kriyam – u r my strength Episode 38

Hi guys… How r u all? my one exam is over.. But another one is coming after 10 days.. Econ(Macroeconomics) exam..
In my previous episode i got only 2 comments na:( didn’t u guys liked the 2 years leap… Someone told me that before sayyam’s marriage his elder bro n sister should marry… yes i was thinking about it only but I didn’t got any idea how to do it.. Suddenly this leap idea popped up to my mind soo I wrote it like that.. Sorry if u didn’t like it but what to do now I can’t change that na.. Soo let’s go like this…. I’ll try to give another part today itself.. Soo keep reading.. And daily commenters thank u soo much…
Aarati, sugarpop,Zani Saleem,Isha,Shiza Arif thank u soo much for ur love…n thank u for commenting regularly.. And also Sri, Sree,Sammy,Annie,AFANFICWRITER, anika, Asma,swetha7,Sana,M.harshita n all other commenters(sorry if I missed any name) thank u sooo much .. I love u all.. Now my blah..blah.. Is enough ryt? So let’s start today’s episode…hope you will enjoy…
Oh.. I forgot one thing… U can imagine
Aryan pandit as Golu
Shreenu Parekh as kushi
Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan
Episode 38

Recap– 2 years leap.. Yuvaan is married to Kushi.. But still yuvaan n kushi don’t have love in their relationship.. It was a arranged marriage.. Yuvaani also married to Maan Malhotra a business man. This is also a arranged marriage.. Yuvaan n sayyam miss their sister n kushi n Krishna consoling them.
It has been a week after yuvaani’s marriage..everyone is spending light moments with each other.. And they don’t miss yuvaani’s after marriage becoz yuvaani n her husband Maan comes to Birla mantion most of the time.. Sometimes only yuvaani is coming becoz of Maan’s business work..
Yuvaan is working in the family business… All asked sayyam to join to the family business but Sayyam started a designing house after completion of his degree.. It is still middle scale business..Sayyam name the company as S&K company.. Krishna also competed her degree after 7 months of sayyam’s degree completion. Now Krishna is also working in sayyam’s company.. Krishna was sayyam’s strength when they started their designing house.. They started in small scale but now they have built it for middle scale with lots of struggle… All family member supported sayyam…
One fine day…
Krishna was in her office…An interview is going on.. A girl came running is shown… She comes to receptionist..
Girl: Excuse me.. I came here for the interview whr should I go?
Receptionist: Go to the 2 floor and turn to the left side you’ll see few people are waiting.. U can sit there n wait for ur turn… Elevator is there(pointing towards the elevator)
Girl: Thank u..

And again run towards the elevator.. But collide with someone
Girl: I’m soo sorry I’m late for the interview ( while picking up things which fallen)
Krishna: It’s ok u go for the interview.. Hurry up I’ll pick those things..
Girl: Thanks..(she runs away)
Krishna goes to the cafe near the office..
In cafe…
Krishna goes n sit near window then a girl came to her n sit with her.. She reveals to be swara..
Krishna: Hi swara
Swara: Hi..hi.. How is life going on…
Krishna: Nothing special yaar.. What about u?
Swara: Same her but I have to take an appointment to meet my childhood frnd.. She is very busy that she can’t even remember me.. (with a puppy face)
Krishna: Aree I’m so sorry yaar.. I had a project to complete.. I will not forget u easily… How is Sanskar ?
Swara: Fine not bad.. Sayyam is working alot… And I think u both are not even spending sometime together ryt? Tell sayyam to take a little rest..
Krishna: Yeah swara..He is soo stressed with these work.. I also feel very sad about it… But becoz of his contribution We brought this company to a higher level than before.. I will help him as I can
Swara: Whr is he today? Is he having a meeting?
Krishna: No.. today there is an Interview going on..
Swara: Ohh.. Ok..soo…(they continue their talk)
Screen is shifting towards office..
Lot’s of Girls are waiting for their turn..
Some are talking with eachother
Girl 1: U know I have heard Sayyam Birla is a very handsome boy…
Girl 2: Yeah I also heard I before… But is very charming n modern thinking person..
Girl1: Does he have any gf?

