kriyam – u r my strength Episode 91

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Hi guys I’m here with the next episode hope guys will enjoy it.. Don’t forget to comment after reading n rate today’s episode out of…… Let me think…hmm.. 10.. So let’s start the episode…

Episode 91
It’s a fresh moring…Birla Mansion name board is shown which was on the outside of the house… Kriyam room is shown… Kriyam wedding photos on the dressing table is shown… Sayyam was sleeping on his bed… No one was there beside him… He slowly open his eyes becoz he was disturbed due to sun ray… He get up from the bed n see the other side of the bed n he walks away to washroom n open the shower n goes under it…
… On the other hand….
A backside of a girl is shown chopping something in the kitchen… She stopped chopping n goes towards the gas cooker…it revealed as Krishna.. She looked at the it n started to think… Her face doesn’t seems happy… The food is overcooked… Burning smell comes to a servant n she switched off the gas cooker…

Servant: Ma’am I’ll handle it… U go n rest..
Krishna: Nahi kaki Mein sambal loongi… I have made a list if u can plz bring them from the market
Servant: Ji..
Suhani comes to the kitchen
Suhani: Krishna…kushi utgaya hai kya? Whr is kushi’s milk…
Krishna: Bata nahi ma.. I’ll check her n come…
Suhani: Ji…
Krishna goes out of the kitchen n sayyam comes inside the kitchen…
Sayyam: Maa I’ll be little late to come today…
Suhani: Ok..fine.. Krishna Ko bi Bata doo…
Sayyam: Ok..

Krishna is shown behind the kitchen wall n hearing it n after that she goes towards kushi’s room…
Inside kushi’s room…
Kushi is doing reading a newspaper… She has a big baby bump now… She was wearing a shalwa… Krishna knock on the door…
Kushi: Andar aawo Krishna…
Krishna:(plant a smile on her face n goes inside the room) good morning bhabi… N gd mrng princess… How r u… Is mummy taking good care of u..(she bend n talk to kushi’s baby bump…
Kushi: Baby doesn’t have any complaint to chachi…
Krishna:(smiled) I came here to check whether u wake up or not..I’ll bring ur milk bhabi… About to go)

Kushi:(hold krishna’s hand..) Krishna… R u ok?.. Haven’t u forgiven?… Meri wajhase..
Krishna: Shhh… Kych nahi huwa bhabi… Kuch nahi.. Don’t blame urself…
Kushi: Lekin kyun tumne…
Krishna: Bhabi… Mein ne kaha Na… Achcha Wo baat chodiye.. I’ll bring ur breakfast also…
Krishna goes out of the room…
Krishna:(while going towards kitchen) how can I forget that moment bhabi… Wo ithni asaan nahi hai..
She came to kitchen…
Suhani: How is kushi Krishna?

Krishna: She is fine maa.. I’ll take her breakfast to her room..
Suhani comes towards Krishna: Beta thank u for taking care of Kushi… U always… Think about her n her baby… Aur..
Krishna: Maa… She is not a stranger to me.. Wo meri bhabi hai… I treat her as my own elder sister… I will always take care of her..don’t worry…
Sayyam come inside the kitchen to keep his mug… He saw Krishna…. He look towards her… Krishna also looked at sayyam… Suhani slowly moves out from the kitchen.. Krishna n sayyam is having an eyelock… But it was filled with loneliness… Krishna break the eyelock n arranged kushi’s breakfast tray..
Sayyam: (while washing the mug) woo… Krishna I will be late to come today… N I’ll eat from the office..

Krishna: Ok..( she take kushi’s breakfast tray n went out from the kitchen)
Sayyam kept the mug n look outside through the window… After few minutes he also went away from the kitchen…

Precap- sayyam is working on the office… He gets a call…” Mr. Nandan” name flashes on the screen…. Suhani is watching outside from a window… Yuvraaj comes.. Suhani: We have to let kushi move on… She can’t raise her child without father’s love…

So guys what do u think..? This is a simple question.. Plz do comment… Rate this episode…?

