishna : I was im not..if u think im the same old krishna then u r wrong
The lights come..amd krishna goes back to hall

After sometime
Some ladies come to meet pratima
They talk when krishna comes and seem their blessings
Lady 1: krishnaa? ?..soumya, s daughter right.??
Suhani : yes..u guessed right
Lady 1 : how would I go wrong. ?u were the one whose marriage got cancelled right with suhani, s son right?
Pratima : shakshi ji plz just don’t talk about it
Sakshi: family pratima I can talk..and anuways krishna knows about her shortcomings due to which she got rejected
Lady 2 : shortcomings? ?..what are u talking about? ?
Shakshi: they didn’t tell me much..but I guess the boy..ah saiyam .he was going to marry her..when suhani came to know saiyam is her son..maybe she rejected because she would have thought krishna is not worth him..or maybe saiyam may have got fed up with, s generation, s girls are like this only..they trap boys use them.. and they don’t have any value for marraige and alll..I think he may have used her enough and when he got fed he just threw her out of..
Suhani : enough..!!! U can’t talk to my daughter like that..u don’t know what happened hen how can u judge krishna??

Precap : suhani : so is decided yuvan will may krishna

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  1. So good. Next update please

  2. Shaani

    Precap: Omg…
    Waiting for the next part…

  3. Aarti32

    Episode ??( Saiyyam’s care n Krishna pretending to be careless)
    Precap ??( Yuvaan!! Uff)
    But nowadays u’re posting vry less episodes..I’m addicted to reading 5-6 episodes of your ff everyday..Ab ye zulm kyu??

  4. Nnnya

    Love it.. eagerly waiting for next part… agree with aarti dont disappear dear.. we need this ff.. its so addictive

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