kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 35)

Episode 35
One fine day Krishna’s house is shown..she is mopping the floor.. And someone ring the door bell
Krishna: Who is there…(while walking towards door)
Person:Does Ms. Krishna Mathur lives here …

Krishna: Ji that’s me..
Person:Ma’am there is a letter for u…
Krishna: Letter?… ? (while taking the latter)
Person: Ma’am pls sign here…

Krishna:ji( she sign it)
That person leave… Saumya comes to Krishna…
Saumya: Kon hai Krishna..

Krishna: Maa.. Mere liye eka letter aaya…
Saumya: From whom Krishna?
Krishna: Don’t know maa.. Let me check… (Krishna open it…it’s a card… She turn the card.. “Engagement invitation” was written in the front) it’s a engagement invitation maa…(she opened it and read it…she was shocked)
Saumya:( After looking at Krishna’s shocked face) kya huwa Krishna…whose engagement is that?
Krishna: Maa swara… Swara n sanskar’s engagement… There are getting engaged maa.. That too after 2 days…

Saumya: Waahh… That’s a very good news… U have to go there ryt.. She is ur childhood frnd u go there as soon as possible..
Krishna: This girl didn’t even bother to tell me about this earlier…
Then Krishna gets a call… It’s from sayyam..
Krishna: Ha sayyam
Sayyam: Krishna… Sanskar n swara’s engagement hone wali hai.. Did u know about it before..
Krishna: Nahi sayyam…mujhe bi abi abi Bata chala..(I also got to know about it just now)
Sayyam: I decided to go to sanskar’s place…

Krishna: Yes I’m also going to swara’s place…
They went to their respective frnds house n their conversation was same..
Krishna/sayyam: Swara/sanskar… U didn’t even told ur frnd that u r getting engaged to sanskar/swara
Swara: It’s a surprise yaar…

Sanskar: If I told it earlier how will it be a surprise…
Krishna/sayyam: What the hell… Surprise… U r telling this before 2days.. How mean yaar.. Am I nothing to u..(both Krishna n sayyam make a pout) [sayyam is in sanskar’s house n Krishna is in swara’s house hope u guys can understand… Both of them are in two different house but asking the same thing from their frnd]
Swara/sanskar: Ab tume mujhe congratulate nahi karoogi hai kya? (Now won’t u congratulate me)
Krishna/sayyam: Congratulations sweetheart(to swara)/ buddy(to sanskar)
swara/sanskar: Thank u…tum mujhe ase kyun dekriyoo..
Krishna n sayyam hugged their respective frnd…

Sayyam/ Krishna: I have to wish Swara/sanskar also.. Give me few minutes…
Swara n sanskar: Ji
Krishna is calling sanskar…
Sanskar: Ha Krishna bolo..
Krishna: Congratulations sanskar.. (they talk with eachother for a while..)
Krishna: Ok sanskar.. C u at the engagement ceremony
Sayyam calls swara

Sayyma: Congratulations swara.. (they talk with eachother for a while..)
Sayyam: Ok swara c u at the engagement ceremony…
Krishna n sayyam both help their frnds in the engagement ceremony… Finally the day comes… Sanskar n his family including sayyam came to the swara’s house… Sanskar n sayyam is looking here n there… Their eyes are searching for their respective partner..

Sanskar is very impatient to see swara in engagement lehenga. Sayyam saw 2 girls coming down in the stairs..Sayyam his sanskar with with his elbow n point the girls with eyes… Both the boys were mesmerized… Their mouths were opened… Swara n Krishna saw them.. Krishna make swara stand next to sanskar… And Krishna stand next to swara… Sayyam told Krishna that she is looking soo beautiful(in sign language)Krishna(blush a little) says thank u.. U also look handsome in this shirwani… Sayyam told Krishna to come n stand next to her…but she denied… The engagement ceremony started.. Swara n sanskar exchange their rings.. Our Krishna n sayyam imagine themselves in the situation… They look at each other n talk in Heart..

Sayyam: Krishna i also want u to be mine forever..
Krishna: Haa sayyam I also want to wear the ring to ur finger…
Engagement get over now it’s party time…. Everyone is enjoying the function.. Sayyam n Krishna dance for their frnds…
Then sayyam was talking with someone he sees Krishna n he sees something else also he excused himself .. Then he stand behind a pillar n call Krishna to come
Sayyam: Krishna…(wave his hand to krishna..)
Krishna:(saw sayyam waving someone she looked back to confirm whether he is waving for her or someone else..then again she looked at sayyam)
Then sayyam point towards Krishna n nodes his head… Krishna as why through her eyes.. Sayyam aske her to but she denied.. Then sayyam do some weird signs which Krishna couldn’t understand… She again denied and went away to check the arrangements…sayyam also left the place angrily..

Then Krishna walks near a room in upstairs.. She feels that someone is following her soo she stopped and looked back but no one was there..the suddenly Someone shut a mouth n pulled her into a room.. She struggle alot to save herself but that person was holding her last Krishna bite his hand…
Person: Ouch… Err…
Krishna: Sayyam… Omg..i’m so sorry.. I didn’t know that u r sayyam…
Sayyam: Krishna don’t u have any sense.. ?
Krishna:(in dim light Krishnasaw sayyam’s angery face) Kya?.. Why r u soo angry sayyam..
Sayyam: when I called u u denied to come.. Kyun?..

Krishna: Ok I’m sorry why r u getting soo angry about this simple matter…
Sayyam: Simple… The everytime I call u denied u to.. Are u ashamed to stand with me.. And I’m calling u not to romance everytime.. Don’t u understand sometimes I call u with a serious face to tell u something Important ..but YOU.. No never trying to understand me… Merliye har baat romance Ki baat nahi hai.. Shy don’t u understand it…
Krishna: (she has tears in her eyes becoz for the first time sayyma scold her) I’m sorry.. What do u want to say..
Sayyam:( still upset n angry) (sayyma turned Krishna and pinned her to the wall)
Krishna: Sayyam tum yeh kya karyun? (Sayyam what are u doing?) it hurts me.
Sayyam: Achcha.. (then sayyam tie krishna’s open dori tightly) those ppl were badmouthing n u r on ur own world

Then only Krishna realise about her dori..
Sayyam:(he turned Krishna again to the front and open her hair and cover her back) now go wherever u want..(he turned to leave but stopped)
Krishna:(she hold sayyam’s hand) sayyam thank u… And sorry…
Sayyam: It’s ok now goo..
Krishna goes away but again came running into sayyam and peaked sayyam’s lips and ran away leaving sayyam shocked …
Sayyam: What was that…pagal ladki..

Screen freeze with sayyam’s n krishna’s happy faces. .
Hi guys.. How r u all… Guys why soo less comments to the previous part.. Actually it’s only one comment was there .. I checked at 8.45am today.. There was only 1 comment… If u guys want I can finish this story… I know i write always kriyam happy moments n all.. I have not even included villain these days.. If u guys want I can include baby coming to take revenge.. It’s u guys choice…

I’m at least try to write n upload one episode per day with my exam work.. I’m sorry about the above description.. Enjoy this episode…as always suggestions are mostly welcome… Bye..bye guys.. C u ltr

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    Sorry my internet wasnt working yesterday and i am in the middle of exams. But this was such a sweet episode, i actually really liked angry sayyam. It showed how much he valued her dignity. The entire thing was so sweet and romantic, i loved it. Please dont stop, its an amazing story. X

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