kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 34)

Episode 34
Recap: Golu’s entry.. Party time.. Krishna was drunk n sayyam drop Krishna n saumya to their house…
Next day- Krishna’s house
Krishna is shown in her bed.. Sun ray is falling for her face… She slowly open her eyes…
Krishna: Y is my head soo paining… Omg… (she gets up n see herself) why am I still in this dress… Errr… Mujhe kuch yaad bi nahi hai(Even I can’t remember anything)
Then saumya enter into the room
Saumya: Drink this lime juice.. U will feel better after drinking this…
Krishna:(she drinks it) Maa…
Saumya: Yesterday u were drunk..
Krishna: Kya? (what)
Saumya: Haa… (she tell everything to Krishna)
Krishna:(had tears in her eyes) Maa ab Mein kya karoo…(maa what can I do now)
Saumya: Today u have lectures.. But will u be able to go…
Krishna: I have to ga naa maa…I’ll change n come…
She goes to change… She wear her dress n come near her dressing table while she combing her hair.. She get flashes how she insists to dance n how sayyam told her that she is not in her sense… She close her eyes..
Krishna: O god how will I face sayyam n other today.. Aaj Mein campus nahi jaaugi ( I will not go to lectures today)

Krishna comes to the hall while shouting…Maa I will not go to lectures today…I can’t face anyone… Soo( couldn’t complete)
Krishna: Sayyam tum yaha..( u here)
Sayyam: Haa.. Kyun..(yes why) I always come to pick u ryt? We both always go the campus together ryt?
Krishna: Sayyam Wo actually I won’t be able to come today soo u go.. U’ll get late..
Krishna: Mein janti Hu tum choot bolriyu(I know that u r lieing) soo go n have ur breakfast n come…
Krishna goes like a obedient student.. after taking breakfast she bring her bag n she goes with sayyam. Sayyam open the door for her.. Then she get in into it.. Then they drive to the campus.. Krishna was silent all the as sayyam.. Suddenly…
Krishna: Gadi ruko.. (stop the car)
Sayyam: Kyun ..kya huwa..(he didn’t stop the car)
Krishna: Sayyam stop the car…
Then sayyam stopped the car.. Sayyam: Kya huwa? (what happen)
Krishna:(with a panic voice) Sayyam I’m sooo sorry.. I didn’t drink yesterday… I mean haa I drank yesterday.. But I thought that I drank juice.. When I took it idk what happen to me..i’m soo sorry… Mein kuch jaan boch kar nahi kiya.. I didn’t want to trouble u… I’m soo sorry( almost in crying mood) ab I don’t want to go to the campus now..swara nandani n others will make fun of me…plz I want to go home..
Sayyam: Bas.. Bas Krishna ab bas.. (While holding krishna’s face with his palms) no one will make fun of u.. Ok
Krishna: sayyam… Ghar chalo..(couldn’t complete)
Sayyam: Krishna calm down…no one will say anything to u.. I’ll take care of it.. Don’t worry…
Krishna: What will ur family think about me?..
Sayyam: Krishna there is nothing to worry I said that ur mom was not well she got sudden headache soo I droped both of u to ur house … And I told this to ur mom also… Soo she will not be confused if my mom call her…
Krishna: Thank u sayyam…
Sayyam: Noo need to say thank u( sayyam kiss krishna’s forehead) wase bi Krishna I must say u were soo stubborn… How many times u tried to go to the dance floor..
Krishna:(hit sayyam’s shoulder) sayyam plz stop it na.. Don’t make me embarrassed…ab chaloo..
Sayyam:(lost in Krishna’s beauty) Kaha..(where)
Krishna: To the campus…
Sayyam: Oh yeah campus

Then they drive to the campus.. Sayyam saved krishna when frnds asked about the drunk scene..They went to their lectures.. After lectures they all met at the parking slot..
Swara: Guys we have to stop our masti for few days yaar.. These ppl announced that this is our study leave season…
Lucky:(now he is a very responsible guy) yes… We have last year end semester exams…
[hope u guys remember that I told sanskar,sayyam&lucky are seniors.. They are in their last year last semester n Krishna,swara n nandani have one more semester that means 6 months to complete their degree]
Krishna: Yes we also have exams…
Nandani:we have to study hard.. Soo let’s stop our masti n start studying..
Sanskar: Boys this is our last exam in this campus life… We have to study hard.. We’ll complete this… Let’s start study from today itself… Girls don’t disturb us huh..
Swara: Oyee… Same applies to u guys also.. We also have exams.. ?
They all left for their houses.. And they start their studies.. Girls are studying together n boys are studying together… They discuss their problems with each other n solve them.. One months passed like this.. But our couples are meeting each other becoz their can’t be without eachother’s presences for a long time..
Then the exam starts..all boys n girls are facing for the exams.. They did a great job in their exams.. After exams they got their holdings…
One fine day Krishna’s house is shown..she is mopping the floor..

Precap- someone is knocking the door..

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