Girl 2: I don’t know about it.. There is no news about his personal life..
Girl1: Then I wish I can be his gf (in dreamy tone)
Girl(then one who collide with Krishna): (In mind) Sayyam Mein aa gya.. Now I’ll win ur heart sayyam..
A boy come out of a cabin and say Karishma singhania.. Plz come..
The girl who collide with Krishna gets up from her seat n goes toward the cabin..
Boy: Go n sit there sir is in a phn call..
Karishma: Ok thanks (she goes n sit there she can’t see his face becoz he is in his office chair n it is faced to the wall)
Sayyam is still in his phn… With the phn he turned and shocked to see the girl in front of him..
Sayyam: Karishma (without disconnecting the call)
Then call ID is’s Krishna
On the other side..
Krishna: Karishma.. I have heard this name before… Who is she? Why sayyam’s voice was soo shocked? Suddenly she remembers something n Krishna also get shocked…
Screen freeze with shocked kriyam n in the middle smiling karishma…

Karishma: Sayyam I still love u.. I know that I misunderstood u but I realised my mistake.. After u went I couldn’t love anyone sayyam becoz I realized that I always loved u..n I still love u sayyam.. Plz come back to my life..
Krishna is still holding her phn…
Sayyam’s shocked face is shown..

So guys how was it… U can imagine
Surbhi jyoti as karishma singhania
Or any suggestions…

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  1. Rockstr

    I love it man,pls update asap

    1. Shaani

      Thank u… Btw.. Whr were u last few days…

      1. Rockstr

        I was busy man,u knw na feb nd march is everybodys busy month…dats y i cudnt comment..i read all ur updates today…i lov ur ff…

    2. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… I have submitted the next’ll be uploaded soon..

  2. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..Kya dhamakedar twist h!! U’re superb dear

    1. Shaani

      Heheii.. Thank u soo much.. I’ll update the next part soon.. I’m working on It now..

  3. Wow nic twist in tale but it should not effect kriyams relation pls

    1. Shaani

      Thank u.. We’ll see what will happen.. I have submitted’ll be uploaded soon… U urself read n see what happened and tell me how was it..

  4. Pls update the next epi asap

  5. Swetha7

    shaani i think its time for Kriyam’s marriage…….are you planing a another misunderstanding like SSEL.still your ff is it……can we see some romantic moments of kriyam in your next episode?

    1. Shaani

      Ok u do u want kriyam marriage soon.. Ok then tell me the process I mean first their engagement then.. I don’t know the other rituals according to the order.. Thanks for loving my ff.. Thanks for reading n commenting.. I have submitted the next part it’ll be uploaded soon..

      1. Swetha7

        actually shani i am mot an i also don’t have a clear idea about Indian marriage rituals……but waiting for their marriage and first night,honeymoon.ect…amid karishma’s effort to take sayyam will be good to see karishma’s effort go in vain every time and kriyam love become more and more stronger.that’s why i told you to get them we can see this husband and wife love and trust each other……

    2. Shaani

      It’s ok.. Then let’s get sayyam n Krishna married… Heheii… I have submitted 2 more parts it’ll be uploaded soon.. Read them also..

  6. So good ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..?

  7. I agree with shwetha we would like to see more Kriyam scenes. But u can keep karishma too by showing that she wants to create hurdles at Kriyam marriage and can’t succeed. U can also show about kriyams previous friends helping in keeping karishma away from Kriyam. Anyways I always love ur writings. U r an fantastic writer and best of luck for ur exams.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. I thought to keep karishma as a negative character for one episode n make her a positive character… After reading ur idea.. I think I can make my story as per ur wish also.. Yeah.. I’ll keep that in my mind.. Thank u for the suggestion.. Thanks for loving my story.. Thank for the good luck msg.. ??

  8. Back of villan so sad don’t drag much wi th villan just show their bonding during tough times.

    1. Shaani

      I’m sorry Sri but karishma was a character in my story previously also in my main story karishma is also an important character… She was sayyam’s past.. So I’m sorry about it.. But I wish that u’ll enjoy the in future any villain will come to separate kriyam but they are meant together ryt.. I’m soo sorry about this villain scene… Thanks for reading my story..

      1. No sorry I just said it these days due to in series villain coming shatter of realations and leap after years ,Again uniteI fed up of these . So just told .I didn’t thought u will feel like this

  9. I love it plzzzz update the next episode soon.and Ha give any one person 2 the karishma ‘s charector because we Dont imagine her charecter

    1. Shaani

      I suggested surbi joyti as karishma but Ananya said that it’s not good soo imagine Farnaz Shetty as karishma…thank u soo much for loving my ff.. And thank for commenting n yeah I have uploaded 2 more parts.. Read them also.. Once again thank u…

  10. I don’t think Surbhi Jyoti will be good as Karishma
    I think Farnaz Shetty will be a better option

    1. Shaani

      Ok then let’s go with that option.. No problem.. I know only few ppl.. I’m not a indian na… That’s why.. Ok then ..let’s go with ur suggestion ,Farnaz shetty as karishma..?

  11. Oh shit!!Omg she’s back!!her ex-Gf?

  12. I am really sorry shaani I was so busy that I couldn’t even read or comment…today got sometime and I am reading every ffs..they r amazing keep writing….. 🙂

    1. Shaani

      It’s ok isha..i can understand… Thank u soo much for liking my ff… Thank u soo much..

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