kriyam – u r my strength Episode 59

Episode 59
Krishna is shown watching outside through the car window…
Sayyam:(hold krishna’s hand) Krishna don’t u want to know what happen… Don’t u ask questions?
Krishna look at Sayyam n just smile..
Sayyam: Krishna plz mujhse baat karo naa…
Krishna:hum aagya hai sayyam…
Sayyam: Krishna…

But Krishna got down from the car..[note: sayyam’s house n the wedding hall is near]
Krishna n sayyam near the door step..suhani do the aarti..
Suhani: Krishna now plz kick the rice pot..[I don’t know how to use the proper words..sorry about that]
Krishna kick the rice pot slowly…everyone smiles…

Suhani: Kushi plz keep the sindoor water…
Kushi do as suhani said…Krishna keep her leg inside the taali.. Then she walk on a white cloth.. Then Krishna put her hand print on the wall… Then suhani said yuvaani to take Krishna to sayyam’s room..

Sayyam is always looking at Krishna who Is ignoring him.. He knows that she is ryt.. But sayyam want her to talk.. Yuvaani take Krishna to sayyam’s room…
After few minutes sayyam was going to his room but Kushi stop him..
Kushi: Devar ji.. Tum kaha jaariyoo… (whr r u going)
Sayyam: To my room.. Aur kaha..
Kushi:(pout) Aree aaj tumhari shaadi huwa.. Soo this is ur first night with Krishna ryt?.. I am not going to send u to ur room easily today?
Sayyam: Dekho bhabi… I don’t have gifts for u..i’m sorry but I’ll give u something tomorrow..pakka..
Kushi: Aree.. Ase kase..??..
Sayyam: Bhabi..

Kushi: Mujhe abi chahiye.. U have to give me something..varna.. Forget about ur suhagraat…
Sayyam: Wase bi bhabi… I won’t be able to enjoy my suhagraat today.. Kynki Krishna is still not looking at me even..
Kushi: Don’t worry.. She is just little tired n upset that’s it.. She will be fine soon.. She understand u n ur feelings.. Ab tum jaawo..
Sayyam:(while hugging kushi) Thank u bhabi.. Bhabi mere paas gift toh nahi hai..but I can give u this..(give his wallet)

Kushi: I don’t want this whole thing..(she just take a note from it) yeh kaafi hai… Becoz this is a tradition na.. Ab tum joowo.. Tell Krishna wht hppn… She will understand..
Sayyam: Ji bhabi… I know she will understand…
Sayyam goes towards his room… He hesitate to go inside..
Sayyam: Ab Mein kya Karoo.. Krishna is not talking to me also.. Will she get angry… Toh kya.. She has the right to get angry ryt? Come on Sayyam..
He goes inside n close the door n lock it.. Slowly Sayyam monitors the room whole room looks soo beautiful.. His eyes caught the bed.. He get shocked…
Sayyam: Krishna soo gayi.. ???
He goes near Krishna n sit near her
Sayyam: Krishna r u sleeping..

Krishna: No sayyam tell.. Without looking at him..
Sayyam:(he was surprized becoz Krishna talk) don’t u want to know wht happen…
Krishna: (Gets up..she is still in her bridal dress) I know sayyam u should have some kind of a reason to do so.. For few seconds I got scared sayyam.. I thought that u left me.. But then I remembered we promised each other that we will trust each other.. U promised me that u will never leave me… I knew tht u will come..(she was crying)
Sayyam hugged her… Shhh.. Krishna don’t cry.. I married u ryt.. Hum dono pati patni hai.. Don’t worry now Mein tumhe kuch nahi hone doogi..
Krishna is still hugging sayyam…

Krishna: Sayyam why didn’t u tell me early that u r going somewhere…
Sayyam:Actually Krishna…(he tells everything to Krishna) ……. Issiliye I couldn’t come on time.. I’m soo sorry Krishna… I know that I don’t deserve ur forgiveness.. I couldn’t fulfill ur dream of perfect marriage.. I’m so sorry..(sayyam gets up n goes near the window)
Krishna look at him with tearful eyes… She also get down from the bed n goes towards him..

Krishna hugged sayyam from backside.. She keep her head on his back…
Krishna: Don’t feel guilty sayyam… I’m really proud of u… U went for me na… U went to secure my project.. N u came on time na sayyam now don’t blame urself… As long as u r with me I’m happy… Plz if u r going somewhere hereafter tell me ok.. Everyone is worried about u.. I know that suhani maa is also not talking to u.. I’ll talk to her.. U tell her wht happen..i’m sure she will understand u…
Sayyam break the hug n turn towards Krishna n smile.. She hugged him..

