kriyam – u r my strength Episode 47

Episode 47

Next mrng Krishna wake up first n sees sayyam sleep peacefully she is still in her red saree… She went to washroom n wash her face n go to make tea n lime juice… Mean while sayyam opened his eyes…slowly he tried to get up but hw feel dizzy… He look around n understood that he is not in his room… But he is in farmhouse..
Sayyam: Why am I here n why am I still in this clothes…
Suddenly he get the flashes how he went to with Krishna to the party.. How hw drink the juice n how he felt dizzy… How that waiter took him to the room n how karishma came inside the room… How she wrap her hand around his neck… Then he is not remember what happened next… Sayyam get confused…
Sayyam: What happen to Krishna.. Does she go home safely…let’s call her.. (to himself)
Krishna comes with a tray… She is also in the same saree .. Open hair n without any make up and jewellery…
Krishna: U don’t need to call me..i’m here only… Don’t worry.. First take this juice..
Sayyam: (shocked) Krishna u here.. Did I do something wrong.. Yesterday karishma…(couldn’t complete)
Krishna: Shhhh… Don’t talk much.. First drink this…I’ll tell everything after u drink this..
Sayyam drink it like a obedient child…
Sayyam: Now tell me…
Krishna told everything…

Sayyam is shocked… Krishna believe me.. I didn’t do anything… (couldn’t comple) Krishna pressd her soft lips with sayyam’s rough lips… Sayyam didn’t respond to it at first.. But Krishna didn’t left sayyam..slowly he melted n start to respond..sayyam hold Krishna from her waist n pulled her towards him.. Krishna clutched sayyam’s shirt… They continue their kiss… Without breaking it.. Sayyam make Krishna lay on the bed n came on the top of her.. Krishna brush her hand through sayyam’s hair… Then they broke the kiss due to lack of the oxygen…Krishna blushed alot…
Sayyam: Thank u Krishna..thank u soo much… Thank u for believing me…
Krishna: Don’t thank me sayyam.. I trust you always..n I love u soo much ..
Sayyam: I love u too…(sayyam again leans to kiss Krishna but they head a knocking sound on the door)
Krishna: (Pushed sayyam n went towards the door) gd mrng bhabi…
Kushi: Gd mrng Krishna.. Did sayyam wake up…
Krishna: Yes bhabi..come..

Krishna n kushi goes to the room sayyam was drinking his tea when they entered into the room..kushi gave some clothes to both of them n said to change n come…
Kushi: Krishna u change n come to the house… Sayyam u come also come… U come as u wake up early mrng n went to Krishna’s house n brought her… And Krishna.. I called ur mom n said that we r going shopping today…me.. U n yuvaani.. I’ll drop u to ur house… Today we r going shopping for sure.. That’s not a lie.. So get ready n come.. Ok..
Both agreed…kushi went out.. Krishna comes to the room again…
Sayyam:That meanz u r going shopping with them n I won’t be able spend time with u.. Very bad..
Krishna: If u want to spend time with me.. Then u have to come with Maan jiju n yuvaan bhaiya… (after telling this Krishna directly went to the washroom while smiling)
Sayyam: (he didn’t understand what she said) Krishna why should I bring Maan jiju n yuvaan bhaiya to spend some time with u… I want to spend time with u not with..( he understood wht she meant,and smiled) Krishna… I love u …thank u soo much for the idea.. U r very intelligent huh…
Sayyam called Maan n yuvaan…. They also agreed..

Precap- shopping masti…

[guys now yuvaan also coming closer to kushi… They both have confessed their feelings to each other.. They are also a happy couple

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  1. Aww so cute. Cant wait for the Precap ❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..

  2. And i have a request if you could please make the updates a bit more longer…. thanks ❤❤❤❤

    1. Shaani

      I’ll try… But sometimes I am making episodes like one incident in one episode… Like that… But I’ll try to make them longer… Is my episodes that much short.. I’m so sorry about that… I’ll try to make them longer..

  3. Harchi

    Nice episode.super

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much …

    2. Harchi

      Please upload 28th episode as soon as possible.

      1. Shaani

        Yeah I have submitted it’ll be uploaded soon hopefully… I’ll update till 50 th episode hopefully….

      2. Harchi

        I have a doubt shaani.If we write a episode and submit it then how much time it will take to upload in fan fiction.

    3. Shaani

      May be 1-2 hours.. Sometimes.. I don’t know the exact time.. I have submitted my 48th episode long time back but still it is not uploaded.. Now I have finished writing 49th episode also… I will submit it now.. I don’t know at what time it will be uploaded…

    4. Shaani

      Btw Harchi.. Ur story I mean kriyam ff is very Nice keep writing… Good job..
      Guys I suggest u guys to read Harchi’s story… Here is the 1st episode…

  4. Aarti32

    It was awesome..N romantic too.. Saiyyam to samajh gya but main nhi samjhi?

    1. If Yuvan and Maan will come for shopping then kriyam will get they can romance.

      1. Shaani

        @Hrichi … Thanks, for making Aaru understand it…

    2. Shaani

      Yeah…Hrichi is ryt? That what I wanted to say through the story…
      And Aaru I’m sorry I didn’t understand what u said.. Becoz I don’t understand Hindi a lot ne.. That’s why… Soo sorry..

      1. Aarti32

        No problem..But now I understood n made u understand..So in short all r understood..??
        What d hell did I mean??

  5. So sweet?I’m blushing after reading it??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. U guys wanted these type of things ryt?.. That’s why I wrote something like this…I was also blushing when typing…

  6. Good to hear thier relationship worked out I mean [yvaan&khushi]…cute scene..I was blushing when I read the epi…update ASAP.. 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u Isha… And yeah I have submitted next’ll be uploaded soon… I’ll update till 50th episode today…

  7. Wow. So cute. Can’t wait for the next part.

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