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  1. Aaravjaikar

    Huh luv itttt…. keep posting… rate….. 7/10

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..?

  2. Oh sayyam and krishna’s bond?plz bring yuvaan back and bring kriyaam back together?

    1. Shaani

      I can promise that I’ll bring him back n make kriyam relationship strong.. But it will take little time… Hope u don’t mind..

  3. Plz end this topic not good es story mai surf khushi ka hi hai show mai Jo chal raha hai usi hisab se likha karo dear yuvan Krishna ka dost hai bhai nahi Jo vo bhaiyya kahe khushi ko bhabi kuch love triangle lao serial ke hisab se plz don’t post next epi this topic other topic kriyam ke likhti ho kya benam rista updates amezing hai

    1. Shaani

      In my story yuvaan is not Krishna’s best frnds… Krishna is from another family background… She is not suhani’s daughter…. This story is totally different from the serial… Krishna n sayyam was in same college.. N they fellen in love n soo on.. So yuvaan is Krishna’s brother-in-law… I can’t make an any kind of a love triangle between yuvaan Krishna n sayyam … I’m soo sorry… Now I can’t turn my story… N there r some ppl who love yuvaan n kushi couple also.. My story is based on those 2 couples n sometimes I add yuvaani scenes also… I’m soo sorry….

  4. Its really nice and sad.. Cnt wait to know the reason behind the split.. I really like ur writing and a big bravo for carry on with so many episodes without even single moment of bore. Great writing.. Keep going.. Cheers

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Dr..? it means alot..? I will be revealing it in the next episode…I’m still working on it…. Thank u soo much for reading n commenting…?

  5. Aarti32

    Your story is just perfect..After all ffs r not mandatory to go according to d show’s track.. Dats y they’re called ffs..
    I think Kriyyam don’t sleep in one room as Krishna sleeps wid khushi.. Perhaps dats d reason of sadness..
    9 episodes to go for your century.. Yayyyy!!

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Aaru ? it means alot…. I’m still working on the next part.. I’ll finish it n submit soon…. Thank u soo much for reading n commenting everyday n thanks for loving my ff…

  6. day by day my interest is increasing in your ff , in fact u know in my schedule ur ff is only their not even any serials .i know in every family ,problems will be their if we overcome it then only we could get the real happiness .keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much rosy..? it means alot… Keep reading like this.. I won’t disappoint u…. I’ll give my best to this ff…I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be uploaded soon..

  7. so, sweet of u for answering each and everyone i just became a fan of u,after reading all of your ff i am having so much trust on u that u will not disappoint any one of your fan

    1. Shaani

      And I won’t let that trust break… Whenever I goes wrong plz make me wrong…. Thank u soo much for being with me..?

  8. Y Krishna Nd Sayyam R not talking wid each other….
    Too sad for Khushi ???

    1. Shaani

      U will get to know about it on next part Dr… I have submitted it n it was uploaded… ? thank for reading n commenting ?

  9. AnahitaAnnie

    Poor Khushi. But guess what a ff don’t always hv to be postive. Thats why we are seeing suspence and new track. And i am loving it becoz kriyam is together…. Am sure they will patch up. Till than lets read and enjoy what a wonderful writer like u has stored for us. Don’t worry u r doing great…… ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie… It means alot to me… Yeah.. One day they will patch up with each other… That too as a more stronger couple…. Keep reading.. Thankx for reading n commenting everyday…

  10. Nice episode…sad about kushi..? aur Krishna and sayyam…? what has happened to them… Koi baat nahi.. I know that they will be united soon… Love ur ff… Keep writing..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… Yeah I’ll unite them but not soo soon. .. Thank you so much for your love for my ff?,

  11. Kriyyam bond ko kya hua?? Is there any problem between them?? I am rating this ff 8/10 because u really showed their pain and lonliness…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ishaa… ??? u will get to know it in next episode

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