kriyam – u r my strength Episode 39

Episode 39
Sayyam: Karishma (without disconnecting the call)
Then call ID is’s Krishna
On the other side..
Krishna: Karishma.. I have heard this name before… Who is she? Why sayyam’s voice was soo shocked?

Sayyam: Tumm..yyahaa? (stamers)
Karishma: Haa sayyam I was searching for u since long time… I asked from kvya also but she said that she also don’t know any news about u…
Suddenly Krishna remembers about karishma n she also get shocked…
Krishna was still hearing everything from the phn she walk towards the office while listening to the conversation…
Sayyam looked away..
Karishma: Dekho sayyam.. Plz listen to me…

Sayyam:Is there anything left for us to talk?(sayyam said I mockingly)
Karishma: I know that I have committed a sin by doubting our relationship… But plz listen to me once… (while holding sayyam’s hand)
But sayyam jerked her hand a stood to listen to her..

On the other Hand Krishna had tears in her eyes.. She entered into the office and went towards the interview area…
Sayyam is listeing to kariahma with cool attitude
Karishma: Sayyam I know I have hurt u alot.. I’m soo sorry for that day.. I didn’t meant any single thing..i just wanted to hurt u the way I hurt seeing u n kvya together… That’s all sayyam plz forgive me..
Sayyam: I don’t care u understand i don’t care ….

Krishna who was listening to this smiled with tearful eyes..she went toward to the ppl who came to the interview and told them that sir has a little problem to solve if they can wait… All agreed to krishna.. She told if it’ll make more time sir will inform n their interview will postpone fir 2mrw.. All agreed to it…
Sayyam: I still love u.. I know that I misunderstood u but I realised my mistake.. After u went I couldn’t love anyone sayyam becoz I realized that I always loved u..n I still love u sayyam.. Plz come back to my life.. I truly love u…
Sayyam: But I don’t love u… I’m happy with my life so plz just go away..
Krishna is outside the door…she wiped her tears and disconnected the call then she entered into the room… Both sayyam and karishma looked towards the door… Sayyam suddenly remembered that he didn’t disconnected the call he looked at the phn screen.. It was disconnected.. Sayyam was going to say something but couldn’t..
Krishna:(she first look at sayyam and then kariahma..then she start to talk with a calm voice)I’m sorry to disturb u both.. Hi I have met u before… Sayyam was shocked to here that they have met before.

Krishna:do u remember.. u said that u r late for the interview..
Karishma: Oh I’m sorry I couldn’t recognize u becoz u was in hurry..
Krishna:(towards sayyam) so sayyam..(coundn’t complete)
Sayyam: Krishna yeh hai Karishma.. My ex-gf… I hope u can remember.. Actually she thinks me as her bf but I didn’t even love her… U know that ryt ?So how could she become my ex-gf? Krishna nod her head… She then went towards karishma..
Krishna:(in threatening tone)Why are u here after soo many days… Actually so many years..Are u here to hurt him again…don’t u dare to hurt him again aur u will see my worst side.. Am I clear to u?
Sayyam was shocked to see this side of his lady love.. He is so proud of her.. Then sayyam pulled Krishna to him..
Sayyam: Let it be Krishna….

Krishna:(look at sayyam n smiled) do u want to talk to her?
Sayyam:(smiled back) I will come soon jaan (he kissed her lips making Krishna shocked but respond to it)
Krishna went out…

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    another good episode.waiting for the next one

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      Thank u soo much..i have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon

  3. Looking too good .episode is nice adding marriage of elders of swayyam. Now just make the kriyam scenes slow and feel good. That’s what hoping from u and waiting for it

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      Thank u soo much…i have submitted next’ll be uploaded soon..

  4. Aarti32

    Dis is called love!! When both claim their right over each other..Luvd d way how Krishna threatened Karishma

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  5. V nic episode loved it

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      Thank soo much Zani…. Heheii.. Thank u soo much… I have uploaded the next 2 episodes also…

  7. Yasss… loved it. Krishna and Saiyyam always stand up for each other. So good

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  8. Superb episode….I loved when krishna showed karishma her place….

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