KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 28)

Episode starts
Saiyam pulls Krishna in to her room.
Krishna: what r u doing Saiyam.. just leave me
Saiyam: what are U can u be so careless.. what if someone saw that.. ur dori is open and u don’t know ha?? Wow..
Krishna checks and feels embarrassed..
Krishna: i..i didn’t know Saiyam..just..
Saiyam : ur can u do that.. thank god no one saw u… u should have been careful na
Krishna: i know Saiyam but..
Saiyam:Don’t say anything now
He pulls her close and hugs her while tieng the dori..
Saiyam: u are always lost in ur own world..
He keeps on scolding her while tieng the dori..while Krishna hears her patiently.. she felt the concern he had for her..she felt shy but.. brought herself more close and kissed hi cheek..
Saiyam stops scolding her and is standing motionless..
Krishna breaks the hug…while Saiyam is still motionless..
I love you she whispers.. and then goes while smiling to herself.

Saiyam touches his cheek nd smiles..
Flashes of Krishna kissing him come 2 his mind continuously..
Its night.. yuvraj calls a family meeting..
All gathered in hall.. Saiyam is continuously watching Krishna..and she is shying thinking about what she did..
Yuvraj: i know dadi u won’t be happy with my decision but i will not change it for anyone.. yuvaan even u will think im taking some rights from u.. but for krishna i have to..
Yuvaani: but what happened papa
Yuvraj: all of u know that half of our birla mansion is officially dadi,s and half is mine..
Dadi: what??
Yuvraj: so i have decided to name my part after Krishna…as her wedding gift..
All get shocked..
Krishna: no daedu..i cant
Yuvraj: u cant deny.. tumhe meri kasam
Krishna: but..
Yuvraj : no.. just sign on these papers.
Dadi opposed this strongly.. she scolded everyone but yuvraj does not listen..
Yuvraj makes Krishna sign though she didn’t want it..
Yuvraj: now Krishna has same rights over birla mansion as u have dadi..
He then goes..
All go..
Rags dadi and baby are upset.all rest are happy..

In evening
Saiyam looking at the sky thinking about Krishna.. all moments they had and that kiss.. he couldn’t stop smiling..
Baby comes..
Baby: Saiyam i need to talk to u..and its urgent..
Saiyam: what is it??
Baby: take these papers and make Krishna sign them.. it is written that her part of the birla mansion will be yours..
Saiyam: what?
Krishna: ya..this is perfect Saiyam..look u have decided to ruin birlas right??. So just take their part of house.. it would be right.. and krishna trusts u blindly ..u r using her from the beginning ..and u r going to ruin her life anyways.. then just take the house also from her like u r going to take her happiness..
Saiyam feels angry at himself for doing this to krishna..he thinks about all moments with her and how much she trusts him.. he feels bad
Saiyam: yes.. i will make her sign these papers.. along with this.. there is one more change in my plan..

Precap: KRiyam hug..saiyam thinks.. this is the last tym..ur are hugging me Krishna.. from tomorrow u will hate sorry

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  1. Sukhi Dhillon

    OMG im loving this. Its so good im always waiting for the next one and checking regularly for updates this is good amazing keep it up love it.

  2. Syedul

    Beautiful . I hope Krishna doesn’t sign the paper

  3. Shaani

    Omg this baby is. Errr.. Superb part…I loved it…keep writing..waiting for the next part..

  4. Aarti32

    Awesome..N I think Saiyyam’s truth is gonna be out soon..

  5. So good

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