KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 26)

Episode starts with Kriyam huuging..

Saiyam: (crying) krishna..i .i don’t ever want to hurt u ..plz always remember that..
Krishna( breaking the hug.. and holding his hand).. i know it Saiyam.. u just tell me why r u crying.. did anthing happen??
Saiyam: no.. just got a little emotional hearing u.. and ah.. this is just so perdfect.. i..i just miss my family..
Krishna: Saiyam.. Suhani aunty said na..this is YOUR family..
Saiyam: hmm..ya..sure..
Krishna : come now sleep..
She takes him to bed and covers him with.blanket.. she strokes her hair and he gradually felt asleep
She then goes

Engagement day..
Guests start arriving..
All and kiryam in hall..meeting the guests..
Dadi and krishna are standing beside eo.. while Saiyam is a bit away from them..
Suddenly Saiyam sneezes..
Krishna worries and starts moving toward him but accidentally the juice in her hand spills over dadi..
Dadi starts insulting her badly..
Dadi: what do u think of urself?? I know u have done this knowigly.. u r so useless.. i don’t understand why are we spending so much on your marriage.. ( saiyam angry and holds his fist)..u r nothing in this hoise.. understand?? Ur not a birla.. u r just trash..u have no right on this family
Krishna tries to defend herself but couldn’t.

Precap: Saiyam: what do u want me to do to bring a smile on ur face??
krishna: i just want u to luv me

Short epi..i know.. but don’t worry remember my 6 episode promise.. i will definitely fullfill that.. thank u guyz for ur support..

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  1. So cute

  2. Rockstr

    Superb..i lovthe way krishna cares for sayyam..its so cute..

    1. Taniasharma

      Just hoping such scenes come in ssel too..

  3. Vinlora

    Beautifully written. ..waiting for the next episodes. ..

  4. Aarti32

    So sweet episode yaar.. Krishna cares so much for Saiyyam..N d precap is also vry luvly..
    Your 6 episodes promise!! Yayyyyyyy????

    1. Taniasharma

      Thank u so much.. i have just submitted one out of 6 episodes.. hope u like that too

  5. Awsmmmmm deae…..waiting fr nxt….vat ll swayam do???

  6. Shaani

    Superb yaar…both of them cares for each other…precap…exited for it…

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