KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 36)

Episode starts

Saiyam felt a deep pain in his heart when krishna said she didn’t care for him.
Saiyam puts some of the rotis and food seperately..
Krishna: what happened?? Why r u
Saiyam: mujhe pata hai tum mera jhoota nai khaao gi.. vaise bi mai itnnai ka sakta.
She feeds him..but not with a caring look..
Saiyam: ahh… enough..i have eaten much..ah u eat the rest..
He then lays down and sleeps
Krishna looks at the food and then slowly begins to eat.

After 2 hrs..
Nurse is doing saiyam,s aid..when Krishna comes
Doctor calls the nurse and she goes and requests Krishna to complete the aiding..
Krishna hesitates..
Saiyam: no need to. I will do it myself..
He tries hard but couldn’t
Krishna: rehne do.. tum se nai hoga..
She goes and does his aiding..

Saiyam looks at her thinking how he had hurt her yet she is helping him..
Krishna: hogaya.
Saiyam: thank u..i..(couldn’t complete)
Krishna( sternly) ur welcome..
They exchange looks and she goes
Saiyam doesn’t know why but he hated her ignorance.. he wants everything to be just like before..
At night Saiyam gets discharge nd is home..
He enters his room to see it fully decorated
He wonders who did that

Precap: krishna returns sayyam the locket and jacket he gave her

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  1. Nnnya

    Oooo you’re back. You have been missed. I really enjoy your ff. It’s great.. Love the writing and the story… You’ve really got the two characters right I feel. Main tho day 1 se fan hoon apki…. Eagerly waiting for more ?

    1. Taniasharma

      Yeah.. thank u just busy so can’t update much

  2. Next episode pls..where have u gone missing… Pls do update… Ur writing brings both the character infront of my eyes..

  3. So good

  4. Awwww sayyam?and episode was so short? and honestly your ff is the best one written on kriyam❤

  5. Aarti32

    Finally u posted, I was waiting sooo eagerly..N now Saiyyam will realise dat he luvs her.. Yayyyy..

  6. Shaani

    Superb episode…loved it…keep writing….

  7. Precap looks sad….anyway welcone back missed ur ffs yaar…try to write them often…emotional epi….

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