KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 38)

Episode starts with saiyam hitting the punching bag hardly and continously… he has sweat all over his face and his shirt is half drenched.. he is remembering his childhood hardships..and then krishna… how they spent time together.eveytime they hugged…when he kissed her in rain.. and when he told her his truth..and how she ignored him since them… he hits the bag even harder..
he fall down and shouts
He holds his head with both his hands
Saiyam : don’t think about her..(but he couldn’t) why in the world is it effecting me so much… it shouldn’t…im sorry krishnaa…I accept I did wrong but that doesn’t mean it will effect me so much…why is it..
Suhani comes.
Suhani : saiyam..Saiyam. .what happened beta are u ok.. (she holds his face)
He pulls back himself
Saiyam : ( shouts ) don’t u dare to come close to me..u ruined my life amd due to you I ruined krishna, s I didn’t mean it …I didn’t want to hurther u made me hurt her..its not my fault..u understand? ?..IT IS NOT MY FAULT… (softly) its not..its not..
He goes. while yuvani looks on through the window
Yuvani enters the room
Suhani : yuvani did u see that… he had tears in his eyes
Yuvani : ya mama but he is not ready to accept this that iis why he is covering up with anger he was thinking about krishna…he feels guilty..this means krishnaa, s heartbreak has effected him also
Suhani : so does that mean he luvs krishna
Yuvani : I don’t know mama..he cares for her..mow is it bacause of luv or just due to humanity…we needs to figure it out..

Saiyam goes to the dinning table and finds water..pratima krishna and bhavna come..they are wearing masks..
Yuvan comes and aaks them why arw they wearing masks
Bhavna : actually we called the some people to do pest control in mine and mausi, s room… wewere helping them.. so these masks..
Saiyam gets a call and goes to attend
Krishna : u all sit I will bring tea.
Krishna enters kitchen and finds chai patti
Saiyam moves towards kitchen to get water..he smells something… the gas was leaking… he sees krishna in kitchen.. she was adding water in the comtainer..
Saiyam : krishnaa!!!
Krishna ignores him..
Saiyam : krishna come here..
Krishna: just shut up and leave
She picks up the lighter to ignite the gas..
Saiyam runs krishna lights he gas..a huge blaze gets igmited but saiyam comes in between of krishna and the gas… both fall on ground.. Krishna screams..
Everyone hear and come to kitchen.
tHey see. Krishna lying on floor and saiyam over her unconscious
Suhani : saiyam! !!!!
All get worried for saiyam…

Precap : doctor checks saiyam and says he has got some major burns

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  1. Love itt????

  2. Aww poor saiyyam

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    Aww…tooooo cuteee….awsmmmm update

  4. Awesome

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    Poor sayyam… Nice episode…keep writing I ❤ ur ff…

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    I luv Yuvaani..She’ll make Saiyyam realize dat he actually luvs Krishna.. Amazinggg..

  7. Nnnya

    Soooo good loving it

  8. He really luvs her but he not ready to accept it….I wish he understnds it fast..updare ASAP…

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