kriyam – u r my strength Episode 57

Episode 57

Lady1: Ab tak suhani ka beta nahi aagaya hai?..
Lady2: Haa look like their is some problem?
Lady1: May be he left the bride…
Lady3: Yes may be sayyam got bored from Krishna…
Lady2: Yes they bothe were in a relationship more than 1-2 years I think..
Lady1: Yeah.. Who knows whether she is pure or not…
Suhani n yuvraaj is shocked…
Suhani:(shout) bas Ki jiye.. Yeh kya hai.. U ppl don’t know wht exactly happen… Still u come to various assumptions n judge about a relationship…
Krishna comes forward…I’m really sorry for talking in the middle… Sayyam went for an agent work.. He will come soon..
Lady1: Did he inform anyone… Nahi na.. If suhani knew it… she would have tell it early but no even she didn’t know about it…
Lady2:and will be there any other important work more than his marriage….
Lady3:haa u r ryt?.. Did he think about u for any moment… Nahi na.. Bechari…
Lady1: I’m sure that .(couldn’t complete)
Chuup… Bil kul chup.. Ek shabd bi nahi… Just stop..
Kushi: Yuvaan calm down… These ladies only know to make rumours that’s all..
Maan: Don’t u have daughters in ur house.. If ur would be son in law this thing to ur daughter wht will ur daughter feel…
Yuvaani: Won’t u support ur daughter… Won’t u wait till he comes.. Won’t u let anyone insult ur daughter….
Krishna: He will definitely come… Plz wait for few minutes…
Lady1: If he didn’t come..
Krishna: He will come…(Krishna fell down/sit in the mandap) Wo saroor aawugi… He will come.. (Krishna keep chanting this continuously)

After sometimes….
Yuvaani kushi n Krishna’s frnds are with Krishna..trying to console her.. But no.. She still chanting the same words.. Saumya n suhani is also sitting in a chair n Both are crying pratima is consoling saumya n yuvraaj is consoling suhani..
Outside the house.
sharad is trying to call someone…
Bhavna: Sharad…
Sharad:bhavna sayyam is not answering his phn…
Yuvaan: Ab hum kya karoongi mausi…?
Fikar mat Ki jiye yeh shadi abi hoon gi.. Abi isi waqt..
Bhavna: Sayyyamm….(shout)
Sayyam is shown in formal wear.. He comes towards them..
Sayyam: I’m sor… (couldn’t complete)
Sharad: Sayyam jaldi andar chalo.. Tumhari shaadi hone Ki baat hum baat karoongi… Jaldi chal..
Yuvaan,sharad n bhavna bring sayyam inside..
Suhani saw him: Sayyam..(goes towards him)chataak… (suhani slap him)
Sayyam: Maa.. I can explain…(couldn’t complete)
Krishna come near sayyam n hugged him tightly…. She cry alot while hugging sayyam… Sayyam didn’t let her stop.. He knew that he did something that he should not do… After few moments sayyam break the hug..
Sayyam:Thank u for trusting me Krishna.. Chalo ab shaadi karoongi…
Krishna is silent… Sayyam hold Krishna’s hand n went towards mandap.. They both sit..
Sayyam: Pandit ji plz shaadi shuru Ki jiye..
Pandit ji:shukra hai till now muhurath didn’t passed..
Pandit ji starts saying mantra…
Sayyam look at Krishna… But Krishna didn’t look at him..she is looking at the fire..she looks pale becoz of continuous crying.. Sayyam feels guilty to see her princess like this..
Pandit ji: Plz exchange the Garlands ..
Sayyam put the garland around Krishna’s neck.. All this while she is looking down n Krishna do the something.. But still she didn’t met her eyes with sayyam…then again they sit for the other ritulas.. Sayyam always tried to look into Krishna’s eye but she avoid him…Krishna looking aimlessly… Sayyam felt extremely guilty for what he did… Then soon it was time for pheres…

Precap: What will happen in while pheres….

Hi guys how was it as per ur request I made sayyam’s entry… I hope now u guys will like it.. Guys I got less comment to the previous 2 parts na.. Yeah I know that I didn’t upload it regularly .. But plz don’t stop commenting.. After along time again I started to write becoz some ppl request to continue it… Give ur suggestions as always open to suggestions… I know that this part is a small part.. I’m soo sorry about it.. I’ll upload small small parts.. Becoz I have to get ready for the next exam also na.. I hope u’ll understand it..
Love u all
I’ll upload next part 2mrw…
C u soon…
God bless u
Take care guys..
With love,

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  1. Aarti32

    Oh God!! Finally Saiyyam is back..But where was he!! N more twists in pheras..No plzz

    1. Shaani

      Ok.. Let’s see… I’ll start typing next part… Hope u r not bored with the story…
      Thankx for commenting Aaru

      1. Aarti32

        No dear..I’m not bored..It jst dat I’m worried

    2. Shaani

      Don’t worry everything will be fine but it will take time.. It’s not a easy thing to Krishna… That’s why.. ? I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon..

  2. Zaiinu

    Happy….? Bcoz… Sayyam came back to complete kriyam…. But,, were was sayyam for so long nd what’s the matter….
    Thnx for upldng FF…

    1. Shaani

      Thank for reading n commenting Zaiinu… Let’s see in future episodes.. What has happen to him..

  3. i loved it…hez back..yooo..thanks shani

    1. Shaani

      No need to say thanks Dr…. I love to write for u guys… I’ll start typing next part..but it’ll also be a small part… Becoz i’m busy with a assignment

  4. Saiyyam is back ???

    1. Shaani

      Yeah.. Yeah.. He is back…

  5. Rockstr

    Wow!!im so glad u are back..i missed ur ff so much…i just read it now…loved it…pls dont delay the next update…

    1. Shaani

      I’m sorry for being late … Thanks for ur love… I’ll start typing next episode..

  6. Ha waited for episodes. I think now krishna ko manana itna Assange nahi. E idea use karlo.

    1. Shaani

      Exactly this is what I’m going to do.. Give more tashan ideas…. Thankx for reading n commenting..

  7. Nice chapter… but where was Saiyyam ?!? Can’t wait for the next update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Sammy… U will get to know it in future episodes may be..

  8. Omg precap?

    1. Shaani

      Is it soo scary… Heheii.. I’ll submit next part soon..

  9. Good ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..

  10. Thank u soo much for listening to our request. I agree with Aaru plz no more twists. Anyways, can’t wait gor the next part. So happy that you started to update again.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie.. Glad u liked my story… I have submitted another part… It’ll be uploaded soon I guess….
      I’m also happy that u guys haven’t forgotten me…
      Thankx for ur love…

  11. Superb episode shaani…Waiting for next episode.. Awesome work.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Ashu.. I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon…

    2. BTW what r u studying??Is ur real name shaani??

      1. Shaani

        My real name is Uththara…
        I’m doing an accounting n finance degree

  12. Thank god saiyyam came…we don’t want more twists…where was saiyyam???…glad to have u back shaani..plz update ASAP

    1. Shaani

      U will find about it in the next episode Dr… Yeah..yeah.. I know that u guys r Fed up with this twist.. So no more twist..i have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon..

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