KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 29)

Episode starts
Baby: what change are u talking About Saiyam..
Saiyam: i am not marrying her now..
Baby: what??..
Saiyam: yes… Krishna is a nice girl.. i was pretending to luv her so that i could stay near suhani birla and hurt her.. but now.. i won,t do this..i don’t deserve to be with her.. now that she can give me half of the house..i won’t keep her as a prisoner in her life.. i was reveal my true face after marriage.. but now i realized that i can’t ruin Krishna,s life.. i just can’t.. that,s why i will make her sign the papers and then reveal the truth..
Baby: do whatever u want Saiyam.. and let me know if u need help..
In krishna,s room..
Krishna choosing a dress for her mehndi ceromony
Saiyam comes with papers
Krishna sees him and smiles
Krishna: u.. here?
Saiyam: what are u doing?
Krishna: ah.. just choosing a dress for tomorrow,s mehndi ceronomy
Saiyam looks at the dresses … he is not happy..
Krishna: so now u tell me what to wear??chose one
Saiyam: the blue one is nice..
He knew it was useless but he had to.
Krishna: ok then i will wear it tomorrow..
She smiles
Saiyam,: umm.Krishna i just wanted ur sign on these papers..actually it is a visa application form.. i won’t tell u where but we are going somewhere abroad after u just sign these papers..
Krishna smiles and then agreed.. she signs the papers..
Krishna: u have started preparing for our honeymoon…that’s nice. Thank you so much..
Saiyam gives a fake smile.. Krishna hugs him and whispers i love u..
Saiyam: i love u 2
Saiyam(thinks’) this is the last time we are hugging Krishna.. u will hate me from tomorrow.. i know i did wrong.. im sorry
In morning..
Mehndi preparations.. all guests come..
Krishna comes down in her blue lenga.. which Saiyam chose .. her eyes search for Saiyam but couldn’t find him..
She sits and applies Mehndi.. she asks the lady to write Saiyam on her hand..and she writes.. Krishna smiles seeing his name..and thinks..Saiyam from now u are mine now.. only mine cuz ur name is written on my hand only..
Her thoughts are broken by a panting yuvaan.
Yuvaan: maa.. Smythimg is wrong.. Saiyam..Saiyam has no clothes in the cupboard.. i think he has left the house
All get shocked.. Krishna stands up
Precap: birla house
Krishna slaps Saiyam

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