KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 37)

Episode starts
Saiyam looks confused around..
Saiyam : who did that??
Yuvani : suprise!!!!
Suhani yivani pratima krishna bhavna sharad and yuvraj come
Saiyam looks at them
Suhani : so u liked it??
Saiyam : what is this??
Yuvani : oho.. u didn’t understand… u came frm hospital. So u need positive
Saiyam : Im not used to positive atmosphere..understand? ?..just go from here
Suhani: but beta..
Saiyam (shouts) just go!!
All go slowly
Saiyam closes the door and spoils the decoration

In suhani’s room,
Yuvraj : we did so much and he.
Yuvani : papa he can’t forgive us so easily.. we have to be patient
Suhani : she is right yuvraj.. he needs time
After sometime,
Ramdin comes to krishna, s room..with food
Krishna : thank u kaka but I don’t need it
Ramdin: but yuvani told me to give it to u.. u did not come to eat so ..
Krishna : its ok.. I wil eat u go..
Ramdin starts going
Krishna : ah..kaka
Ramdin : yes
Krishna: did yuvani eat?
Ramdin: yes
Krishna: and daedu?
Ramdin: yes
Krishna: ah.. and and what about dadi??
Ramdin: arey beta everyone has eaten..only saiyam hasn’t..I went here but he did, nt open the door
Krishna:hmm ok

Krishna opens her cupboard amd takes out saiyam, s jacket and a locket from it
She goes to saiyam, s romm
Saiyam doesn’t open,
Krishna : open the door saiyam
Saiyam hears krishna and opens the door..
Krishna had locket and jacket in ome hand and food in another
Saiyam : u here??
Krishna : I didn’t want to.. icame to give this back to u.. I don’t want anything near me that reminda me of u. ? So take it.. she keeps the jacket and locket on table
Krishna :. Ah and ya..I was coming here so aunty told me to give this food to u.. eat if u want
Saiyam feels bad..she goes
Yuvani looks on at everything
Yuvani (with herself) :no matter how much u try krishnaa. U luv saiyam.. mama is not at home since 4 hrrs.. yet u said she told u to give the food.. this proves u luv him.. but u did right. He should feel bad for hurting u.. but once everything gera soughted between mama and him.. hen ur luv story will also be fine

Precap : lights go off in birla house
All in hall get scared

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  1. Aww so cute krishna.

  2. Aarti32

    Luvly episode..But u shud hv written more abt how Saiyyam felt when Krishna returned his jacket n locket..But anyways, u’re an amazing writer dear..??

  3. Nnnya

    lovely.. yuvani playing cupid…. why cant the writer’s show hyuvani and krishna having a nicer relationship.. i mean they were so concerned about each other when they were young.. but apparently none of the kids can recall their childhood properly on the show lol… Anyway love your ffs please keep posting dont disappear my dear

  4. Aww kishna really cares 4 saiyyam….feeling sad for saiyyam 🙁 …..I wish he realised that he does like krishna but love her….Nyc epi…Update ASAP… 🙂

  5. Shaani

    Soo nice loved it..keep writing…sad about sayyam ..but what to do..update next part soon…

  6. plzzzz… the next one

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