KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 33)

Episode starts
All are in halls sitting.Suhani cutting the vegetables. Saiyam comes all give him intense looks.. he begins to go..when Suhani,s finger gets cut..
Saiyam gets worried and does her aid.. all shocked at Saiyam,s behavior
Suhani: why r u doing this now. U think anyone of is is going to trust u again.
Saiyam goes
Yuvani is disturbed because of Saiyam, behavior..he shows he is arrogant but when some emergency comes..he changes..she tells this to krishna..but she is not ready to forgive him..

In afternoon,
Six goons are shown escaping from the police. They enter the birla house and fire in air..
All hear the noise and come outside..
All shocked..goons aim the gun at them..
They all are then make all sit down on the floor with their hands up.. one goon goes and to close all the doors and windows..
They all are held hostage..a 2 goon misbehave with yuvaani
Saiyam gets angry
Saiyam: how dare u talk to my sister like that..??

A goon points gun towards his head..
Goon: shut up or else
Dadi: do whatever u want with him..but plzz leave us
Krishna: noo.!!
All look at her.. she feels embarrassed
Saiyam taking advantage of everybody,s diverted attention snatches the gun anD aims at their leader.. he asks them to put down there guns.. Yuvraj calls the police..
Police comes and thank Saiyam and all

They are about to leave when a goon breaks away and picks the gun.. he aims at suhani and fires.. all get shocked because Suhani was fine as Saiyam came forward and the bullet hits him on chest..he faals down unconscious
Krishna: (shouts) Saiyam..Saiyam..?? Saiyam wake up..
Yuvani: yuvaan let,s take him to hospital.. tum gaadi nikalo..jaldi
Saiyam is taken to hospital..all the way Krishna holds Saiyam,s hand crying and asking him to wake up

Precap : all come to know that Saiyam is Suhani, son

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  1. Rockstr

    Loved it man..wonderful story..much bttr than the real ssel…pls update asap

  2. Aarti32

    Thrilling episode..

  3. I love your ff’ s but can u repost the episode 31….its not opening

    1. Taniasharma

      I could not post it.. but here it is..
      Suhani: all of this.. it was a plan.. don’t u feel ashamed of urself .. u r so mean. Saiyam.. Krishna trusted u.
      Dadi,: now u will put all the blame on him.. u forgot u brought this devil in our was Krishna.. due to him, we have lost half of our house
      Saiyam: will u stop blaming Krishna for everything?
      Yuvani shouts..enough don’t u dare now need to pretend again.. u have already used her if i ever see u near her then it won’t be right for u..
      She goes.

      Saiyam(to Suhani) remember Suhani birla… all the sufferings u all will go through will be because of u
      He goes.
      Krishna is crying. Bitterly crying in her room..she hugs somu,s pic and cries
      Yuvani comes

      Yuvani: so sorry Krishna.. i always encouraged u for this relation..if i hadn’t. Then nothing would have do sorry
      Krishna( wipes her tears) u don’t have to be..its all my fortune,s fault.. i don’t care for him anymore ..i don’t luv him..i don’t..i don’t.. she hugs yuvani and cries
      Yuvani( thinks) i know u luv him Krishna.. i know u don’t want to but u do ..
      In yuvaan,s room baby comes
      Baby; yuvan
      Yuvaan: how dare u come here..u are with that Saiyam..u knew everything still u didn’t tell anything.. just go
      Baby: no yuvaan.. how can u say that..look i didn’t know anything.. he didn’t tell me anything cuz he knew i won’t let him do so..plzz trust me yuvaan.. i promise if i come to know about anything wrong his doing i will definitely tell u
      He forgives him and she smiles

      From that day onwards..Saiyam used to trouble birlas like he did to in ssel..
      Next day.. Krishna in her room sitting on floor and thinking about Saiyam..
      Suhani comes
      Suhani: beta u haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. Eat something.. come
      Krishna: im not hungry aunty

      Suhani consoles her
      Suhani: i know he did wrong with u.. and when he realizes ur true worth..he will regret
      Krishna recalls Saiyam saying same words when dadi insulted her..
      Krishna: he won’t realize… and i don’t want realize..
      Suhani:, maa and yuvaan have to go somewhere.. dadi and ragini bhabi are not also at home.. will u and yuvani manage alone?
      Krishna; ya aunty..sure
      Suhani: yes beta.. from now onwards just concentrate on ur life ..don’t think about him
      She knew Krishna couldn’t do. This but yet she consoled her..
      Yuvaani and krishna are alone at home..
      Yuvani: krishna.. i have brought this cd..its ur fav movie..and u can’t deny ok??
      Yuvani: why are u thinking about him.. think about those who luv u
      Krishna again recalls saiyam saying same words whrn dadi insulted her.. no matter how hard something just make her think about Saiyam..

      No Krishna u don’t have to think about him.. she thinks..
      Krishna: ah ya. Lets watch movie
      Yuvani.: yes just wait i will bring something to eat u haven’t eaten anything..
      Krishna:. u wait i will bring.. u play the movie
      Krishna goes towards the kitchen ..she is in the hall when. She feels dizzy
      Saiyam enters the house..and sees her..suddenly she fainted
      Saiyam: krishna..!!
      He goes to her and puts her shoulder on his lap
      Saiyam: krishna..Krishna what happened??.. r u ok ..Krishna??
      He lifts her and is going towards her room

      Precap: yuvani noticing Saiyam really cares for krishna

  4. Awwww

  5. great writing…… keep going

  6. Shaani

    Omg sayyam…? plz update next part soon …

  7. superb i read al ur ff episodes .Amazing just epic.update asap

  8. True rockstr i think ssel should adapt ur story fr their serial. This will benefit ssel ratings also pls try to show some more kriyam moments…❤❤ thank u dear fr posting like rajdhani express we r luving it so damn much.

  9. Vinlora

    Rula diya yaar tumne ???plzz update the next part soon

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