KriYam – a unbreakable bond of love ( episode 15)


Saiyam : ok now finsh the ice cream quickly… then we’ll go to home
Krishna : home? !..Saiyam u forgot. We have to leave tomorrow for home, .
Saiyam : no krishna,,,, I meant my home… After leaving the orphanage…me and my friends live there…4 u us.. me ,baby., rahul and priya.. baby is in goa while priya and rahul abroad for a business deal..,
Krishna : u mean we will be alone in the house. ?
She begins to feel awkward about it…
Saiyam : ya,.. but if u want I will sleep in the hotel today.. no need to feel awkward
Krishna : no… ah im sorry saiyam…no need u can sleep in the house…
Saiyam : r u sure?
Krishna nods

Thy both then go to home…it was a flat with 2 bedrooms hall and kitchen..
Kriyam enter
Saiyam shows the house to her… and they come to a room
Krishna enters.. it was decorated with roses and candles all over…
Krishna : saiyam what is all this decoration..
Saiyam : u wanted to know why I brought u here… now u will know..
Krishna : what do you mean?
Saiyam : ( smiles and comes close).. do u know who u r for me??
Krishna remains silent as heart was thumping loudly..
Saiyam : I will tell u who u r
He kneels down on one knee..
Saiyam : ur the one for whom god sent me to this world… one u brought extreme happiness to me.. With whom I don’t realise my sorrows…. I just feel like im he luckiest one… Krishna…. I… I love u

Krishna was speechless… she wanted to hear those words.. and now when he has said that she couldn’t believe it
Krishna : what did you say?
Saiyam : I love you… I know it is weird… but I krishna I just love u .. I can’t say anything else.. I just luv u… I don’t know what u will say but I just said what I feel. ?.
He stands up..
Saiyam : so what do u think. ? Do u think im worth u..
Krishna hugs him…
Krishna : yes..!! I.. I love u 2
Saiyam hugs her back tightly

Precap : kriyam in rain… Saiyam hugs krishna from back

I think it is a short one.. but im a bit busy today.. I will try to upload 1 more…im sorry…
Plz keep on letting me know how is it

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  1. Awww this is so adorable ?????

  2. Aarti32

    Mere cheeks red ho rhe h!! Main blush kr lu?? D sweetest episode ever..Luvd it to d core

  3. Rockstr

    pls update asap…i really cant wait

  4. How romantic.please upload the next episode soooon.i cant wait……..

  5. Honeypriya

    Oh how cute…..

  6. Awwww romantic❤?

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