kriyam – u r my strength Episode 40

Episode 40
Krishna:(in threatening tone)Why are u here after soo many days… Actually so many years..Are u here to hurt him again…don’t u dare to hurt him again aur u will see my worst side.. Am I clear to u?
Sayyam was shocked to see this side of his lady love.. He is so proud of her.. Then sayyam pulled Krishna to him..
Sayyam: Let it be Krishna….
Krishna:(look at sayyam n smiled) do u want to talk to her?
Sayyam:(smiled back) I will come soon jaan (he kissed her lips making Krishna shocked but respond to it)
Krishna: Ok then I’m waiting for u come after finishing this work.. Krishna glare at karishma and went out..
After Krishna went out..
Sayyam: Did u see her… Do u know who she is? She is my life… She is the one I love… U know what karishma the feelings which I had for u is not love this connection between me n Krishna is the real love.. She is my true love… She trust me alot..not like u.. After u insult me i came here with my family I lost all my charm n I became a rude and arrogant person but then I met her..her innocent nature… Her simplicity,her care towards me and to my surprise she understood me very well.. I become a changed person.. She changed me to a better person..Slowly n gradually I started to fall for her… She make me believe in love… She gave me the strength.. She is my everything.. she is my life.. I never felt these feelings for u.. So all I wanted to say to u is that I am happily moved on from u n it would be better If u also do the same thing..Regarding ur forgiveness… Actually I have forgiven u the day I fell for Krishna.. Do u have anything to say?
Karishma: Ok good I have to go now.. Krishna is waiting for me..u spoiled my schedule.. But from that something good happened now I can spend time with Krishna.. the door is there (pointing towards the door) u can leave from here whenever u want…
After saying this sayyam went out of the room…
Karishma was shocked n sit on the floor n cry…
Karishma: I’m sorry sayyam..i’m really sorry… Any girl will misunderstood when see they see their bf with someone else.. Ur Krishna will also feel what I felt that day if she saw u with some other woman..

Screen shift to Krishna who is working on a designing activity..
Krishna: Err why am I not able to concentrate on this… Krishna stop thinking unwanted things…. Concentrate…
Again she started to work but someone came inside… Krishna didn’t raised her head but she recognize who is the person
Krishna:Hi Sayyam… Shall we go for the lunch.. I’m hungry..
Sayyam: How did u know that it was me who came inside.. U didn’t even raised ur head n looked..
Krishna:(then raised her head)Do u think That I am a fool who can’t even recognize u..( she stand up from her chair n came towards sayyam) shall we goo?
Sayyam hugged Krishna tightly…
Sayyam: Thank u Krishna… I love u soo much..
Krishna:(smiled) I love u too.. But sayyam I feel sad about her also..
Sayyam break the hug n hold Krishna from her waist & looked at Krishna with a surprised face..Krishna was wrapping her hand around sayyam’s neck…
Sayyam: Then shall I go to her..
Krishna:(while hitting his shoulder) don’t u dare to think about it even..
Sayyam:(smiled) u said u r hungry.. Let’s go n eat..I’m also hungry…
Krishna: Ok… U go out first then I’ll come after few minutes…
Sayyam:(with a pout) kya Krishna u r not allowing me to tell anyone that u r my gf.. My future wife… I can’t hide this anymore..
Krishna: Then marry me soon..
Sayyam:Sachchi… I thought that u need more time… Am I dreaming?
Krishna:( Pinch sayyam) michchi… U r not dreaming… Make me Mrs. Sayyam Krishna Birla…
Sayyam hugged her… Yeah Thank u.. I’ll tell everyone n make arrangements..
Krishna blushed… First let’s go n eat.. Tell the news after u went home..
Sayyam: Yeah..yeah.. Come soon I’m waiting… (sayyam leave the office he went to his car n start it n left from the office premises)
Then Krishna also went out from the office and walked a little n get into a car…
Krishna: Let’s go..(she turn towards driving seat) Sayyam was smiling..
Sayyam: Actually Krishna why did u asked time for marriage.. Honestly at the first moment when u said u need little time for the marriage.. I was soo shocked n scared.. But still I trust u n our love…

Krishna: I know sayyam.. I’m soo sorry… When u said let’s get married.. I was only 21.. I was soo scared to enter into a new responsibilities that soon… That’s why i asked more time from u… Becoz I wanted to learn the responsibilities of a wife n bahu..meri maa tumhari maa.. Yuvaani di… N kushi di helped me alot.. They taught me alot of things.. Now I think I’m ready for it…and I’m sorry for hurting u..
Sayyam: Krishna no need to say sorry I can understand… We came to the restaurant… Come let’s go inside..
Sayyam get down and run to krishna’s side to open the door for her.. Sayyam opened the door n forward his hand to Krishna.. She hold it.. Then they went inside n sit.. First sayyam make Krishna sit then he sit in front of her…
Krishna:Sayyam why did u brought me here today? We can eat at the canteen also na…
Sayyam: Actually I thought to take my soon to be wife for a lunch date..
Krishna: How sweet…
They order their lunch.. Waiter came kept the food n they started to enjoying the food…while having their meal..
Sayyam: Thank u jaan..(in husky voice)
Krishna:(surprised face) for what?
Sayyam:for coming into my life like an angel..
Krishna:(she understood why he is saying that) do u need to talk about it? (she asked with a concern n serious voice)
Sayyam: She said she spoked all that becoz she wanted to hurt me the way she was hurt.. She said that she didn’t mean anything.. But I least care about her now.. I have u in my life now.. I’m happy..

Krishna: I wonder if she hadn’t doubted u presently u would be living happily married to her..
Sayyam: I don’t think so..
Krishna: Why us that?
Sayyam:Looking at us I could easily figure out that we a made for each other only…if I’m not being hurt by her… Some other road would have been lead me to u…and trust me Krishna if that road is very dangerous n risky road still I will walk through it because it will lead to u.. U r my life… I love u..
Krishna:(had tears in her eyes) I love u too sayyam…
There finish their lunch and left for the office n after finishing their work they went to their respective houses..

So guys.. How was it.. I need a help from u guys… I don’t know about wedding rituals correctly… So I need someone to guide me in that matter

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..N Kriyyam marriage soon.. Yayyyyyyy!!
    U can ask me..I’m a Marwari girl plus a barjatyas fan?? so I know a lot about wedding rituals..But of Rajasthanis..I don’t know abt Bihari weddings..So if you’re gonna show a Bihari wedding, then I’m sorry dear, I can’t help u..

    1. Shaani

      I don’t know but I’ll follow this order..

      I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong?..
      Thank u soo much for loving my ff…

      1. Aarti32

        Ok, so it’s like.. Engagement..Sangeet..mehendi..Haldi.. Wedding..
        I seriously don’t care abt d order..I jst care abt d fun

  2. Swetha7

    yippee…….here comes the kriyam wedding……….

    1. Shaani


  3. Aarti32

    Countdown for your half century too begins..10 episodes to go

  4. Nyz ff u were written. I like it

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…

  5. Shani?yew are makin me crazy ❤

  6. Half century yar make wedding on 50th episode it will be good.

    1. Shaani

      I’ll try my best.. Thanks for reading n commenting…

  7. So good

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..

  8. Okay some of the common and imp. Indian Wedding rituals are haldi mehendi sangeet engagement (roka) and then the wedding.

    1. Shaani

      Oh thanks… I forgot about the haldi… Is this the correct order…

  9. Really sweet chapter

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Sammy

  10. Countdown starts for kriyyam wedding!!!Yaay …btw amazing epi shaani

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much isha…

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