KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 25)

Episode starts with krishna thinking what to say and what not..
Suhani: beta don’t worry… just speak ur heart..
Krishna: mine and Saiyam,s first meeting wasn’t good.. i thought him as a bad person.. but gradually as i spent time with him i came to know…how. good he is.. he doesn’t show but he is a good person.. i didn’t realize when he came so close to me..that i started thinking i couldn’t live without him.. his importance cannot be defined.. because i think i don’t even exist without him.. i just don’t.. i.. just. I just luv him..that’s it
All get emotional hearing this..
Saiyam nd Suhani have tears in her eyes.. they could feel Krishna,s love from her words
Suhani prays that their jodi remains safe and happy always
Saiyam was feeling so much guilt for playing wid her feelings.. he wasn’t able to look at her..
The game continues but Saiyam quits and goes to his room

In his room he is crying bitterly.. he never let him cry.. but today he could not control..
Krishna comes and sees him
Krishna: Saiyam!! ..wha..what happened??
Saiyam tries to hide his tears
But couldn’t..
Krishna wiped her tears and hold his face..
Krishna: what happened just tell me
But he didn’t say anything.. he just looked in her eyes and then hugged her tight.. for a long time..they didn’t say anything.. just rested in eo arms..and Saiyam hadn’t felt so light before as he had that night..
Krishna: its ok Saiyam..if u don’t want to talk right now don’t talk but remember u r not alone.. i will never let u be alone..

Precap: dadi insults Krishna

Guyzz im so so so so so sorry for late updates.. really busy these days..
And i would not be able 2 post upto tommorow 9 so sorry..
But one promise.. i will submit at least 6 episodes tommorrow after 9 pm and they will be uploaded by 1 or 2 am i think
Im really sorry.. plzz understand..
And ya special thanks to
Rockstr.. and all those who regularly comment.. thank u it means a lot

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    I love you ff dear… and post whenever you like. We understand it takes a lot of time to write even one. So take your time

  3. Rockstr

    Its ok man…i luv ur ff to the core,u upload wen u hav time…we ll keep waiting…nd da episode was smazing..

  4. This is so good. And dont worry post whenever you can. ?

  5. Aarti32

    U’re so sweet dear!! U can call me Aaru..N d episode was too good..

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    Upload when u have time no problem… Btw…nice episode..?

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