kriyam – u r my strength Episode 51

Episode 51
Engagement is over.. All Guests left Birla mansion…. Now only family members are left…
Sayyam: So madam now u r no more single.. Feeling bad?
Krishna: Bilkul nahi.. I have a man to torture.. Khaafi hai..
Both laughed n hugged each other..
After sometimes….
Sayyam:Maaa… I’ll drop Krishna n aunty to their house n come…m ii
Yuvvan: I’ll also come…
Sayyam ok..
Krishna sat in her room staring at the ring now adorning her ring finger in her left hand. As she stared at it with a smile on her face thinking about the events that had taken place hours ago,(engagement) Her phone rang.
Swara (picking it up) : Hi sayyam!
sayyam : Did you even look at the caller ID before you answer the call?
Krishna (smiling) : No… I just knew it was you…
Sayyam : I bet I know what you were doing.
Krishna : Accha? What was I doing?
sayyam : You……
Krishna : Haan bolo!
sayyam : You were looking at your ring and thinking about it na?
Krishna was so surprised she dropped the phone.
sayyam (concerned) : What was that? Are you alright Krishna?
Krishna(hastily picking up the phone) : Haan Sayyam Mujhe kuch nahi hua! Don’t worry. I only dropped the phone.
Sayyam(amused now) : Because I correctly guessed what you were doing?
Krishna: Nahi toh! Why would I admire the ring you gave me? Batao mujhe… I was thinking about tomorrow…
Sayyam: Liar! I know you Krishna And I know exactly what you were doing…
Krishna(softly) : You know me so well now, is it?
Sayyam: How could I not?

The air suddenly felt warm and Swara saw her cheeks turn pink.
Sayyam: Krishna! Krishna Lost in your own world are you? Only pagal people do that…
Krishna : sayyam I’m pagal now? Arre, How mean can you be?
Sayyam: Ok forget about it… Go to ur dressing table n open the 2nd drawer…
Krishna: Why is that?..
Sayyam: U just go n see…
Krishna: Ok wait.. (She goes their n open it.. There was a small gift ?)
Sayyam:yeh tumhari engagement gift hai…. Open it n see..
Krishna: Thank u sayyam… It’s soo beautiful… U have gift me a jewellery set before also na?
Sayyam: Krishna can u help me to get inside the room?
Krishna: How can I help u… U r in ur house..
Sayyam:I’m hanging in ur balcony…
Krishna:What??(run to the balcony n see) sayyam be careful..(she help him to get in)Pagal Ho gya hai kya?.. U idiot.. Don’t u know to come from the front door…that door is always open for u.. Don’t do those kind of stupid things.. What if u had fallen huh? U r not the superman or Spiderman na..
Sayyam couldn’t hear anymore so he pulled Krishna from her waist n kiss her soft lips.. Krishna was shocked… Sayyam break the kiss..
Sayyam: See Krishna I’m perfectly alright…just now I kissed u also.. Don’t worry… Kuch nahi huwa mujhe… But thanks for caring about me… (without waiting for Krishna sayyam went inside Krishna’s room n he lay on the bed)
Krishna get her sense n she went inside the room..
Krishna: What was that sayyam huh?.. I was talking to u something n u.. Sayyam suddenly get up n hold krishna’s hand n pulled her towards him… Krishna land up on sayyam’s chest… She was closing her eyes due to fear.. Sayyam was enjoying her expressions.. Krishna slowly open her eyes n give a unbelievable look.. Then both of them smiled… Sayyam tuk krishna’s hair behind her ear… Then Krishna keep her head on sayyam’s chest n she is listening to sayyam’s heartbeat…

Sayyam: This heart is beating only for u….
Krishna: (get up)how did u know that I was listening to your heartbeat
Sayyam: Just like that… Krishna where is that gift…
Krishna: O yeah.. I didn’t wear it n see also becoz of ur stupidity…
Sayyam:ok give it I’ll make u wear it…
Krishna give it to sayyam…it’s a simple necklace.. Pendent with a combination of K&S… Sayyam take Krishna in front of mirror n make her sit there.. Then sayyam Stand behind her for few minutes…
Krishna: Tum mujhe ase kyun dekriyoo…
Sayyam: Bas ase hi..
Then sayyam get on his knees behind Krishna n keep her hair to a side… Sayyam’s fingers touching Krishna’s neck.. Krishna close her eyes… Sayyam came more close to her n make her wear it… Then he kissed Krishna’s back side of the neck… Then sayyam stand up..
Sayyam:(while standing up) done.. Do u like it?..
Krishna:(slowly open her eyes n see) it’s very nice sayyam.. Thank u..
Sayyam: How many times will u say thank u…
Krishna smile..
Sayyam: I have to go now Krishna.. 2mrw is our sangeet ceremony remember?..
Krishna: Yeah.. How will I forget?..
Sayyam: Do u remember the dancing steps…
Sayyam: Don’t worry.. If u forget I’m there na.. We’ll manage…
Krishna: Gd nyt…
Sayyam: I guess it’s gd mrng…
Both of them laughed… Sayyam kissed Krishna’s forehead…u will be my wife after 4days… Count down begins… Take care…sayyam goes near balcony.. Krishna hold from his hand…
Sayyam: Look like u don’t want me to go…
Krishna hit sayyam…
Sayyam: Ouch.. Why the hell are u hitting me?
Krishna: Idiot.. U r doing the same mistake.. Let’s go out from the back door..
Sayyam: Ok meri maa…..
Krishna take sayyam out from the back door… Krishna wait till sayyam go.. Then she came inside in lock the door.. She went to her room n slept…

