KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 27)

Episode starts
Yuvraj: enough..!! Enough dadi..u can’t scold my daughter like that
Dadi: no yuvraj .. u have forgotten who ur real daughter is..due to this Krishna.. u have started neglecting yuvani too
Yuvani: oh plz.. dadi don’t use me for proving urself right
Dadi: ok now.. only this was left.. so even u will talk to me like that.yuvani ..that tok just because of this useless girl
Saiyam: stop it dadi… im not saying anything cuz i respect u.. but this doesn’t mean u insult Krishna like that.. im goin to be his husband..and no one can talk to my to- be wife like that..
Suhani: hes right dadi.. u know her mother has done so much for this family.. so has the same value as yuvani.. so plz don’t u ever talk to my daughter like that..
Dadi goes.. rags followed
Krishna cries and goes to her room.. Suhani tries to go.. but Saiyam stops her and says that he will go
In krishna,s room
Krishna is crying..Saiyam comes
He sits beside her and keeps his hand on her shoulder..he doesn’t know why but he feels her pain
Saiyam: i know ur hurt Krishna but i don’t want to
Ruin our day like is our engagement Krishna.. now plz forget all that..plz for me?
Krishna: i try my best Saiyam.. but.. badi dadi..she always does this.. i respect her so much still she doesn’t luv me
Saiyam: then don’t care about that.. think about the people who luv u..ur aunty..daedu..yuvaan yuvaani and even ur dadi (pratima)
Krishna: and u??. U also luv me na?
Saiyam felt bad.. he hated lieing to her everytime but he had to..
Saiyam: ya of course.. i smile..
He signaled her to smile
She gives a smile but that was a fake smile..
Saiyam: not this one .. tell me what should i do to get a real smile on ur face
Krishna: i just want u to luv me..
They have an eyelock…
The eyelock is broken by yuvani
Yuvani:( coughs’).. ah..may i come in??
They break away..
Krishna: yuvaani… when did..when did u come??
Yuvaani: oho Krishna.. don’t worry.. i didn’t see anything..waise u guyz need to control ur feelings ok..guests are waiting downstairs..come now..i have to call mama papa also..
They go..
Suhani and yuvraj in their room
Yuvraj: yes…Suhani. i think it is the right decision..
Suhani: but yuvraj. Dadi won’t like it.
Yuvraj: i don’t care about that..i want Krishna to be secure..and by this decision..Dadi won’t ever be able to say that Krishna has no rights in our house
. Suhani: but what about yuvaan….. and even yuvaani.. i know Krishna would also not agree..
Yuvraj: she will don’t worry.
Suhani: ok with u
Yuvraj: then i will announce my decision after the guests go
Yuvani calls them and they go
In hall.. all ready for engagement
Kriyam exchange rings..and r very happy..they are congratulated by guests.. yuvaani takes some selfies with them.. she deliberately made Krishna stand very close to Saiyam and made saiyam hold Krishna,s shoulder.. and then waist..Krishna feels shy..
After sometime Krishna goes to her room to freshen up..her phone falls and she kneels down to pick it up..when she gets up.. the dori of her blouse get stuck with a nail in the wall and gets opens without her knowing about it..she is now going in the hall..she is on the stairs coming down..
Saiyam sees them.. kriyam exchange smiles…
Krishna,s anklet gets loose..she kneels down to fit it whole she is still on the stairs.. while kneeling down.. she slightly turns around.. and saiyam sees her dori open..
Saiyam gets she starts coming down again.. saiyam signals her but she couldn’t understand..
He signals her to stop where she was.. and she does
He then goes to the stairs without anyone noticing.. and takes Krishna by hand to her room..

Precap: krishna kisses Saiyam on cheeks While he is Tieng her dori

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