kriyam – u r my strength Episode 43

Episode 43

Krishna shocked to see the scenario happening with sayyam.. But she didn’t cared much.. after few minutes she remembers about the challenge
Flashback— (when sayyam flirt with some other sales girl..Krishna comes towards another sales girl)
Krishna: Excuse me… Can u do me a favour..
Girl: Yeah ma’am tell…
Krishna:it’s kind of a personal help.. That’s my husband.. He put up a challenge on me.. I need to win it soo can u help me..
Girl: Yeah sure ma’am I’ll help u… I can understand ur situation becoz I myself also go through these type of things..
Krishna say something to that girl.. They both smiled…
Krishna:Thank u soo much..

Flashback ended———-

Krishna is choosing some dresses n she is trying hard not to laugh aloud..Sayyam is shown with an uncomfortable faces… That girl is holding sayyam’s hand n flirting..
Krishna:(in mind) To be honest I’m feeling jealous but I have to control it na.. Krishna u have to win this challenge..
After few minutes sayyam comes towards Krishna..
Sayyam: Krishna didn’t u choose any dress yet.. If u r finish shall we goo..
Krishna: Kya sayyam.. U r the one who wanted to come with me n now u r in a hurry to leave..i’m not finished yet..(saying this Krishna went little far from sayyam)
Then again that girl comes near sayyam and started to talk which make sayyam irritated
Sayyam: Krishna…plz help me to get rid of this chipkali.. Plz na.. She is very irritating.. Dekho..plz do something naa..

Krishna: Why should I do that? Then u will think that I’m jealous… U get rid of her if u want.. But I won’t help u.. Let me do my work..
Sayyam:ok..ok.. U won the challenge.. I will do anything u say.. Plz mujhe bachawo..
Krishna:Kuch bi karogi.. Pakka..
Sayyam: Ji ha..pakka..hamere rishte Ki kasam
Krishna: Fine…. (to the sales girl,first Krishna wink her then said thank u to her with gesture,then turn towards sayyam) HUBBY I’m done with my shopping.. Shall we goo.
Sayyam: Yeah yeah.. Let’s go WIFEY…(with a wide smile)
Then they went to the counter n did the payments n came out..
Sayyam: Thank god..
Krishna: O holo.. Y r u thanking the god.. U should thank me..i’m the one who saved u huh…
Sayyam: Yeah .yeah.. Thank u Mata ji.. Wasebi Krishna wht do u want… Now u won the challenge.. What do u want..
Krishna: I’ll tell it when the time comes..
Sayyam: Ok..what are we going to do now..
Krishna: Sayyam how can u forget huh.. (with little upset face)
Sayyam: Kya Krishna…
Krishna: Mujhe ghar jaana hai…
Sayyam: Now.. We have time na..
Krishna: I said na.. I want to go home..
Sayyam: Ok ok let’s go..
Sayyam drop Krishna to her house.. She went inside the house without telling anything .. She just smiled..
Sayyam: What happen to this girl… What is bothering her this much?
Sayyam’s phn starts to ring..
Sayyam: Halo maa..
Suhani: Sayyam i want you to come home just now..
Sayyam: Just now ..kya huwa?. (with worried voice)
Suhani: Nothing like that..u just come home na..
Sayyam: Ok ok I’m coming now..
Suhani: Sayyam..
Sayyam: Ha maa boliye..(tell)
Suhani: It’s not argent thing soo drive safely.. Don’t be hurry..
Sayyam: Ok maa…
Sayyam went home.. Krishna went to her room.. She have a wash n come…then saumya comes to krishna’s room..
saumya : Krishna get ready we have to go now…
Krishna: Ha maa i know.. I’ll be ready n come u go..
Saumya: Ok.. Get ready quickly..
Krishna: (in mind) sayyam didn’t even know that today pandit ji will match our kundlis … How will he forget it.. I’m worried here.. But he doesn’t even remember it…
Krishna get ready n they leave for Birla mansion..

@ Birla mansion
Sayyam: Maaa I came home.. (he sees yuvaani) dii.. Tum yaha..
Suhani: Sayyam go n get ready quickly…
Sayyam: Why ma.. Today I have to go for a party also.. Me n Krishna have to go..
Suhani: It won’t take that much time.. U just go n get ready..i have kept ur suit on ur bed.. Wear that suit huh..
Sayyam: Lekin maa
Yuvraaj: Sayyam lekin vekin kuch nahi.. Just go n get ready quickly..
Sayyam went to his room.. (in mind) what happen to these ppl

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