kriyam – u r my strength Episode 56

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Episode 56
Suhani:(while knocking at the door) Sayyam… Let’s go… Pandit ji is calling u to the mandap…sayyam… Aree.. Sayyam Ko kya huwa.. Sayyam.. Sayyam.. Darvaza kolo sayyam.. Pandit ji calling u…hai bagawan… Why is this boy not opening the door.. (while trying to open the lock) aree… The door is locked..
Pratima: Yuvaraaj suhani abi tak nahi aaya…
Bhavna:I’ll go n have a look..
Sharad: I’ll also come..
Both bhavna n sharad goes upstairs… On the hand suhani was coming to take a spare key.. She took it n goes towards sayyam’s room..she met sharad n bhavna..
Bhavna: Suhani tum yah kyun?..[suhani y r u here?]
Sharad: Aur sayyam kaha hai?..[whr is sayyam]
Suhani: Sayyam is not opening the door bhavna..
Sharad n bhavna: Kya?..[wht?]
Sharad: Come let’s go n see…
They went towards sayyam’s room n open the door..
Suhani n bhavna: ..Sayyam.. Sayyam…
Bhavna: Sayyam yaha nahi hai..[sayyam is not here]

Sharad: I’ll check in the washroom..
He went towards washroom…
Suhani: Di..ab mujhe dar lagta hai di..[now I’m feeling scared]
Bhavna: Suhani..shant ho jawo…[suhani calm down..] (couldn’t complete)
Sharad:sayyam washroom me bi nahi hai..
Bhavna: May be he went to see Krishna.. We’ll go there n see….
Suhani: Ji ha bhavna is ryt.. Yeh ladka na.. Chalo.(yes bhavna is ryt..let’s go)
All went towards Krishna’s room… Suhani enter into the room while calling sayyam..
Suhani:Sayyam..(couldn’t see him)

Krishna:(get up) kya huwa suhank aunty? Tum pareshan kyun lagriyoo(why r u look worried?)
Yuvaani:ha mamma kya huwa? U came into the room while calling sayyam… Aur tum bilkul normal bi nahi hai…
Bhavna: Kuch nahi beta..wo..
Suhani:Wo ha.. We came to see whether our to be choti bahu ready or not?.. (walk towards Krishna) u look soo beautiful.. (turn towards Yuvaani) yuvaani..plz u come with us.. (Turn towards Krishna) tum yaha ruko.. I’ll come to take u ok..(kiss her forehead)
Krishna: Ji anuty(but she is not satisfied with suhani’s answer)
They come outside the room …
Yuvaani: Mamma..kya huwa??

Suhani: Shhh..(drag yuvaani near sayyam’s room) sayyam ghar me nahi hai..
Yuvani: Kya?..ase kase ho sakta..[wht how is that possible] He will be in his room I’ll go n see..
Suhani: Sayyam is not in his room even yuvaani… then we thought that he will be with Krishna..
Yuvaani: But sayyam didn’t come..
Sharad: Let’s call him..
Yuvaani: Sayyam’s phn is ringing.. I think he left the phn…
Suhani: Ab kya Karoo…
Yuvraaj,saumya n pratima comes inside the room

Yuvraaj: Sayyam kaha hai suhani?..
Suhani tell everything…
Yuvraaj: Wht the… How can he be soo irresponsible… I didn’t expect this type of thing from him… Today is his marriage… Kya sarorat thi.. If he is going somewhere he should have informed anyone na…
Someone enter into the room..
Sayyam saroor aaungi… He will come..
All turn towards the door..

Suhani: Krishna beta…
Krishna: (while crying) don’t worry aunty.. He will come.. He will not leave me alone in mandap.. He will come.. He will surely come..
Saumya: Krishna plz don’t cry… U r ryt beta he will come…
Suhani feels shame about wht his son did to this innocent girl.
Suhani:(in mind) sayyam kaha ho tum…plz come soon… Tumhari hone wali biwi yaha tumhari intzaar kryoo na.[whr r u sayyam ur to be wife is waiting for u].. Why did u left the house without telling anyone.. At least u should have told Krishna.. Whr r u going n y u r going..but no.. Plz send my son home safely..
Yuvraaj: Suhani we have to handle the guests.. Chalo..
Suhani n yuvraaj goes to downstairs….
Lady1: Ab tak suhani ka beta nahi aagaya hai?..

Lady2: Haa look like their is some problem?
Lady1: May be he left the bride…
Lady3: Yes may be sayyam got bored from Krishna…
Lady2: Yes they bothe were in a relationship more than 1-2 years I think..
Lady1: Yeah.. Who knows whether she is pure or not…
Suhani n yuvraaj is shocked…
Suhani:(shout) bas Ki jiye.. Yeh kya hai.. U ppl don’t know wht exactly happen… Still u come to various assumptions n judge about a relationship…
Krishna is behind suhani n yuvaraj… She is crying

Precap- what will be krishna’s decision… Will she leave sayyam n live alone…

Give ur opinion about this chapter…. Hope u liked it.. I’ll upload another part today itself… I love u all..

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  1. Ohhh?where the hell he has gone?poor krishna?Shani plz don’t separate them?

    1. Shaani

      Let’s see… U have to wait for the next part to figure it out.. I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon… Thankx for commenting Zani…?

  2. Poor krishna.. 🙁 where is saiyyam…plz update Asap….really wanna know what happened??

    1. Shaani

      I have submitted the next part isha.. It’ll be uploaded soon I guess… U have to read the next part to find out…
      Thankx for commenting isha…

  3. Swetha7

    oh no shaani.i have eagerly waiting for this happy moment.if sayyam doesn’t come it will give me a heart attack.i love your story…..a story needs twist and turns.but not on their can add any twist in your story but not in their marriage.pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase…………..

    1. Shaani

      Heheii.. Let’s. See wht happen .. I have submitted the next part.. Read it n see.. Sorry if I made the twist at the wrong time…
      Anyways.. Thanks for commenting..
      Sorry for being late..
      N I’m gald that u were waiting for my story…
      Thank u soo much.. ?

  4. Aarti32

    Where is Saiyyam!! Plzz don’t separate them shaanu..I was so eagerly waiting for their marriage..

    1. Shaani

      Yeah..whr is he na.. Can’t he wait for a one day..
      Aaru sorry if I added the twist on the wrong time.. I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon I guess… Read it itself n see wht happen to kriyam..

  5. Hi..Loved the episode a lot..WHR is saiyyam….I am a silent reader.Love ur ff loads.Pls update next episode soon…

    1. Shaani

      Hi Ashu…
      Thank u soo much for loving my fan ff Dr.. I’ll upload next part soon..
      Btw don’t be a silent reader now..
      Don’t forget to give ur ideas suggestions…

  6. The twist was really unexpected. Plz don’t seperate kriyam. Anyways can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Shaani

      Yeah… Someone is saying …. Expect the unexpected moments… How said that…ooo.. I think SSO from ishqbaaz…
      Btw… Thank ur reading n commenting… I’ll try to upload next part soon..

  7. Zaiinu

    So Sad….??
    Thnx for upldng Shaani

    1. Shaani

      Thank u for reading it also Dr.. If u have any suggestions n ideas plz share it… May be i can use them in my story na..

  8. thank you..itz really good..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Dr..

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