kriyam – u r my strength Episode 55

Episode 55
reflection of a girl is shown… She is smiling n trying to put her nose pin correctly… Then she apply kajol in her eyes… Her eyes are shining like stars… At last full figure is shown to us.. It is obviously krishna..She look soo pretty n happy… She smiled to the mirror..
Saumya enter into the room
Krishna:(get up) Maa….
Saumya: I never thought that u will grow up this fast.. Today my daughter is getting ready for her marriage..
Krishna:(blush a little)Maa…

Saumya: U look soo beautiful beta… Meri beti Ko Kisi Ki nazar na lage… (she is about to cry but control it,Krishna understand it n she hugged her)
Krishna: Maa plz don’t cry.. I can’t see u in tears.. I will come everyday to see u.. U will cook what I like to eat na..
Saumya: Ji bilkul…kyun nahi.. (she kissed Krishna’s forehead) I’ll go to downstairs n see the arrangements…
Someone enter into the room…

“she will not go anywhere.. She will stay with us only…”
Both saumya n Krishna look towards the door

Suhani: Y u both r looking at me like that huh?
Krishna: Suhani aunty.. But..
Suhani: Lekin wekin Kuch nahi.. She will not go anywhere leaving u after marriage..she will stay here.. Don’t worry….
Yuvaani: It’s sayyam’s orders… U have to obey for it
These 4 have a group hug…
Suhani: Saumya.. Let’s go to downstairs.. Yuvaani tum Krishna ki saat yaha ruko…
Yuvaani: Ji mumma…
Suhani n saumya left the room…
Yuvaani: Soo Krishna how do u feel now.. Huh..?.. U r going to be Mrs.Krishna Sayyam Birla…

Krishna: (blush)
Yuvaani: Are stop blushing Krishna… U don’t need any blush make up I think…look at urself Krishna… U look soo beautiful Dr… Sayyam will go forget the world around him if he see u like this…
Krishna: Yuvaani plz stop it na…

Yuvaani: Ok ok fine….
Krishna:(in mind) Sayyam aaj hum dono Ki shaadi hai… Mein bohot Kush Hu…aaj Ki baat hum dono pati patni hugi… I know u waited for this day since a long time.. Now we don’t need to wait anymore sayyam….
Guest at coming to the place where Krishna n sayyam suppose to get married… A beautiful mandap is shown pandit ji is already making arrangements… Yuvaan n kushi is busy with other arrangements… Yuvraaj is taking to some clients… All look happy..

After a while..
Pandit ji:plz bring the groom to mandap first…

Suhani: I’ll bring sayyam..
Suhani went towards sayyam’s room….
Suhani:(while knocking at the door) Sayyam… Let’s go… Pandit ji is calling u to the mandap…sayyam… Aree.. Sayyam Ko kya huwa.. Sayyam.. Sayyam.. Darvaza kolo sayyam.. Pandit ji calling.. Sayyam..

Precap- u guys can guess…

Hi guys, how r u all… I know that u all r angry with me for not updating the story.. I’m soo sorry about it guys… I’ll still didn’t finish my exam works.. But today I finished my one assignment.. That’s why I’m updating this small part… U can give suggestions I’ll upload another part 2mrw… Once again I’m soo sorry for being late n sorry for the short update…

I love u all n I missed u guys soo much.. U ppls comments.. Nnnya thankx for asking about my health n thanks for ur concern…
I love u all don’t forget to comment below..

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  1. Hi shaani. Missed u sooooo much. Plz don’t separate Kriyam. By the way how are ur exams going? Can’t wait for the next epi.

    1. Shaani

      Yeah.. I missed u guys too…about kriyam separation… I have to think about it.. Let’s see.. And my exams.. Is ok I finished my accounting was quite easy…I have another econ exam on Monday…
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      Thankx for loving my ff..n thanks for commenting..

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  4. Its alright ..I thought that u stopped writing the ff…thank god u didn’t stop…missed ur ffs alot…uodate ASAP.. 🙂

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      Yeah I was going to stop writing… But I got few msgz telling that I should continue it… So I started it again.. Sorry for being late… I have submitted the next part it’ll be upload soon.. Thanks for waiting isha.. I missed u too

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      I missed u too …. Thank u for waiting… I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon..

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