Hi guys,
I think u guys are now satisfied..becoz Krishna forgive sayyam… R u all satisfied.. I know that I look little unnatural… But idk..
Guys I know that I’m little irregular these days…I’m sorry about that..
Guys I have seen an article in tellychakkar telling that yuvraaj is gonna die.. N I have seen pics yuvaan Krishna bhavna n sharad wearing full white… N they us another spoiler video showing that yuvraaj is vomiting blood n faint…
If yuvraaj is gonna die in ssel yuvaani fans will reduce watching ssel ryt ? … That is unfair for them… Then again trp will decrease na.. Idk whether it’s true or not but I wish it doesn’t happen…

Anyways these day we r getting small kriyam scenes ryt guys? I love that kheer scene whr Krishna hide n watch sayyam eating it… Their eyelock is also soo nice…
Guys comment ur ideas suggestions… I love u all .. Thank u soo much for ur support until now.. Thank u soo much.. I know that this part is short.. Sorry about that also frnds… Hope u understand..

C u guys in next episode.. Till bye bye..
With love

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  1. finally d kriyam are back..really enjoyed reading it..waiting fr nxt

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much saniyaa… I’ll try to upload soon I’m still in campus na..i’ll go home n write

  2. Syedul

    Nice I wanna c kriyam suhagrat

    1. Shaani

      We’ll see what will happen.. Thank u for reading .

  3. Yeah. Thanks for Kriyam forgiveness. Plz update ASAP.

    1. Shaani

      I’ll update soon Annie … I’m still in campus.. I’ll go hope n write.. Ok..

  4. Osum episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Himanshi

  5. Don’t worry dear….as always it is good…..hope to see some sweet romance……update soon…..

    1. Shaani

      Thankx alot Ridita….I’ll upload next part soon..

  6. Great episode
    A beautiful story by an awesome writer is always a treat for readers. Please try to continue soon.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much it means alot… I’ll upload next part soon..

  7. Friends
    I think that the baba has his evil glance on suhani and wants to get her. Therefore he might be the one who plotted against yuvraaj in order to get him out of the way.
    This was my opinion based on the actions of baba in the recent episode.

  8. A.Tejaswi

    Wanna say one thing.Apart from the ff,U r soo… kind.U r a kriyyam fan if my guess is right.U even thought about yuvani fans.I am very very impressed by ur kindness.Coming to this epi,it was awesome.U did a great job dear..Waiting for next epi…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. Yeah we must respect the old couple also ryt? Show started with yuvaani..
      Thankx for reading my ff… Hope u r ok with my story… I’ll upload next part soon..

    2. A.Tejaswi

      Ur story just okay..???It is awesome yaar…Thats y u r able to complete 50 episodes…

      1. Shaani

        Thank u..?

      2. A.Tejaswi

        Is it true that karshti have some issues..??

  9. Aarti32

    It was so sweet..Everything is sorted between Kriyyam..N I’m vry happy for dat

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. Yeah Aaru I thought not to drag it.. I’ll upload next part soon as possible..

  10. Swetha7

    awesome………you didn’t drag.when there are deep love and trust there is no space for usual we get only 1/3 minutes kriyam scenes.ans this baba is irritating.i think you have more fans than cv’s of treat kriyam fans more than cv’s of SSEL.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much dr… I also don’t know what this cv’s do .. I didn’t drag it.. I thought that it will be useless if I draged it.. I ended that track..
      Thankx for reading..n commenting

  11. Its was sooo cute.. it was osum.. plz upload da nxt part ASAP

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Prachika.. Glad u liked it.. I’ll try to upload next part ASAP… I’m still on the way to home..

  12. It’s really bad we also want to see yuvani?But ssel writer have gone mad?They need tutorial classes from you?it was so good shani?I’m now very satisfied?finally krishna and sayyam are married??

    1. Shaani

      Haha..?? if u liked it that’s good.. Glad u liked it Dr.. Yeah these cv’s r doing unfair with yuvaani fans..

  13. It was a good episode…its alright if u did not get tym to submit the ff …now finally she has forgiven him….Update ASAP 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u Dr.. Glad u liked it.. I’ll update next part ASAP..I’m still on the way to home..

  14. Thr rice pot is called kalash…

    1. Shaani

      Ohh thank u.. I tried hard to remember what is called in Hindi..but I couldn’t figure it out soo I ended up with rice pot.. Thank u isha..

  15. malhanyashvika

    the most awaited ff is this one
    keep writing ..ik u r busy ..but still the last and this one had a huge gap..sorry I m asking for regular updates even after knowing it’s difficult …but yeah whenever you post it is something really different
    much love ?????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…
      Yeah I’m.little busy that’s why I couldn’t post regularly..I’m soo sorry about that..

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