kriyam – u r my strength Episode 41

Episode 41
Sayyam comes home and directly went tothe kitchen
Sayyam: Maa..
Suhani: Are sayyam.. When did u come?
Sayyam: Just now Maa..
Kushi: How was ur day devar ji..
Sayyam: It was good bhabi.. In fact super awesome….
He drink glass of water
Pratima: Look like sayyam is soo happy today.. Baat kya hai beta Hume bi batao na..(what is it.. Tell us also)
Sayyam keep the glass aside..
Sayyam: I’ll tell it at the dinner time ok.. I’ll go n have a wash….
Sayyam went to his room.. Then he take out his phn and call someone…
Sayyam: Halo jiju..
Maan: Ha.. Sayyam.. We r on the way to ur house…
Sayyam: O really I just call u to invite here.. Look like jiju read my mind huh…
Maan: Asa kuch nahi hai sayyam.. (nothing like that) We’ll come there in 20 minutes.. We r stuck in a traffic…
Sayyam: Ok jiju..come safely isn’t not a argent matter…
Maan: Ok bye..

Sayyam keep the phn aside and unbuttoned his shirt… His phns rings… He remove his shirt and take the phn n smile..
Sayyam: Look like someone is missing me..
Os: Kaha hoo tum?(whr r u?)
Sayyam: Aree.. Mein ghar main Hu.. Aur kaha?( I’m home whr will I go)
Os: Idiot why didn’t u told me.. Don’t u know that u have to put a msg after reaching home.. (disconnect the call)
Sayyam: Aree Krishna…halo.. Halo.. Krishna… Krishna… Look like she got angry.. Now how will I make her normal..
Sayyam keep the phn aside n went to take a wash.. After few minutes sayyam came out n he went down stairs.. He goes to watch tv.. Then yuvaan also come n sit with him..
Sayyam: Are bhaiya…
Yuvaan: Kase Tu yaar?..
Sayyam: Fine bhaiya..
Yuvaan sees kushi n call her.. Yuvaan: Kushiii..
Kushi: Ha yuvaan bolo.. Tum kuch chahiye?
Yuvaan: Nahi kushi.. Did yuvaani call u she didn’t visit us after 4 days..
Sayyam: Aree bhaiya.. Don’t worry she will come soon..

Then only they saw Maan n Yuvaani waiting at the door..
Yuvaani: Look like u r missing me yuvaan..
Both brothers go n hug their sister then they hug Maan.. Yuvaani went to the kitchen with kushi…
Yuvaani: Maa… Daadi..
Suhani: Yuvaani.. Tum akela aya Hu hai kya?
Yuvaani: No maa I came with Maan.. He is not letting me go alone after 6 o’clock…
Pratima: Look like he loves u alot…
Yuvaani: I don’t know about him daadi.. But I think I love him… He is soo caring character…
In kitchen ladies r talking gents are talking while they are watching tv..

At dinner table.. Suddenly Sayyam Stand up
Sayyam: Attention plz… Guys u have a make arrangements for a function.. Everyone is confused…
Suhani: Function?
Yuvaani: Kasi function sayyam
Sayyam:It’s like a funtion week…
Yuvraaj: Sayyam u r making us more confused…
Kushi: Are u getting any kind of a award?
Sayyam: No bhabi.. I’m not that successful business man..
Kushi: But one day u will be a big business man..
Suhani: Haa kushi is ryt? Sayyam can u tell me wht kind of a function..
Sayyam: Aree.. I’m telling u guys to get ready for my marriage..
Yuvaani: Sachchi… Thank god these two decided to get married…
Everyone was happy about this idea..
Suhani: I’ll call saumya n ask Krishna’s kundali…
Pratima: I’ll call pandit ji to come here 2mrw…
Yuvraaj: We have to do lots of arrangements..
Everyone went to their respective rooms after dinner n yuvaani n Maan also left for their house..
Sayyam was in his bed he is looking at his phn and smiling…he is looking at Krishn’s photo in his phn.. Sayyam then take a call..
Sayyam: Halo sweetheart..
Os: Halo..
Sayyam: Kya Krishna.. Are u still angry with me?
Krishna: Nahi sayyam asa nahi hai..
Sayyam:Then wht?

Krishna: Nothing.. Tum bolo..
Sayyam: I told my parents to get ready for my marriage… Dadi told that she will call pandit ji 2mrw and ask him to come..
Krishna: Oh.. That’s good
Sayyam: Krishna tell the truth why I feel like u r hiding something from me
Krishna: Mein ne kaha na sayyam.. There is nothing like that.. I’m fine..
Sayyam: Are u sure?
Krishna: Yeah.. We’ll see 2mrw at the office…
Sayyam: Ok gd nyt … tc .. If u need anything tell me ..
Krishna: Yeah sure I will..
Sayyam:(in mind) what happened to Krishna? She was not definitely fine? Her voice had some kind of a worry?
Krishna’s house..
Krishna:(in mind) why do I feel like this.. I’m feeling different… Like something going to happen.. Plz bagawan ji.. Make everything fine..

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..But worrying end..9 episodes to go

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Aaru…

  2. Some issues regarding karishma I think but those will last only some days na .so no need to worry.back to back episodes

    1. Shaani

      Yeah.. Kriyam are meant to be together.. So these kind of issues last only for few days..u r ryt…

  3. Swetha7

    yes 9 more to half century.

  4. Swetha7

    you can get Aarti’s help for wedding rituals.she is ready to help have 9 about 42 to 49 episodes will be wedding preparation and 50 episode will be on wedding and first can give us wow type blushing blushing kriyam moments………’s just my idea can proceed your story in your own way.i know whatever you write it will be awesome…….

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Swetha7… I’ll think about it..

  5. Swetha7

    your writing

  6. Hey…this is my first com. Actually I’m a silent reader but i’m such a big fan of SayIshna or I should say Kriyam . I love ur ff.I read ur evry epi .Actually I’m from Bangladesh .So… Pls gyz tell me if I’m WELCOME. Love u All

    1. Shaani

      Ohhh how sweet… Thank u SayIshna… Yeah..of course u r welcome thank u soo much for ur love … Thank u for coming forward n commenting…

    2. Hi saylshna. I was frm Bangladesh too. But now I live in UK. Frm which district r u ?

  7. Loving all your episodes. In sometime you will make an half century. Congrats for that. Hope that u continue upto a full century also coz just love your ff and always want to see U writing. I like people’s idea of making 50th episode as kriyam’s marriage. What’s ur thought about it ?

    1. Shaani

      I’ll try my best to give kriyam marriage in 50th episode… But I can’t promise.. If I only focus on it..i won’t get nice ideas.. That’s y.. But I’ll try my best.. Thanks for loving my ff..

  8. Hey…Annie I’m from Barisal

  9. You’re such a good writer

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Sammy

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