I know that this is a small part..this part is for the ppl who asked for a kriyam scene… I have lectures 2mrw for full day.. n I don’t think I will be able to update… But if I get a time I’ll upload sangeet function… Need suggestions… Song suggestions.. N if u have any ideas for kriyam scenes tell me… Silent readers… If u get a time plz comment…I know ppl r busy…if u get a time leave a comment below…
Hope u guys are happy with this pre-wedding track…
And I’ll tell my real name today… Hi everyone my real name is Uththara(uttara) Nice to meet u all… Hope to see u guys soon… Don’t forget to tell how was this episode…
From Ur ever loving frnd
Uththara aka Shaani…

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  1. Aww so cute. ?❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Sugarpop… Glad u liked it..

  2. hi dear.nice work and epic Episode.All the very best to u and nice name but what is the meaning of ur name. I want to knw. take care

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Asia… It means a lot… I don’t know the meaning of my name…. Ancient time There was a Buddhist female monk called uttara… That’s all I know….

      1. thanks dear

  3. Arshi123

    I’m also busy with exam,but still commented today.
    You r really very creative,I’ve become a fan of ur writings.
    Really excited for wedding,and I can’t say much about Hindi song.
    You can use on basis of what others wants.
    I can’t wait for Kriyam wedding,how beautifully u’ll write it,I’m eagerly waiting.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Arshi.. It means a lot… All the best for ur exams… Study well.. Yeah I can understand… U read them after u finish ur exam.. It’s ok.. Exams come first… Once again thank u soo much..

  4. Rockstr

    Heyy uttara,it was superb as usual…loved it..i dont gt time to ur ff is one of my favorites so i had to..keep writing..and cant wait..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Rckstr.. It means alot… I have submitted the next part.. Only kriyam scenes… It’s be uploaded within 3-4 hours… Enjoy that one also.. Once again thank u…

  5. Hi uttara wow wat a episode!! Beautiful as always..i cant think smnthng now bt as soon as i get it i will tell u

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Hrn… What happened to u last few days.. I didn’t notice u… Hope u r fine.. I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be uploaded within next 3-4 hours hopefully…
      Once again thank you…

  6. Superb.. the kriyam scene was soooo cute…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much prachika it means alot… I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be uploaded with in next 3-4 hours…

  7. Uttara!aww so cool name?and koi nahi yew must take your lectures first!If possible then post the episode?and epi was ?????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Zani.. And thanks for understanding me… I have submitted the next part a full kriyam scene… It’ll be uploaded with in next 3-4 hours…

  8. Awesome episode…. I like ur dialogues the most ……you are really creative…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Ridita.. It means alot… I have submitted the next part which contains only kriyam moments.. It’s be uploaded with in next 3-4 hours hopefully… Read n enjoy the next part also… Once again thank u soo much..

  9. I just realised that k & s stand for krishna and sayyam and for karan and srishti…LOL…haha…
    love your writing…update soon!!!

    1. Shaani

      Haha… It’s ok.. No problem.. Thank u soo much for loving my ff..

  10. Hii,shani u r adorable. Literally iam u r big fan of u. If u r d CV’s of ssel then we Will get all the kriyyam scènes. Kk gud ni8. If u have a time then plzzz update sangeeth ceromani

  11. Hey buddy… Oossmmm……. Lovd it…… Ur choice.. Madam

  12. congo..on 50 epi…loved all ur ff

  13. You are an amazing writer I would love to see more kriyam scenes but can add a exciting twist to the story plzz with leap maybe? Thx?

  14. Nnnya

    Hi shaani. glad to know your real name. lage haath main bhi apna naam bata deti hoon im naina. ive been a silent reader of youre ff. im quite obsessed. i know you read and comment on mine.. stay blessed and keep writing uttara dear..
    BTW congrats on reaching your half century

  15. Love your writing skills. Continue the good work. Thanks for daily updates.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… I’ll try to update as soon as possible..

  16. Nyc 1 keep rockng uththara

    1. Shaani

      Thank u suchi…

  17. Aarti32

    Hey dear..It was too sweet..I’ll become diabetic yaar?? just kidding..You’ve got a nice name..R u South Indian??
    U can use songs like Zaalima..Pehli Dafa..tukur tukur..N I’m getting more ideas..It always happens wid me..I’m always short of ideas when I need them d most

    1. Shaani

      Hahaha… Thank u yaar… No I’m from Sri Lanka… But my name sounds India ryt?…. Dil hai Hindustani…
      If u r getting ideas tell me….
      Thank u soo much for loving my story…

      1. Aarti32

        Yeah..Dil hai Hindustani ✊

  18. Cute episode shaani…so ur real name is uththara..

    1. Shaani

      Yeah… Thank u soo much isha…

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