kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 37)

Episode 37

It is a new day. Birla mansion is shown. It looks like some kind of a function is going on. But inside the house there were only few ppl was shown.. All of them r busy in decorations..
Sayyam: Maa… Were will I keep this?
Suhani: Sayyam plz give it to yuvaani.. She is in her room
Sayyam: Ji maa…
Yuvaan: Maa I checked the arrangements… Food is perfect.. And only few floral decorations are there to finish.. It will also be finished soon..
Suhani: Pakka na yuvaan… Sab kuch ready hai na?..
Yuvaan: Haa maa.. Sab kuch ready hai.
Suhani: Then u go quickly.. Get ready fast..(loudly) sayyam u also get ready..
Yuvaan goes to his room..
Suhani: Maa sab ready hai na…
Pratima: Haa suhani.. Kabrana mat.. Tum bi jadi ready ho jaawo..
Suhani: Ji maa.
Then yavraaj comes to suhani
Yuvraaj: Suhani u r still not ready.. When will u get ready huh? Go fast..
Suhani: Ji..ji.. Yuvraaj..

Sayyam’s room
In a phn call..
Sayyam: Yeah.. U have to handle them. This is only for one day.. Aaj mujhe koi meeting pe nahi jaa sakta.. U know the reason ryt? U handle for today.. Yeah yeah.. 2mrw I’m coming in the morning…
A lady comes to a room.. She is wearing sindoor n mangalsutra also.. Sayyam is in front of the mirror he sees her from the mirror n turn..
Sayyam: Kushi Bhabi.. Tum yaha..Do u need anything..
Kushi: Can I talk to u for few minutes?
Sayyam:Yes of course Bhabi

Kushi: Today u n yuvaan need to talk to yuvaani..she is very happy about this marriage but very upset to leave u all.. I’m also a girl na sayyam.. I also left my childhood house when I got married to yuvaan.. We girls are feeling little awkward when we go to their sasural.. Becoz it’s a new house new family,new responsibilities… In my family I was the only child I had only my parents to leave.. But yuvaani is soo close to u both.. Plz go n meet her before she goes to mandap.. Make her feel comfortable.. This is the time she wants ur both’s support.. I said this to yuvaan also.. And I know that yuvaani like him but yeh shaadi ek arranged marriage hai..not a love marriage…
Sayyam: Ji bhabi… I’ll go now.. With these work I forgot to talk to her also.. Thank u bhabi.. Wasebi u look soo cute n pretty… My brother will go flat after see u..( run out of the room)
Kushi: Pagal ladka..

Sayyam n yuvaan went to yuvaani’s room she is in front of the mirror..she sees both brothers and stand up n turn.. Both brothers n yuvaani are coming towards each other.. Yuvaani is having tears in her eyes.. They have a group hug… They talk a little bit.. Someone is watching everything through the window that was kushi..
Kushi:(she thinks) I know yuvaani how u feel now I was also in the same situation.. Meri aur yuvaan Ki shaadi be ek arranged marriage ta.. I wish u a happy life yuvaani.. Yuvaan abi bi meri saat kitse baat bi nahi karti hai.. But as ur bhabi I did my responsibility by sending yuvaan to ur room before ur marriage.. Yuvaan hamesha busy hoti hai.. Becoz of that yuvaan can’t even talk to u properly..
Then she slowly goes inside yuvaani’s room…
Kushi:guys baart aagaya hai.. Sayyam yuvaan u to go to downstairs.. I will bring yuvaani later..
Sayyam: Ji bhabi..
Kushi turn towards yuvaani but before she start to talk yuvaani started to talk
Yuvaani: I know kushi that u send these 2 to my room.. Thank u thank u soo much…I know that yuvaan and ur relationship is not going well
Kushi: Yuvaani asa kuch nahi hai.. He is very caring husband..
Yuvaani: But he don’t spend time with u.. U both married 2 years back but still yuvaan is only paying his attention to business n all… He doesn’t even care about u.. I’m really sorry about his this behaviour..
Kushi: It’s ok yuvaani.. It’s not a big problem.. I can understand.. And he is not that much bad husband.. I’m happy with him.. It will be fine after few years.. Don’t worry..
Yuvaani smiles…
Kushi: U r today entry to a new phrase of ur life. Start this with a happy face n peaceful mind… Don’t take tension.. Ab shall we go..
Yuvaani n kushi comes down…
All the wedding ritual are done…
Pandit ji: Ab tum dono pati patni hoo.. Take blessings from elders.

Yuvaani:(think) now my name is not Ms.Yuvaani yuvraaj Birla…i’m Mrs. Yuvaani Maan Malhotra..
Couple take blessings n leave the brila mansion..Before get into the car yuvaani turn n see his family n smile with tearful eyes.. Pratima,Suhaani,yuvraaj,yuvaan,kushi,sayyam aur Krishna was also looking at her with tearful eyes… Krishna n kushi comes n hugged Krishna. Becoz one girl has already experienced how it feels when leaving their childhood house n other girl(Krishna) know that she also had to face this moment in her life..and yuvaani was very dear one to Krishna.. Both of them having di – Behan relationship… Yuvaani left in the car.. She was crying badly.. But her husband console her…
Maan: Yuvaani plz don’t cry.. If u want u can come here everyday.. I don’t have any problem.. In fact that was my mom’s idea.. Soo that means my family also don’t have any problem ryt? Soo now smile.. We are frnds ryt? U can share anything with me…

Screen shift to Birla mansion.. Everyone is missing yuvaani..
Yuvaan is hugging yuvaani’s picture n kushi is consoling yuvaan
Sayyam also crying while hugging yuvaani’s picture.. Krishna is consoling him..
Krishna:(she is also crying) sayyam now stop crying.. 2mrw we’ll go n meet him ok..
Sayyam:(krishna is wiping his tears) Yeah . That’s a good idea

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