KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 34)

Episode starts
Krishna is crying bitterly as saiyam is taken to the operation theatre..
Yuvani : krishnaa don, t worry.. nothing will happen to him
Krishnaa: yuvani..yuvani if something happened to him..
Yuvani : no krish.. nothing will happen… just relax
Doctor comes

Doctor: we have removed he bullet.. but he is still unconscious we need to keep him under observation
Krishna: I don’t know that..just tell me when will he wake up
Doctor;: we can’t say anything…. yet.
Krishna : what?? How can u say that?? U r doctor how cannot u say when will he wake up

Yuvani puts her hand on her shoulder…krishnaa hugs her
Doctor : we need B positive blood for him..
Krishna: B positive.. that is ur blood group aunty.. aunty plz plz give him blood
Dadi: r u mad krishnaa. ? U r asking blood for that can u forgive him?
Krishnaa : dadi I know but….but he needs blood.. I have not forgiven him but
Suhani : u don’t need to explain beta.. I will give blood.
Suhani gives blood and shows the mark on his face.. he comes to know that he is er son and tells this to family
All get shocked

Yuvani : how is this possible mama.. u neer told me.. what is happening
Yuvraj : yuvaani ee can’t tell u the truth ..just know that saiyam is ur brother and..
Yuvani : and mama left him orphanage…??
Yuvraj : yuvaani u can’t blame ur mother like that…

Yuvani : im not blaming papa.. look I don’t want to know what happened but was it saiyam, s fault…. I have seen him mama he is pretending to hate u.. but he doesn’t…. that’s why he saved u mama. He did wrong with krishna and all of us but we have also done very much wrong with him.. he hasn’t got love and care or good upbringing mama but still he saved u.. without thinking about himself..
Suhani : u r right beta.. but I know he will never accept me
Sharad : maybe he will how can u say that without trying?
Yuvani: yes mama… we can try.. (goes to krishna) wil u help us krishna to make him a part of our family?
Krishna doesn’t say anything and goes.

After 4 hrs
Krishna sitting near ganesha idol and praying for saiyam
Yuvani comes
Yuvani : I know u r concerned but don’t worry he will be fine..
Krishna : im not concerned… he saved suhami aunty that why.. nothing else
Yuvani : ok fine… but just remember my words.. he is mot a bad person I have seen the real saiyam and even u have… just give it a chance
Bhavna comes
Bhavna: yuvani..krishnaa saiyam ko hosh aagaya.. vo keh raha hai ki usse krishna se baat karni hai
Yuvani : what? ?
Bhavna : yes.. he is not ready to talk to anyone else
Krishna goes to him..
Saiyam looks at her..they have a eyelock

Krishna : why did u call me?
Saiyam: I know I have hurted u a lot..nurse told me that u were very much concerned.. amd u made my mother give me blood so
Krishna : so u want to thamk me.. well no need to cuz I don’t want it..
She begins to go.

Saiyam : stop. Amd just listen to me.. I luv only one person and that is my dad… and I swear by him that I too was hurt when I hurt u.. I know I don’t luv u.. but im also a human.. I know I fid wrong.. I have no problem with u.. I just hate my mother.. and I used u for that.. just want to apologise for that.. and ya one more thing.. all of our happy moments that we speent in mumbai and goa..I know they weren’t real.. but trust me krishna all that I told about my childhood was true.. I have really gone through a lot.. I don’t want ur sympathy.or love.. I just want u to know that what I did was not my choice but I was compelled to do so.. I know u may not trust me.. but I had to tell u and I have told.. now whatever u want just do…and just tell everyone no need to come to meet me..I have taken care of myself all these years and I will take care muself now also

Precap : krishna: I will help u all but don’t think this is because I love saiyam .. it is because I love aunty… I don’t have any feelings for him

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  1. I am a silent reader but your ff was so good that i can wait to see the next episode so please update soon

  2. Shaani

    Superb…very emotional…. In previous episode I told don’t let Krishna forgive sayyam easily..but now I’m feeling bad for sayyam??…

    1. Shaani

      Btw nice episode…

  3. Aarti32

    I’m falling short of words to praise u??

  4. awesomegirl99

    the episode was amazing .just loved it!!!

  5. Love this… update soon!!!!!

  6. Rockstr

    Loved it as usual…cant wait..pls update asap

  7. I am loving this….plz update asap tania 🙂

  8. So good

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