kriyam – u r my strength Episode 42

Episode 42
@the office..
Sayyam is reading a file.. Krishna is standing near sayyam… Sayyam gets a call..
Sayyam: Halo..
Os: Halo is this Sayyam Birla?
Sayyam: Yes speaking..
Os: I’m Anuj kapoor.. Sayyam.. Hope u remember me..[ he was a client in sayyam’s company]
Sayyam: Oh yeah Mr. Kapoor.. How r u? After few days..

Kapoor:Sayyam no need to call me Mr. Kapoor.. Just call me Anuj…
Sayyam: Ok as u wish…
Kapoor: sayyam I called u to give an invitation for u…
Sayyam: Ohh…
Kapoor: Today is our anniversary… So me n my wife decided to organise a party…
Sayyam: Happy anniversary Anuj..

Kapoor: Thank u sayyam..u r invited to the party tonight… I’ll sms the address..and sayyam the girl who helped us in designing work.. Who is is…what is her name?
Sayyam: Krshna mathur
Kapoor: Yeah.. Krishna..Give her the invitation also.. My wife will be happy to see that girl..
Sayyam: Yeah sure… I’ll bring her also.. Ok see u at the party Anuj.. Thanks for the invitation…
Sayyam disconnect the call…

Krishna: What was that?
Sayyam: Mr. & Mrs Kapoor’s wedding anniversary invitation… Mrs. Kapoor likes to meet u.. U r also invited to the party to be Mrs. Sayyam Birla…(in husky voice)
Krishna: (blushed a little) Sayyam.. What will I wear today? Shall I go early ? I mean can u give me a half day leave?
Sayyam: Kya Krishna u r not a employee here…
Krishna: Yes I am Mr. Sayyam.. I have to go for a important work..To be honest I’m going to a party tonight with my to be husband.. So I have be ready… So I need a half day leave..

Sayyam: Ok permission granted..
Krishna: Thank u boss…
They laughed. Then @ lunch time Krishna was about go from her cabin but sayyam came inside..
Sayyam: Krishna let’s go..
Krishna: Kaha..
Sayyam: Shopping aur kaha..

Krishna: Sayyam u don’t need to come.. I’ll go alone.. U do ur work… I know that u r working on a special project.. Don’t stop ur work becoz of me..
Sayyam: Nahi Krishna I have done all my work… I also took a half day.. Happy now..
Krishna: Lekin…
Sayyam: Lekin wekin kuch nahi.. I will also come with u that’s it..
Krishna: Ok then let’s go..
Sayyam n Krishna is going to a shopping mall… They park their car at the car park n get down from the car.. They enter into the mall hand in hand..
Krishna: Sayyam is it ok if I wear a saree today?
Sayyam: Yeah.. No problem… Wasebi Krishna.. Do u know how to wear a saree… If u don’t I’ll make u wear it.
Krishna:(didn’t think much) it’s ok maa will help me to wear it…(suddenly) Ek minute…how do u know to(with fake shocked face) sayyam don’t tell me that… Don’t talk with me.. (Krishna goes away)
Sayyam walked to her sayyam: Aree Krishna I was just joking… U know about me naa..
Krishna: Yeah..yeah.. I will not get jealous for any reason…
Sayyam: Oh hoo… Really… Challenge..
Krishna: Challenge accepted..

Krishna goes inside a shop.. She is choosing a nice yet simple saree for herself…while our sayyam tries to make Krishna jealous.. Sayyam flirt with few sales girls but Krishna didn’t effected by any of it.. Sayyam came near Krishna
Krishna: Sayyam is this good.. I’m not able to choose one… There are soo many beautiful sarees..
Sayyam:(irritated)u choose…
Krishna: Look like someone is irritated..
Sayyam: I’m not irritated at all.. Who says that I am irritated..
Krishna:(turn towards sayyam) I didn’t say that you are irritated.. But you urself accepted it.. Good…

Then Krishna goes towards party dresses area.. One sales girl is also helping Krishna to select a nice dress..sayyam also followed Krishna..but he is cooking up something in mind
Krishna: This frock look nice na… I’ll this n see.. If this fits for me then I’ll wear this..
Sayyam:as u wish..(in uninterested voice )
Krishna wink at the sales girl n go towards the changing room…
Krishna change her dress n see.. She feels little uncomfortable with that dress soo she change it n came out… Then she went towards sayyam…she widen her eyes after seen the incident…

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  1. Pls.pls…update soon..cant wait

    1. Shaani

      Ok I had lectures today..i’m still on the way to my home.. I’ll complete it n upload today itself..

  2. Aarti32

    Interesting episode..N Krishna might hv seen Karishma wid Saiyyam..Dat Karishma is also a new problem na..

    1. Shaani

      Hahah… Let’s ee what will happen…

  3. Aarti32

    8 episodes to go dear..

  4. Amazing episode. Can’t wait for the next one and count down begins for a half century. Hope to see more and more. Just love ur ff.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much dear… I’ll upload next part soon..

  5. Cant wait for the precap. Upload asap ?

    1. Shaani

      I have uploaded next part..hope u will enjoy it..

  6. Hehehe ?nice one?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ..

  7. Poor saiyyam couldn’t win the challenge…wondering what happened???

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