KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 35)

Episode starts with Krishna thinking about saiyam,s words
I know u have gone through a lot..u got punished without a mistake.. but what had i done? Why did u use me.. i trusted u so much nd i can’t trust u anymore now
She then goes to the family
Krishna: i will help u all to include Saiyam in the family..but this is not because i love Saiyam ..this is because i love aunty..i don’t have any feelings for Saiyam..
All of them knew she was lieing but didn’t say anything
Yuvani: thank u krishna.. thank u so much

After sometime

Suhani taking care of Saiyam..
Saiyam: why are u doing all this..just go like u went when i needed u
Krishna yuvani enter
Yuvani: she did it once and she won’t do this again
Saiyam looks away..

Yuvani holds his hand..
Yuvani: u apologized to krishna cuz u felt bad for hurting her.. similarly mama is also feeling bad ..plz forgive her.. all of us can start afresh..
Saiyam: u think it is that easy for me… i hurt Krishna i know but suhani hurted me even more.. the two pains cannot be compared..Krishna had all of u but i.. i had no one.. now all of u just leave.
Yuvani: but..
Krishna puts her hand on her shoulder and signals her that all of them should leave
While leaving krishna says.. we understand u have gone through a lot.. but im sure u will realize aunty,s love for u

All of the. Go..Saiyam thinks about Krishna,s words..
Suhani yuvani and krishna stay back at hospital while others go..
Saiyam: why are u all doing this..i said u all just leave..
Krishna: aunty wants to stay here with u..and we can’t leave her alone
Suhani: yes..and i don’t want to leave my son alone..
Yuvani: and i won’t leave my little bro alone.
Saiyam looks away..
Yuvani: anyways..mama come i will take u to canteen..u haven’t eaten anything since afternoon..u were so concerned about him..
Saiyam feels bqd.. suhani goes.
Yuvani then goes to Saiyam..and whispers..vaise Krishna has also not eaten anything..she then goes

After sometime..nurse brings food for Saiyam and leaves
Saiyam tries to eat but but couldn’t due to aiding
Kriyam recall the moment when in goa..Saiyam couldn’t eat the same way and krishna fed him.. both feel sad
Krishna:ahh..u leave i will make u eat..
Saiyam: but..
Krishna: what but?? Look download u even think im doing this for doing this just for aunty understand..otherwise i don’t care what u eat or not

Precap: krishna doing Saiyam,s aid

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  1. Aww so cute ?

  2. Lovely! It was beautiful to read.
    You made my day, after all the bad news around the world. Somehow in your writing, have made, that good well win. Always!
    No matter what pain, that bad people well cause. Love well prevails.
    Thank You.

  3. Shaani

    Sooo sweet yaar..i love this sooo much…plz update the next episode…

  4. So mute cute act……cute jodi…, epi

  5. Aarti32

    It was awesome..N d precap makes me more n more excited to read d next episode

  6. So cute?

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