kriyam – u r my strength Episode 44

Episode 44

Sayyam get ready n come downstairs.. He sees Krishna n her mom also coming inside..Krishna takes blessings from elders.. She hug Yuvaani n kushi..
Sayyam: Krishna..(he is shocked to see Krishna n her mom)
Suhani: Ha sayyam I called them.. Today pandit ji is coming to match your kundalis..
Krishna: Sunahi aunty.. didn’t Sayyam know about this?
Suhani: Nahi beta.. He didn’t know about this..
Krishna:(in mind) I thought wrong na..if he knew about he definitely won’t forget it.. Krishna tum bi naa..
Sayyam:(in mind) soo she thought that I forgot about this…that’swhy she was silent all the way to home.. If I knew about this why will I forget this.. She should know about it na..I was the one who waited for answer… Now I won’t forgive her..
Suhani: Pandit ji will come soon.. Saumya Krishna plz come na.. Sit here..
Krishna: (in mind) now he will be angry with me.. What will I do now..Krishna.. Tume Kuch to karna para…
Krishna n saumya is sitting in one sofa and yuvraaj,
Pandit ji came…he asked the both kundalis..
Krishna take out her phn..n type a msg..
Krishna: What will we do if kundalis doesn’t match? (then she keep her phn a side n look at sayyam)

Sayyam: (get a msg n read it) baag karle shaadi karogi.(then sayyam keep the phn a side n look at Krishna)
Krishna read the msg n get shocked.. Sayyam smiled..
Pandit ji is still observing.. Now everyone is worried becoz pandit ji is taking so much time he is not telling anything.. But at last..
Pandit ji: I have never seen these type of kundalis…
Yuvraaj: Why wht happn pandit ji is there anything wrong..
Pandit ji:(smile) nahi..asa kuch bi nahi hai.. This couple is made my heaven.. They can’t be separated… Lekin..
Suhani: Lekin kya pandit ji..
Pandit ji: They have 2 face few troubles.. Not exactly troubles but but they have to face few life questions… If they both together solve it then everything will be fine..
All smiled… Everyone is happy..
Pratima: Pandit ji tell us good date for the engagement n marriage…
Pandit ji: After 4 days there is a very good date.. Keep the engagement after 4 day.. 15th February…
Suhani: Ji pandit ji.. Aur shaadi?
Pandit ji:4days after engagement that means….19th February…
Yuvraaj: Ji
Pandit ji: Then I’ll take my leave..

Both Krishna n sayyam took blessings from pandit ji..
Pandit ji: Hamesha Kush roho….
Yuvraaj n yuvaan went to drop pandit ji..
Suhani: Aree ab hame bohot sare kaam hai… Heina saumya?
Saumya: Ji ha .. Mein aaj bohot Kush Hu.. Thank u soo much to accept my daughter as she is…
Suhani: Saumya.. I’m very Lucky to have Krishna as my choti bahu..
Yuvraaj: Aur saumya ji don’t think that we r taking ur daughter as our bahu.. But we r taking her as our daughter..
Saumya n suhani hug each other… & yuvaani Krishna n kushi also have a group hug..
After few minutes Krishna search for sayyam but Krishna couldn’t find him.. She ask from everyone but no one knows whr is sayyam.. At last she went to terrace.. There is find sayyam sitting in a chair n reading the newspaper.. Krishna also sit near him but he didn’t care about it he continue to read the newspaper..
Krishna: Sayyam I looked for u everywhere…

Sayyam didn’t reply… she was soo happy that their kundalis matched.. N one of her biggest worry ended… But at the same time she felt sad becoz sayyam didn’t talk to her after pandit ji told the dates..
Krishna: Sayyam kuch toh bolo na..
Still sayyam is silent..then Krishna stand up n starts to go away…but she suddenly she felt that she was pulled…
Sayyam:(pulled Krishna,n she is now on sayyam’s lap) what will I say happiness has no boundary… After 8 days u will be mine forever…
Krishna smiled.. Achcha sayyam I have to go home.. I have to get ready for the party.. At what time will u come to pick me..
Sayyam: 6.30..
Krishna: Ok then I’ll leave bye..
Sayyam: Wait..I’ll drop u n maa…
Krishna: It’s ok sayyam we’ll manage..
Sayyam: Plz.. I’ll drop u both…chalo..
Sayyam drop them to their house..

Guys I know that their is nothing in this part.. I’m suffering from headache n I’m not even able to see the screen properly.. I was not in a mood to submit this part.. But I completed it.. So I thought to submit it… I’m sorry for the errors.. N I’m sorry if it is nit up to the mark.. But I’ll make sure that I won’t spoil the next part like this part.. C u guys 2mrw.. Gd nyt.. Tc.. Love u all

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  2. So nice???? Hope u feel better soon

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      Thank u soo much.. Yeah.. Now I’m feeling better… I have uploaded the next read n enjoy…

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      Thank u soo much for loving my story..n thank u soo much for caring about me.. I waited for a little time n then I though why shouldn’t I complete that part n submit… I couldn’t give more episodes due to my exam last week… That’s I’m feeling little better…

  4. This episode was good shaani..u should take care of ur self..we could have waited dr…take care.. 🙂

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