kriyam – u r my strength Episode 45

Episode 45
Sayyam went to pick Krishna.. Sayyam was waiting outside… He saw Krishna coming wearing a red saree but the border of is black and also a black jacket… She is looking very beautiful… Actually she looks hot in that outfit..sayyam is continuously looking at Krishna without blinking his eyes..
Krishna: Sayyam let’s go naa… We will be late..
Sayyam:very hot..”

Krishna: Kya?.. R u feeling hot.. Then get inside the n turn on the A/C
Sayyam:(slowly walk towards Krishna and hold her from her shoulders) u r looking hot…
Krishna: Kya?
Sayyam: U r looking hot n beautiful… When we r in party don’t think to leave my hand huh..
Krishna nod her head.. Then sayyam opened the door n make her sit.. Then sayyam drive to the venue… They went to the party n wished Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor n they start to talk…
And after few minutes… Host called all the couples to the dance flow..
Sayyam: May I have the honour to dance with u…

Krishna smiled and keep her Hand on sayyam’s hand.
Main vaari jaawan, main vaari jaawan Saathon ki hoya ae kasoor re Main vaari jaawan, main vaari jaawan Dil toh hoya majboor. Main vaari jaawan, main vaari jaawan
I sacrifice myself, (as in, in praise for someone, falling for one). now this offense has happened,. I sacrifice myself, my heart has become compelled.. I sacrifice myself..
[both were lost in each other!!sayyam hold Krishna from her waist. And Krishna hold sayyam by his shoulder they dance according to the tune.]

Chhoo liya tune lab se aankhon ko
Mannatein poori tumse hi
Tu mile jahaan, mera jahaan hai wahan
Raunakein saari tumse hi
Piya o re piya, piya re piya re piya

you touched the eyes with lips,
all (my) wishes are fulfilled with you only..
where you meet me, my world is there only,

all the radiance is from you only..
Beloved, O my beloved, beloved o beloved o beloved..
[Sayyam n Krishna lost in each others eyes.. Sayyam hold her more tightly from her bare waist…Krishna an feel his touch.. She closed her eyes for few moments..n opened it.. She saw sayyam us still looking at her eyes.. She blushed]
Inn dooriyon ne, nazdeekiyon se, sauda koi kar liya

jhuk ke nighaahon ne, dil se ishq ka vaada koi kar liya
(these distances have made some pact with the closeness,
the eyes, bowing down, made a promise of love..)
[then sayyam spin Krishna n pulled her towards him.. Krishna can feel his breath in her skin… She blushed..
Sayyam: Krishna if u blush this much I won’t be able to control myself huh..
Then again sayyam turn Krishna towards him]

Main vaari jaawan, main vaari jaawan
Saathon ki hoya ve kasoor re
Sau-sau taaron se, bhar ke yeh daaman
Le chal mujhe kahin door
(I sacrifice myself,

now this offense has happened,
with hundreds of stars, fill this lap,
take me away somewhere.)
Piya o re piya, piya re piya re piya
Piya re, re piya
Koi kami si thi jeene mein, jaana yeh humne kahan
Aise mile ho jaise hum pe ho meherbaan yeh khuda
Haan main vaari jaawan, main vaari jaawan
Saathon ki hoya ae kasoor re
Rab di marzi hai, apna milna
Barsa hai hum pe uska noor
Piya o re piya, piya re piya re piya

(there was something missing in life, when did we know that,
we met as if god is merciful to us..
I sacrifice myself,
now this offense has happened,
out meeting is God’s wish
On us, his divine light has rained..

Beloved, O my beloved, beloved o beloved o beloved.. )
[ sayyam n Krishna forget about the surrounding… They dance while lost in each other..sayyam leans towards Krishna to kiss her lips.. But they come to their sense..becoz of the clapping sound Krishna blushed..]

Then kriyam left the dance floor n went to a corner…Then Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor came towards them… n they start to talk… All this while sayyam is holding krishna’s hand..Mr.&Mrs. Kapoor observe this..
Mr.Kapoor(Anuj)- I must say sayyam she is very talented girl..
Mrs.Kapoor(parineeta): And she is looking soo beautiful…
Sayyam & Krishna look at each other n smiled.
Parineeta- Krishna can u come with me.. I need to know about some of my dresses.. Can u see n tell me will is be nice for me ..

Krishna: Yeah ma’am.. Sure..
Parineeta- Krishna… Dekho sayyam n Anuj talk to each other by their names.. U also call me parineeta..
Krishna- ok..
Parineeta- gentlemen plz excuse us…
Parineeta & Krishna went away… sayyam was looking at Krishna till she goes away.
Anuj- look like someone is in love..
Sayyam – I’m always in love..
Anuj- u love her ryt?
Sayyam- yeah.. I’m going to marry her after few days..
Anuj- really…how did ur love story it started from ur job environment or..
Meanwhile someone’s figure(backside) is shown.. It’s a female figure..she stop a waiter…

Sayyam – it’s a long first she was my frnd on campus.. But I fell for her..n I proposed her..she agreed n here we r going to get married after few days..
That girl give money to the waiter n he smirk n put it inside his pocket n nod his head…the that girl(the face is not shown) put something on the drink n point towards someone..(only finger is shown pointing towards sayyam)
Anuj- woow.. Nice.. Always be happy sayyam.. Excuse me sayyam…I’ll be back after few minutes.. I have to attend for few other guests also hopeyou understand
Sayyam-yeah..yeah.. Sure why not..

Then Anuj goes n then the waiter comes near sayyam n give the drink to him.. He takes it.. Then he looked for Krishna.. But she was not there.. Sayyam drink it… After few minutes he felt dizzy n hold his head…then that waiter comes n hold him..
Krishna come searching sayyam but she couldn’t find him..she looked worried.. Then she get a chit from a waiter.. She smiled…but the waiter smirk n went away…Krishna goes while looking at the chit.. She goes to the upstairs.. Then she enter into the roomroom and shocked to see the scenario…

Krishna-Ab Mein kya karu… Let’s call yuvaan bhaiya… Krishna call yuvaan n tell something
Yuvaan- kya.. Wait Mein abi aati hu…

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  1. Ohh that girl is surely karishma?hmm poor krishna?but shani plz make them marry on 14 February❤in your ff??it will be an Awwwww moment ???

    1. Shaani

      I have another plan on 14 Feb.. That’s why I have put the wedding on15 th Feb.. But I also think if they married on 14feb it will be nice..let’s see…

      1. Ok I’ll be eagerly waiting for 14th feb episode??

  2. Aarti32

    Amazinggg..Superb episode..N interesting precap..Twist!!??
    Btw 5 episodes to go!!

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…yeah.. Yeah.. 5 episodes to go.. Now I’m working on 48 th episode… Hopefully I can finish it with in 1 hour… I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to write about wedding @ 50 th episode… But after 50th episode.. I’ll give kriyam wedding…

  3. So good ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much…

  4. U always got a twist shaani….precap looks thrilling…..

    1. Shaani

      Heheii.. Thank u isha…

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