KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 32)

Episode starts
Saiyam taking Krishna to her room.. he is really concerned .. yuvani shocked to see them he puts her down
Saiyam: krishna ..Krishna??..
(He rubs her hands) krishna wake up..Krishna??
Yuvani: leave her Saiyam.. just go

Saiyam: ( shouts) just shut up yuvani.. aren’t u seeing Krishna.. go and bring water
Yuvani sees how much scared he is ..and wonders why she brings the water..
Saiyam: sprinkle it.. i will call the doctor..
Yuvani sprinkles but she doesn’t wake up.
Saiyam calls the doctor and he comes after sometime
Yuvani: doctor..she has not eaten anything.. i think thats why..
Doctor: yes.. u r right.. u should have taken her care..give her these medicines for 2 days after lunch and dinner
Yuvani: ok doctor..

He goes
Saiyam: what did u say?? He hasn’t eaten.. why didn’t she…how can she be so careless??
Yuvani: o just shut up Saiyam.. as if u don’t know that all this is because of u ..just say u have anything yo say
He looks at Krishna and goes..
Yuvani: just don’t understand why he is caring so much ..
At night,
Suhani and all taking care of Krishna..Saiyam watching her from the window.. yuvani catches a glimpse of him and he hides.. she wonders why..
Suhani feeds Krishna.. and then asks her to rest..
Yuvani is thinking about Saiyam,s behavior
Suhani: yuvaani..come lets ho nd have dinner

Yuvani: ah..ya mama
They go..
Saiyam: oh god.. they are so careless.. they forgot the medicines..
He goes towards the hall.
And finds yuvani..
He messages yuvani that she has forgotten the medicines
Yuvani looks at Saiyam.. and then goes..
Yuvani gives. Krishna medicine nd tells her Saiyam reminded her
Krishna: what??

Yuvani: yes Krishna. And i feel he was not pretending.. why would he do this now??
Krishna: i don’t care.. just don’t talk about him
In morning
Krishna is walking and saiyam comes in front of her..they look at each other ..Krishna starts to go
Saiyam: r u ok??
Krishna: should i be?
Saiyam didn’t say anything and goes..
Yuvani looks on.
Yuvani: why is he so concerned??

Precap: some goons break into birla house

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  1. Hearttouching

  2. Shaani

    O god sayyam care for Krishna…soo much..btw nice episode…super fast updates love it..keep writing…waiting for the next episode

  3. Aarti32

    Superb episode..Luv to see Saiyyam care for Krishna

  4. Aww so cute

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