kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 36)

Episode 36
Recap—Swasan engagement… Sayyam’s anger.. Krishna peak sayyam’s lips n run away…
Swasan engagement is over… But still swara wants to meet sanskar…
Krishna: Swara normally this happens otherway round.. Sanskar should come to meet u but this… (couldn’t complete)
Swara:Exactly This story is different… Heroin will go to meet hero..
Krishna: O god swara… See the time.. It’s 1am plz sleep na.. I’m also feeling sleepy ? soo gd nyt (went to her bed)
Swara: Ok then u sleep I will goo..
Krishna: Areee swara u r soo stubborn yaar… Ok I’ll come let’s go… Ab Kush..?
Swara: Haa.. Bohot Kush…
Krishna: Dramabeeze.. chalo
They went out through the back door.. Swara n Krishna reach sanskar’s house… Both of them r inside the car..
Krishna: I’m telling u swara .. Tum hari hero will be sleeping.. Mark my word.. He will be dreamy about naughty things.
Swara: Swara I’m noticing u since few days u r becoming a naughty girl..
Krishna: Chup.. U concentrate on ur work… Now tell me how will u go inside.. ???
Swara: Krishna just be shut up for few seconds.. Let me think something.. ( think for few minutes) idea…
Krishna: What is that?
Swara: We’ll take a ladder n climb then we’ll jump from the balcony
Krishna: Ek minute “WE” why we.. Meine kaha na.. Mein nahi aaungi..( I will not come with u)
Swara: Plz u r my sweet Krishna na.. Plz come with me.. Wasebi u can meet sayyam also na.. Plz come with me..
Krishna:(she remembers the kiss) No.. No… I will not come inside the house.. No …
Swara try to convince Krishna.. But no use.. So swara gave up..
Swara: Achcha.. Then at least help me to climb the ladder…
Krishna: Ok..chalo..

They find a ladder n Krishna helped swara to climb up.. Then swara asked Krishna to hide the ladder n also to hide her… Swara was waiting till Krishna keep the ladder n hide.. Then swara goes to sanskar’s room.. The window was opened.. So swara went inside through that window.. She saw both sanskar n sayyam sleeping…
Swara:(in mind) Krishna was ryt.. This kumbakarana is useless..That meaz this fellow doesn’t even want to meet me After engagement.. Err…
Swara: (went near sanskar) I hate u sanskar…
Sanskar:(still sleeping) that’s good..
Swara:(shocked) kya?? I will not leave him..
Sanskar:(still sleeping) But I will
Now swara is soo much irritated so swara hit sanskar..sanskar wake up and shout…Booth…booth..swara shut his mouth…
Swara: Oye chup kar..I’m swara..
Then sayyam also get up due to sanskar’s voice..
Sayyam:(in sleepy voice ?) kya huwa sanskar..plz sleep yaar..
Then swara climb the bed n hit sayyam.
Sayyam: Ouch…(sees swara) tum yaha..(u here) wht r u doing here @this time?
Swara: Tum hari maharani is waiting for u near the gate… Get up n goo… Sayyam: Who??? I don’t know anyone from that name..u r mistaken..
Swara: Errr… Idiot Krishna is waiting for u near the gate…
Sayyam:(shocked) kya?.. Seriously?

Swara: Don’t forget to go from the back just gooo …
Sayyam went out from the back door.. While he was going he remembered about krishna’s sudden kiss.. Sayyam went towards the gate n he saw Krishna behind a tree n he smiled… Krishna’s back is facing to sayyam… Sayyam slowly goes towards Krishna then shut her mouth… Krishna struggled to shout..
Sayyam:Krishna don’t scream it’s me sayyam
Krishna is shocked.. Then sayyam take his hand away from Krishna’s mouth.. Krishna get the flashes for the kiss and the she closed her eyes n turn..
Krishna: TTummm….yahaa kyunnn.. aaya?
Sayyam:( While putting his hand into his pijama pockets) kyun?.. Can’t I come here? Aur I have a work to complete.. Sayyam take few steps towards Krishna
Krishna: So u go n complete ur work.. Y will u waste time here?(while she is taking steps back)
Sayyam: Achcha.. But that incomplete work is related to u…
Krishna:(silent) woo..( she hits with the wall Krishna tried to go from right side but sayyam keep his hand..then she tried to escape from left side.. sayyam keeps his hand to that side also)
Sayyam: U have to face me now Krishna…no matter what I won’t let u go away.. So u better be quiet n cooperate with me..
Krishna: Y will I do that..sayyam plz mujhe jaane doo naa..(sayyam plz let me go)..
Sayyam: Nothing will work now Krishna…

with that sayyam pressed his lips against krishna’s.. She was shocked..she was widely opened her eyes…but slowly she was melting so she closed her eyes.. Sayyam didn’t break the kiss.. Krishna the slowly move her hands n keep them on sayyam’s shoulder then she slowly wrap her hands around sayyam’s neck.. It was a long passionate kiss.. Then they break their kiss due to lacking of oxygen…
Krishna was red like a tomato… Sayyam smiled seeing Krishna’s shyness… Krishna hide her face in sayyam’s chest.. They hugged each other.
Sayyam: I love u Krishna… I love u with all my heart..u made my life a beautiful n meaningful life.. Thank u Krishna..
Krishna: I love u too sayyam.. Always stay with me… Tum hare bina Krishna adura hai..(without u Krishna is nothing)
They hugged each other tightly…

Hi guys thanks for all ur comments to the previous episode.. Guys 2mrw is my exam…pewhh… I studied but god know what will happen 2mrw… Wrote this part for a change… I don’t know whether this part is up to mark.. Enjoy… N don’t forget to leave a comment… Ur comment is my energy booster…
Gd nyt Guys .. C u ltr…

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  1. Done with this part also yar try to set swayyam family elders should get marry before sayyam na. Bye

    1. Shaani

      Yeah… That’s what I’m delaying kriyam wedding… I want someone for yuvaani’s character… A nice person who can understand yuvaani..

  2. Best of luck for the exams❤and episode was just??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. I did the exam today… It was not soo difficult.. But some questions were there which r difficult.. Anyways thanks for reading.. Glad u liked it…

  3. Swetha7

    hi shaani.i am blushing to the sense and creativity is batter than ssel give us exactly what w e want.forget about the kiss.if the romantic scenes in your ff shows in SSEl what will happen to TRP?????? it will mountain up to the first.

    1. Shaani

      Heheii . .. Thanks for reading Dr.. Yeah.. If there was kriyam romantic moments trp will be increased.. I hope to see more kriyam romantic moments in SSEL show..

  4. This is so good. And good luck for your exam ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so Much… Exam was quite ok.. But there was few difficult questions…

  5. Aarti32

    Episode was jst too romantic..N all the best for your xams..It wasn’t upto d mark but was way too above d mark..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u drlng..I was also blushing when I write this..

  6. All the best for tomorrow…awesome update,..keep it up!!!

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…

  7. The episode is simply super.All The Best for your exam???

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..

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